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Health care 2018 to present

 In 2018 Paul and Marlene sat on my healthcare package while I was between five hotels three cities and a  mental ward

well they would not let me in their house despite the fact that Marlene had told me she was my landlord January 2018 and $6,300 of services remains yet unpaid but police have helped keep me from their house and my thing since August 2018

I essentially left with what was on my back intending at Max 2 weeks at a hotel

2018-19 health care renewal 

They held on to my mncare renewal packet

They've been tried to present me with a form to allow them to act as me on healthcare decisions. I ripped it up

I repeat for anyone in the official context I ripped it up

 then I called MN care and delt with the renewal.

the odd thing is they had no record of that form being requested for my account. I explicitly asked even if the system normally tracks that. The rep said yes but no record of it for your account. 

Note the fax header...most likely canidate? Medical Mal practice Marlene?

2019-2020 Now??!?!?? Forgery 

Because nothing does in a abuse victim better than starving poisioning threatening then ensuring his animals die 

Except maybe being as Vegas possible not answering questions that one should if they're going to take over something for another functioning adult but then again Paul wants me in bibs and used to as a school bus driver joke about once upon a child being a molestation store. Well he was defending a school bus driver as a Union steward guess what that guy did.. gently used kids... I tend to think Paul was braging that that guy only.. 🎶once upon a child

Yeah I cropped "stuff" out in Paul's honner 

It's kind of funny I've never used that word to describe a gay person but about the only thing I can do is cuss every profanity that I know or I really would be hurting him. they basically create this it puts the lotion on its skin while we starve It beat It threaten it belittle it make it helpless to death again and then we get the court again because the police don't care about any violation unless it's John's

Pick on the person that we made pour and week. From behind a badge and a gun it's pathetic. To those of you that aren't like that I thank you very much that doesn't change the overall threat to my life still posed.

In 2019 as I posted it was pretty evident very quickly that I would not be able to stay here after the lease.

AKA in the only apartment Paul and Marlene have ever picked for me that was a forced lease under duress under threat to myself and Clyde.

 the only reason I'm still here is covid-19. I did not want to be in this place I am still dealing with their mold in this place. without even a proper table desk without my kitchen basically empty place except for glide in the freezer and stuff on the floor.

The two point though as it came time to renew Minnesota health insurance MN care

I'll be down asking for them to forward it to me 2 months before. 2 months after they claimed to have sent me cards I don't even know where anything is because they've been holding on to all of my mail since August they send occasionally a packet but my dad will send pictures of messages he's not forwarding they filter any bank cards

but now my dad keeps insisting I have blue Cross blue shield here's the thing I didn't sign a goddamn thing

Hey Paul why don't you f****** care for your house instead of trying to f****** hurt me like you did as a kid you nasty b****

Repeat I did not sign a goddamn thing

How the hell am I supposed to keep track of anything when they can violate my name as another adult my signature my mail checks made out to me and the police still help them destroy everything I have ever worked for and about 20 grand the things I had on credit well I am being poisoned in an empty apartment with Clyde rabbit in the freezer they still hold Bonnie's ashes and they better have the lock of her fur I don't even know if I can get that from Clyde anymore this is so f****** sick this is so f****** sick

Paul keeps telling me I have blue Cross blue shield now

And that I have dental.

what I don't have is any of my organizational stuff let alone furniture let alone a place to relax let alone my bike my kitchen stuff anything I need to function I am still being deprived of.

I don't have a working washing machine.

I don't have any ability to move if all the sudden the ban ends

What I do have is their mold

Next few are previous apts 

Worth noting they have never helped set up an apt even the shelving and stuff was all my decision and paid for by me.

My current place of toucher, possibly where my body will rott

Desk chair in living room
I told them it was not safe to make me clean their moldy car..amount other things..9mo..

I am ready to kill myself I don't have anything but their mold and this nasty bed that Clyde died on

The police in this state are a racket they basically help kill you until you lose it. This is f****** sick

What I don't have is the ability to eat either 

Anyone reading this in the non SS employed context should realize that this sort of Injustice is usually what eventually breeds Mass shooters. It's not going to be me. But if you find the government's handbooks on it from the think tanks it very specifically reiterates several times that most of them aren't sick in the head. The whole concept of law and order wasn't that we hire people who were picked on in elementary school give them badges and let them get it back by having some take a knee and starving others

The concept was say somebody kills your brother you're going to want to kill them. That can get really messy for society so we come up with this force that will apprehend them and then they stand before trial. This is how law creates order win law creates Salem which trials or starves people while the abuser basically can say it puts the lotion on its skin and it gets the court again...

The last thing we need is more things like ofp we need actual police doing investigations and justice from it.

If you go back on this blog a little bit they have stopped me from even being able to put attempted murder physical assault mail fraud check fraud poisoning any of that or the recent felony theft well was recent April 2020 none of that has been allowed on a report

Minnesota I can't press criminal charges only the district attorney can if I understand correctly period they only tend to do that based off of what they gather from police reports period in other words you can pretty much hold someone hostage as long as you can keep them from civil court and for whatever reason the police don't care for them . It certainly seemed like what happened here was Paul and Marlene either through Paul's Union connections or possibly through early false reports and liability created by acting on him or some combination thereof...

I don't want to die because of this I don't want to go homeless I don't want to start from zero with not a lot of years left on my life if I can't have some proper nutrition and a sense of purpose completion of anything I work hard on things that are still valuable if only I was allowed to do anything but starve alone on this f****** filthy nasty mattress


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