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How to use the police to do your damage for you in Minnesota

 Apollon Marlene we trade story. Start by filing false police reports after inviting someone to be you your tenant preferably wait till all of their valuables are moved in or if you want to be ma and pot turpin from California start young with your own children as soon as they get to be about teenager probably. A prerequisite of this is probably lack conscience black empathy lacks sympathy and if you do that you'll probably have no reason justifying it with an ego slight but I probably don't have to tell you that if you already understand. So if you meet all of that false police reports are the key if you can first work the person up as much as you can with any and every threat and if you have the gender advantage or the two-on-one advantage or you can bribe an older sibling which doesn't exist in my case nor does a younger one. if you really want the ideal child to abuse in Minnesota into adulthood sabotage and as Paul wanted me to repeat the word slave have a slave for life then what you want is an only child. If you are somewhat affluent make sure it looks as though you've given a lot. Make sure none of it's in their name do not admit to how much they've worked do not admit they have figured out what you did not teach them do not admit they've done that for over a decade and a half as you start this if not more it really doesn't matter actually the way Minnesota law is set up you can probably as your only or multiple children turn 18 you can probably empty their bank account and have at least Maple Grove Police kick them out of the house the next day

Some terms and conditions may apply section 8 is a disqualification in Maple Grove what's really sad on a more serious note is I just found the UN's booklet for international guidance on any country that wants it for how to police within accordance of UN standards it would appear more protective than Minnesota standards


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Immediate  Tangible Asset Needs for basic security health and to end the terror going forward  this totals about $300 for things actually needed purchased most of it os things stolen and held from me  this is an expenditure to reduce money burnt and days hungey. actual new purchases to accomplish that about $400 usd mn police may think it's OK to allow someone robbed repeatedly moved under threat to 43k of assets they help a retired union leader steal and destroy but on a very practice level such as cooking a meal or managing my time this is hell. for the duration it's continued it may be lethal  I really look forward to a meal and dread it. but I'd rather not end up diabetic heart disease or dead. what I mean is 3 years isolated and abused losing all of my pets either seeing my parents who gaslight and threaten or no one. cooking and eating alone... not great but I seriously need to.  my hair and nails are falling out and apart. I'm usualy in enough physical pain I can

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