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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

How free are you ?

 In my case it would appear I'm free to work for the same things that Paul and Marlene have totally immunity to steal repeatedly.

They may even attempt to kill me multiple times multiple ways 

Yet I have to watch so conditional language or alleged language doesn't land me in jail 

And as I figured out a few days ago even trying to make a report is now police trying to detain me in a medical facility

They say we traded freedom for protection but I'm really not seeing either

I am seeing none of this creates a long life expectation of a long life or even expectation of going much longer without being disfigured disabled or dead.

That's not really my opinion the medical evidence is there and not even up to debate, how much it affects any individual might be period but the principles are sound and known the risk is real the risk is proven.

More than that but the psychological aspects of things like limited diet someone controlling your time limiting exercise limiting nutrient input or diet but nutrients also come from things like exposure to the sun so..

The Minnesota starvation experiment raise the question should we be prescribing anyone psychological medication without first addressing dietary issues. Maple Grove and St cloud Police allow theft up to felony level repeatedly that sets me back to hungry without so much as a glass in the cupboard meanwhile want to take me in for an emergency medical hold if I say I'm losing it when I'm trying to report police misconduct or just file a police report about the theft. It seems to be a nasty game of will kill you but will arrest you for being crazy as we make sure you go crazy

Worse yet the answer people often give up change grow get over it, the medical evidence is there to support that the negatives experienced in this condition negatively affect neuroplasticity. That's literally the biological way that you grow you change you adapt period not to say that it can't be over come life is generally a set of probabilities no matter how we want to think about it I mean at the end of the day why is shooting somebody a crime well pain for one you would hope but whether it kills them or not there's a high probability that it might have right. How is this any different

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