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Monday, October 12, 2020

I cannot but whats the option? die or die?

 This is a problem marlene and paul caused with the.

their decisions on finishing their home. this is a problem they paid to be rid of for them. 11mo after mold pro found it. 

this is a problem that is known to ruin people. 

they make sure I have destroyed credit locked out of everything i ever worked for or was given. the bits they gave back covered in mold. they make sure it spread to apt living space. 

they play with how many days before payment given (period) amount and for the 9 mo with the car they wouldnt transfer title while police allowed them to keep and threaten everything (and still do) they threatened to force remediating a car that was theirs for 9 or 10 years (it was an 09) despite making me make an estimate and knowing if my kitchen stuff was present it would save hundreds monthly and hrs. also critical to enabling me to clean it at all.. 

they would give way under what was estimated and if i earned externally (like the 2k check from it services/server admin/seo) they cut what was given

this is all while commanding me to do things like find a rental space to finish contracted work by third parties. why wont you just get in the car? see that pic at top ? thats the moon roof. 

i am several years mal nurished and they wont even render my bike. 

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