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Saturday, October 3, 2020

He rang

 Just now Paul calls me.. but I'm too muffled so he can't hear me. 

Of course as usual no previous covos exist and or we play dumb as to what I could possibly want.

Minnesota has created quite the system of torture your human property and then hang them for their words

If I am indeed muffled it's because Paul's poison and Marlene's poison in the form of this f****** mold where they pick the conditions make sure I have it even though they paid to get rid of it themselves is growing in the goddamn microphone port like it grows in the f****** charge port

if you're looking for a state in which police will help you on someone try Minnesota the county of Hennepin the city of Maple Grove

Not only will they look the other way they will help you take everything and overlook subsequent felony thefts well you continue to poison them

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