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Friday, October 16, 2020

incomplete forwarded mail


 I'll have to add it later obviously don't have the One credit card that still works I'm not sure that I want to spend on it anyway because anything I buy can apparently be stolen from me and police as you saw tonight.... 

There's no real point to being alive anymore. Clyde is in my freezer no laws that would protect autonomy or ability to escape or being enforced but if I lose my temper and say something well someone is doing something I have outlined a hundred times Here and Now link sources to is deadly and likely to cause emotional outburst

I guess the person that says they owned the person first in court but calls them a witch really wins land of the something but not free

Here's one parcel . Happens to be Bonnie rabbits remains . There's another picture I can't find that he sent me via SMS that's from the same vet addressed to me. he sent it in a way that was likely intended to remind me of this picture he sent while I was being forced between all the hotels on short bookings . below these pictures his why I don't always add pictures if I talk about them

This is what bloggers photo ad interface looks like on a smartphone it's like 30 minutes of scrolling and you might not realize you went by the photo you wanted

It's worth noting in the video above anything that looks like it has a card has already been opened. It shouldn't need to go to this level holding my mail opening it signing my name making sure I can't have bank cards already mine it shouldn't be rocket science to explain how this is damaging even the odds I wake up tomorrow this has been going on for 2 years along with police since August 2006 allowing my parents to keep and destroy everything I worked for over 16 years of earning and everything ever given by anyone

Paul and Marlene come to my apartment and remove things from the vehicle in the parking lot. They did the same thing at the hotels. They demanded a key at one point when I was first moving in actually I never moved in I'm still in a f****** empty torture cell I would be homeless if not for kovid they were 9 months pre OFPs of clean our moldy car while we hold on to your ID well we hold on to everything you earned and threaten it

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