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Sunday, October 25, 2020

I don't want to hurt

 I cannot take this anymore I have lost probably 50 lb but someone stole my scale police make sure I have no access to my things.

Paul and Marlene's house contaminated my apartment

8 months of bleeding plus an agreement Paul had made with me beforehand to finance a business left me completely depleted and owing people work on projects I had proven working as the bleeding started if not before

before that I was working two jobs and some work on the side

Marlene said she was my landlord as I move back in

$6,300 of services were rendered for a 10x10 room in 8 months

I was not notified or given lotus to vacate I left for a hotel for 2 weeks maximum the lock was changed a week and a half after I left it was never communicated that I was to be moving out

I signed the current lease in St cloud or rather the one that ended March 31st 2020 in 2019 under duress and threat that unless I signed the lease they picked out I would be homeless with nothing

I've been made to drive away from public property outside the house my valuables are stored well they held and still in a way do all access to even my furniture and my kitchen

Paul communicated that he knew in 2019 the storage garage he picked out for my non-valuable or needed while I was at their house stuff was packed so tightly that it was a two-person move he knew this before the year at the place they picked out the lease signed under duress he wouldn't even communicate the address until a month before I had to move out the only reason I'm not homeless is covid and the eviction ban

Before that lease started I was being made to leave their house by police or Bared access by a change of lock

Made to leave public property or their driveway in a car I don't have title to well my valuables are under lock and key and I had no notice I was moving out the amount of service is performed rent would still be current

Snow blew through the car right before that lease started pretty good indications my dad did that. November 2018

I would starve 30 days and 2019

 I did not choose to move out

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