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I do not deserve this . I have no protection

 The moment they decided to put carpet in the basement in 2001 and that my pet Billy Bird needed to go back to grandma's to make way for Cosmos....

Which is something I was concened  about at the time. Not something I can say I think was correct to this day even though I loved Cosmos deeply.

Sort of ironic how weeks before Clyde's illness and with Maple Grove police showing up even at the hotel to answer my dad's any desire.. 

while telling me I don't live at the residence where my mom had declared herself my land lord 

and 6.3k if services l performed professionally in the past four pay were performed usually on demand. 

Far more in maintenance on their house. Police telling me I can't file theft I gave them my things moving out 

The day played and I would face our sentence for the crimes of Marlene and Paul

The last day at a hotel my dad made sure to go 3 hours past check out having threatened to make sure I have nothing if they had a pet charge to the room. Having earlier threatened to put Clyde in a washing machine. Having made every attempt to make it appear as if he killed Bonnie or they killed Bonnie. In reality they did kill Bonnie even if she would have died shortly.

This is sickness but what I'm trying to get to is I had Clyde rabbit in a moldy car and no towl.

On the last day at hotels Marlene and Paul said 5 to 10 minutes away would not answer the phone. Clyde had urinated in his travel carrier

It also happened to be negative 11 Fahrenheit that day.

The eventful plan was we went into Petco with him under my jacket

Clyde trusted me so much. By the time we went in there I had him well dried off and calmed down. He never really got anxious but his ears had been back. He was clearly cold. I had made the decision that I would dry him off on my shirt as much as I could

I would do it again

I got Arby's experience a massive nosebleed. by the time I had remedied that and eaten we were sitting in the parking lot outside of the pet store next to gander mountain or rather dicks sporting goods

My little prey animal friend. My majesticly brave rabbit. Had taken to sitting on the center console armrest. Soaking in the sun and his ears back up. Broad daylight in the middle of a strip mall. Sitting on the center console of a 2009 Ford Taurus and one with a sunroof nonetheless. If you understand biology private size are not like ours because they need to see threats from every direction. At the same time sitting high up in broad daylight is counter any level of observation when it comes to survival.

Clyders was not one you could call slow either. If and only if his original cage wasn't double latched he knew to bite the bar above the door and push with his front paws to pop the cage door open. He knew when I played with him to the extent that if I chased him being obviously playful like fake roar. I found if I turned and ran Clyde would take the position of chaser.

Clyde in an open area if Chase even if he could get away if I kept Chase he would eventually just sit down.

Bonnie was really into her own ways too. I will cover them more when I can.

My friend who happened to be hey Dutch rabbit wasn't dumb. He trusted me with his life. And that was trust I had to earn.

But back to the negative 11 day and Clyde on the center armrest soaking in the sun while continuing to dry

 I looked over at one point to see what I'm assuming was a mother and child. Her daughter was alongside and through the window I lip read 

"Daughter come look! Awwwe a bunny!"

 As they waved Clyde just turned an ear looked right back at them unfazed

What I find truly ironic is not even Petco phased him. As we passed the parakeets I paused and with his back legs under one hand front paws under the other clyde turned his head and extended himself towards the parakeets to get a better look.

Perverse is a society that excuses, lauds and encourages enslaving and tourturing a life that did not ask to be and especially by control freaks for decisions made before the age of majority

The decisions Maple Grove police continue to make perhaps in an upper to avoid liability perhaps in the hopes more lucrative crimes will turn up while allowing someone tortured and violated by felony acts to malicious repetitively

The decisions they make have more and more become to mirror the games of two likely narcissists. Games like context scope gas lighting basic needs. Only to swap the onus for instance after hearing that the only DV report on my record was false and in fact my mom was attempting to kill me. Which they're free to take as allegedly as is any reader. What is beyond warped his I've been try to explain what I'm looking for is the false police report says weapons to stop there's also mail fraud and at least one town of check fraud that I know of. I need them to at least get a slap on the wrist this can't continue they are destroying me.

Well in spite of the fact that my mom got physical with me and has now made me a statistic for violence against women when she was in fact trying to kill me and I was violent with no one

A female Maple Grove police officer asks why I can't manage my finances.

Okay someone takes the mail which is a federal crime opens it and signs my name which is without court appointed guardianship of another adult another crime and on a state level and I really shouldn't have to go any further but what am I supposed to do when this is the response should I get physical and take it from her if she will not surrender it

When cops can selectively refuse to enforce repeatedly

Society will break

The other game used is subjective evaluations of something that most of these officers won't even admit they have no interest in a few of them have taken what I would consider a healthy first step any objectively evaluating. But for the most part subjective evaluations gaslighting knowledge of the word alleged fainting ignorance to their position appointed by society to be the interface for when a citizen endangers another citizen and especially when this also involves violation of law

What's sick is no one in a position of power stopped to verify anything objectively or even appear to want to take that route. As in I claim I had paid work Iclaim my dad had a drink to finance it which is what left me dependent as their sickness spread to my apartment in the form of toxic mold. I clean their third parties involved that finance specific parts of it I claim that the projects in line with that agreement and those agreements were proven working before the sickness started well actually that was likely sometime before I was born

These are somewhat objectively verifiable facts or possibilities.

Instead judge Jurry executioner with a gavel I don't know where they hide it under the uniform that apparently is the new robe

There is something to be said about officer Hanson and sticks up ones...

What was I saying about officer Hanson and sticks. Oh yeah it might have been you know what they say about people who don't want to put up a rod and cast a line at the Sparta Wisconsin volunteer built kids fair trout pond.

Or that play officer friendly with rage in their eyes.

Funny thing is the first time I use this bit a few days ago I wasn't aware that spider was his neighboring community

He had mentioned growing up in Wisconsin and by the directions he said but then no knowledge of accountants familiar with in that direction I figured it was a chance. Like 3,000 people have you been anywhere else in the world dude?

You talk down to me every time while you enforce incest murder while you ignore law to allow harm to be caused and try to paint me as violent. You play officer friendly while your eyes are on fire with rage that I've only ever seen a similar look in my father. I'm giving you more respect now than you deserve You're one of the worst examples of police officer I have ever encountered peace might be fitting but it's not spelled like that

You deprive someone of everything they worked for God I hope your LinkedIn is more than what it would appear You're also speaking to someone 5 years your senior. What's your name you are still a preteen to just breaking teenager while I was spending 45 days backpacking Europe on a trip I paid for well I was doing websites and office computers for a political campaign. You talk to me like I'm a child you are a f****** piece of excrement that unfortunately has been entrusted with a weapon and the right to defend how s***** it wreaks.


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