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Incesed to death

 Through crime and melicious act Marlene and Paul have ensured I am still on edge living in conditions not fit for life.

Malnutrition destroys or severely limits the immune system it starts to cause the breakdown of organs nothing is good about it

Fear anxiety generated by theft theft poison theft zero response from police f*** you f*** you f*** you f*** you

There is no way a person should have to go through this let alone worry about the things they say to the party committing these acts

While at their house every time I turned around my keys were missing if I left my rabbits were threatened my things threatened basically we can drive you downtown leave you under a bridge. Which is my mom projecting what she has several times throughout my life told me as her worst fear ending up homeless under a bridge.

Sometimes the car battery was disconnected. If I put a key finder on the keychain I might as well have burned $20.

Both parents wanted me to abide all their emotions to be there for them well isolating me while making me bleed for their mistakes

I told my mom f*** you at one point she took it as an excuse to vent about her sex life

my dad took my keys on my 30th birthday I hadn't been out on a social event in years and someone remembered me and invited me out

 this is f****** disgusting. If any of the officers driving this have kids I hope they see what their parents are really about

my dad's telling me I need control because I want control well my mom says I'm going to make you suffer for taking my time with my husband does this sound like a John problem? Are you f****** crazy? How is escapable is a situation Where someone harming you has your driver's license number and your social demonstrates they will sign your name after opening your mail?

they filed OFPs and then came and stalled a thousand plus dollars of equipment from my garage 7 days starting 2 days after over the next 2 weeks they sat in my parking lot. March 18th the court date is what I refer to.

The sort of actions required to break free of this with law enforcement only enforcing forced labor under threat 

Would include things like Clyde's remains in the dumpster. Even if that we're something I could do with out putting myself in there with him..

 it would be entrapment ir highly likely to create the psychological trauma that may lead me to hurt someone or myself. 

It would be highly likely to .fucking fungus gnats in here. I'm done repeating myself try to pass out on this disgusting matress with shit buzzing my head.

It puts the lotion on its skin and shuts up about it again.

It puts the lotion on its skin or officer Hanson again 

It puts the lotion on its skin untill marcupials decide the threat is the words and fuck it harder than covid would or the abusive incest destroyer abductor parents ..again

Or it climbs the power poll and attempts to grab 2 of 3 phases. One would be enough.

Mns interest let abusers destroy people so social workers and pscyh services at health care orgs get court mandated revenu steams 

Maybe covid will wipe me off the map

Either way Maple Grove police wipe out a family line while telling the victim to appreciate it (paraphrased)

Clint Eastwood by the gorillas comes to mind. 

Feelings sensations that u thought was dead, no squealing remember that it's all in your head 

It's bad enough standards based justice is gone, oversight is non existent for police..

In med world the fox rules the henhouse and even people involved with the creation of the dsm object to it today.

Maple grove Minnesota it's all the joy of Sumer camp in Poland cira 1944. Plus police enforced incest poision and murder. 

Or non enforced crime by residence until you starve to death or kill your self .

With such dirty hands it's a good thing the 4th district court is there with a zero statue of limits rights stripping ...abortion of justice to enable a mother and father to coat hanger abort their only child 32 years post term after he saves his father's life in 04 and detected this issue with their home in 2014.

I love you Clyde. You were so majestic so smart so loyal and trusting. I if this doesn't stop if I have to put him in the trash The power goes out. I will probably f****** kill someone and then myself. 

If you want to enforce a crime how about the several f****** felony thefts to put me in this position?

It's terror because why would I take alone even to go to school? Why would I work? I did work through this every time I made went to their problems that they make sure to give me back. Everything I've made or been given by people other than them everything I've worked for has been taken.

If I took money out on a loan for school or otherwise there's no reasonable expectation they wouldn't take that.

 I could kill myself and then I wouldn't have to worry

Bonnie rabbit her remains are  USPS held mail

They threatened my animals they threatened my life they used false police reports to further their power while they violated laws then everything including like 2 years of hearing people tell me my parents had contacted them to tell them I was sick in the head I overheard them tell Maple Grove Police to use that same phrase no one had ever declared that in a medical setting. That was their f****** lies

So then they figure out hey there's a court that is right up our alley cuz we like sticking things right up our son's ass and twisting until he bleeds out the mouth I guessPolice supply they are the judge jury and executioner by taking the hearsay evidence of my parents claiming what they've given their habits which I believe started out as I've never worked flat out lie blah blah blah more lie but now they cover it with sayings like if you accept anything from your parents they're always trying to have some control in January 2020 after excusing mail fraud check fraud attempted murder three physical assaults while two if you discount the attempted murder. there's no f****** objective criteria there and no contract in the world works like that unless you're the f***** up police that don't give a s*** about ethics or like to make other families and Maple Grove Police are there to help not the son

It's absolutely f****** insane though why do anything at any time because it just gets taken away and then my words are reason to hang me. Why would I try to work for anything if it gets taken away. They excuse it saying the police imply they are the judge jury and exe

An important point to get at that I keep forgetting is there was a new promise a new plan in between every no contact period. Around the end of the 6 months in hotels because they decided to change the lock with zero notice now that I'm totally depleted and funds my dad figured out that why just spend 30 minutes talking in circles to not cover one problem he created and made himself dependent for solution why just do that when you can first make it taken entire day of trying to get ahold of him.

Meanwhile if he wants something he gets it when he wants or he shows back up with Maple Grove Police regardless of if it had anything to do with police

I'm pretty sure I have their appearance the final day at the hotel recorded

Though recently officer Hanson and somebody I don't remember on that force I'm get so moved around I have a moldy f****** table to write things down on my laptop works except the battery is shot and the power plug is loose they stole my desktop you try keeping records like this I have a lot of recorded calls and interactions and micromanage to the point that I either leave this place on foot or in his car in here I have very little except the bed Clyde died on and f****** mold

if you look on the right hand nav baryou can see examples of how I set my apartment up when Maple Grove PD hasn't decided I own nothing and ignored felony level theft well enforcing a zero notice lockout eviction and helping the landlord destroy and hold on to all my property

My mom doesn't know what parts of what I bought over 16 years of having an income were over credit or paid with cash I do have her recorded recently admitting that she thinks it's okay that she has and is destroying them all because I didn't pay for it anyway because it's on credit. She's also recorded saying I deserve everything she's doing because I'm a man

Gee Mom maybe next time I'll f****** choose otherwise huh does that sound rational to you?

It's worth noting when she started dating my dad the story I've heard is that her mom threw everything of hers out on the front lawn

I guess when your son detects the problem that risks the entire value of your paid off house and as otherwise alone in the world because he's worked so hard hey let's take this as the time to one up with our parents to us officer Hansen will be sure to help

Try sleeping on this after 3 years of your life directly taken and value of 16 being destroyed while police ignore mail fraud check fraud attempted murder 2 other physical assults threats to you your pets remains of your pets

And the thefts and lies are designed to make sure I have little to nothing to show for the entirety of your existence and inability to finish huge technical projects paid for by people other than family members already shown working before it started.

Maple Grove Police and now Hennepin county have allowed the total destruction of a person now they want to make him a criminal

It's not just that they steal or harm to provoke or that I have managed to not be physical with them they are then they report me. It's every time they do communicate from the position of power Maple Grove police help establish the communicate sparsely over time often make sure the harm is repeated they will feign ignorance over anything to the extent it's almost like stop shooting yourself in the face while they're holding the gun which is metaphorical but not by much.

Stop communicating they come and steal something

About a week after Clyde died my dad is asking why there hasn't been more progress on the car on their car at this point I've already told them about how much it would take that I can't do it if it's my only transportation

He shouldn't have needed a reminder that mold grows extremely quick. Or in other words half-assing it or piecemeal is like burning money but he made sure that happens she made sure that happens for nine months. When I do the only thing I really can continue to work knowing budget isn't sufficient I starve for up to four days at a time having sometimes twice detailed where every dollar went with receipts. them knowing from the start it wasn't sufficient for work I am not qualified to do but was doing under threat

But when Clyde died Paul asks why the car is not going faster and I asked is can you think of any reason

I can think of a hundred of YOUR PROBLEMS but I'm not going to HOP around all night

I love you Clyde
You should still be alive

I took care of him from 2007 to 2019 I left their house in 2006 my parents and police decided what I have and what I don't have and that was not in the interest of what kept Clyde alive

When someone else can decide your time through threats well they're already signing your name opening your mail holding your mail this shouldn't need explaining

The problem at their house spread to my last apartment when cosmos got sick a cat we had since 2001 I had actually surmised their house had a mold problem around 2014 they told me crazy then too when the professional was hired in 2018 the first month thereof he confirmed the problem dated back to 2001.

I keep being on constant defense from attacks trying to say I'm incompetent to insane to violent by people that could not care for their house and try to take my life for it


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