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Helicoptered to death

 Easy just walk away? From people who took your id the first time with out knowledge or permission from a car in hotel parking lot to make a photo copy.

From someone claiming to own you and another party claiming to want to make you suffer for taking your time with her husband

From parties with demonstrated willfulness of violation and violation of law up to fellomy level repeatedly and in malice?

If nothing is required to sustain life than how do we justify police or courts taking any action in the case of theft murder etc?

Did America at some point legalize the importation of marsupials?

I was under the impression that in Australia they were somewhat endangered. Has that number considered the Minnesota justice system?

Worse yet I don't within the current framework you see this ever getting better. If we force the states to run as businesses there is no incentive to protect anyone's rights unless they have money.

There is every incentive to violate those rights if you do something like sentenced them to mandatory revenue streams for private healthcare organizations.

And in the wake turbulence of the jetliners importing marsupials and the rotary wing parents the law enforcement air traffic controllers and they're seeing eye dogs might miss the needless slang of lives that did not ask to be. And likely would have done quite well had the existing laws been enforced equally. 

I hope I don't end up where I am. It wouldn't have to be a family relation

Logicly a system set where police can ignorant any crime and or repeatedly ..

Creates the chance u end up in an infested shit hole with someone claiming to own you and stealing to make sure you can't escape their poision , have purpose, have employment or have friends

Family court then wanting to sentence you for things you might have said to the people telling to put the lotion on your skin That's just the icing on the cake. The cake is death.

People used to be amazed that I had the bravery to stay in hostels. Obviously Americans who had seen the movie hostile.

I'd say the far bigger threat is in Minnesota because you might escape the hostel and find you're now in contempt because the owner reported you were a former roommate and said things that made him or her feel threatened never mind they were sawing off your limbsThat's irrelevant to the context of this claim they made against you. Why can't you get over it

no no it's not relevant to this court case that they stole from you this is about how you made them feel why would you make them feel threatened no it's not relevant why aren't you answering the question 

no scope isn't a problem!

That's ex parte it's not relevant to this case

How dare you call me a kangaroo

have fun! 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🙉🙈🙊

Note the difference 6mo in hotels made

Them 9mo of cleaning their moldy car through sickness and death of Clyde. 

It puts the lotion on it skin and it gets the hose again

and hey while we're at it let's sentence him to force education on what a coping mechanism is no it's not relevant they stole your bike. I don't care that it's a coping oh...

I don't care that they stole a felony level from you after filing the OFP I don't care they stole your ID why can't you get away from them no money isn't relevant we just put it on a form so when you file you can request it

Conversations unlikely to happen.

From a scared abused soon to be dead once competent adult

But a only good things to come from a legal system based on feels right?

Though temper it with logic and a desire to live the change I'd like to see

Though tempered with the realization some cops are officers and looking to create what you and I might think they are there for

 tempered with the realization that that this sort of position of power attracts above average in the below average as far as conscience goes

Tempers with the realization there's no psych eval and directly shooting you they might get paid to leave

I will speak my mind until I'm murdered or start to death I try to tact and demonstrating who I am I try playing along it hasn't gotten me anywhere


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