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Thursday, October 8, 2020

hypocrisy in standards

 if the police are called, show up and with no substantial reason but potentially gender and or age discrimination decide to tell someone along the lines of 


when a car door has been slamed on the leg of someone who the entire time remained in the vehicle sitting .

what are the odds there is a mention of potential dv on that police report?

yet if the other party reports it even if they insist they dont want charges pressed...

as far as i understand once its on a report not only can the prosecutor press charges for them 

but it doesnt take much to find a wealth of articles about how its nessicary because victims may be coerced not to press charges. 

seems to me sans independent review of body cam footage (which i dont think mg has) this system is ripe for abuser along gender and cultural bias lines. 

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