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Friday, October 30, 2020

I found the standpoint case history from 2017

 wish I could print it. I wish more for a moment with Bonnie and Clyde. Ability to have what I worked for and the time that would afford to have friends ability to so what I did with more than hastely taken YouTube videos.I wish I had any kind of rights because then I wouldn't have left out people who tried to help me. I worked my ass off to fulfill agreements only for paul Marlene and Maple Grove Police to take everything I ever earned everything 

anybody ever gave me. I wish I haven't been born. The system preys on victims I'm not saying I haven't made my own mistakes projects I was doing and my demeanor repairs bork before that most of my time at Paul and Marlene moving back in the 2018 my mom said she was my landlord. I kept working to not make mistakes. I couldn't leave that room without being attacked. I kept working well she threw away my stuff while she threatened to put me in a mental ward plus he threatened to tell crisis center if I raise my voice while she's telling me I'm delusional for mold that was professionally confirmed and she wasn't even with the mold Pro hired. My dad and I were. My dad was busy calling him by the wrong name and bragging about his solid wood doors. 

Cosmos Geting sick is what transfered the mold to my apt and created the move back to my parents 

both of these were in basement living room 

substantial adverse effect on safety, security, or privacy

yelling taking place on another’s property and in front of minor children were sufficient to prove 



contacts with petitioner’s employer to provide misinformation constitutes harassment).

I haven't figured the. difference in ofp vs hro yet

but hro would seem the lesser and wirh the requirement 

HRO can be issued due to conduct that has a substantial adverse effect on one’s safety, security or 

privacy or causes an objectively reasonable belief of such an adverse effect).

Marlene Wuethrich is a medical professional who admits conditions forced after 0 notice lock change (lease signed under threat to me animals and personal property and duress) Marlene admits these conditions are not safe for life or healthy while several times over they admit to contacting partners to employers to tell them along the lines of I'm sick in the head

mean while a massive mold problem they caused with decisions they made finishing their house is used like a bio weapon

Cornell university has a report indicating hospitals see on type that was present as a threat to patients even as small as what's dragged on on patients visitors clothing.

they paid to have the issue fixed for them, they put my personal property into the issue then on remediation by pro brought it to the worst possible environment to allow it to continue to grow and made sure the car I drove go empty apt in was sabotaged to make growth explode. 

I've now found two lawfirm sites that state ofp is considered more serious than hros


Having to look this up after what I've been through and am still made to go through is at times enough to make me scream to break the silence.  Othrt times i just stare at the wall sitting in empty health hazard apt waiting for what they do next questioning how I could have avoided it. The answer I come to is not care about my cat or not have visited him during his final year. Everything else was coerced mislead and or violation of hro ofp and sometimes criminal law. Sometimes just malicious acts but quickly after mold was proven they turned up high heat and gaslighting. My mom was throwing away my personal property, throwing it in moldy basement, out in rain and snow. Saying to yelling still happening medicated because mold is in my head as in delusional. Every once in awhile her story changes to so heavily medicated for my anger in between she's threatening her and Paul we'll throw me in the car leave me a homeless in Downtown Minneapolis with nothing these are not things they say when I'm not at their house or living at their house this is only a side they revealed when they had total control over all of my personal property and asset sometimes by holding opening in my mail and signing my name. She would follow me around yelling I'm delusional abnormal normal weird. Try to rewrite my entire past to fit her narrative both of them and anytime logically cornered they just never said it or there's a new lie. Repeatedly telling me I haven't been to a doctor when in reality they make sure I cannot follow doctor advice. I had driven myself to a few when I was at the last apartment and then allowed them to pick out a few and drive me through them. Every time I turn around even if left on the bed in the room that was supposed to be mine after my mom has said I'm your landlord and well $6,300 in skilled Services were being performed sometimes demanded every time I turned around the keys to the car that had been mine but I had never thought about needing the title because they had never done this before. This actually started before I moved back in my dad invited me down knowing that I had an appointment with the landlord the next day at the apartment I was the only one on the lease for that one I picked out when I have been at 4 to at least. He takes my keys I don't see how that's not threatening my safety security and or ability to adult outside of court terms. Then it happened again on my birthday. Well I'm getting calls from Friends former employers Associates letting me know my dad has contacted them and told them I'm sick in the head with no one had ever said that in a medical contact. I don't think many would you say that in general context

My mom was literally trying to tell me what happened during private events she wasn't present for. Fuel demands that whatever she wants to tell me is my reality in that example she was 51 miles away and has never met the person I was talking to but she will say it as if the god honest truth even though she wasn't present that's not breaking boundaries between people that trying to assassinate you for having the idea that there should be boundaries we're trying to Nuke your boundaries. The moment I raise my voice it usually resulted in a falsified police report the whole while she's threatening just have me thrown in the mental ward or call crisis center so they can take me away and have me medicated. I don't know how this works as a legal argument we put people a way for insider trading. When she's making threats involving the medical system she is 40 years and a license to prescribe she's a certified nurse practitioner which is using esoteric knowledge of the system and the practice as a threat I cannot believe that doesn't carry more weight than a normal person doing if I'm not really sure what country I'm living in though if I have to believe that

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