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Monday, October 12, 2020

Indentured for payment no contract so slave.

Had I left my parents house for an apartment rather than NDSU but a slight detour to Europe in 2006. Just just skipping things bought in 2005 and 2006 that I recall readily in 2020 would have put me with $6,000 in the bank.

Two dozen homes 4 regular business clients for it support at 35 an HR and 70 for first hr

11 an HR telemarketing position.

I moved back into my parent's house in January 2018. That was after 8 months of bleeding it turned out were caused by their house. Multiple confirmed a 19-year-old problem in their basement. Literally decisions they made how to finish their house when I was in elementary school or start a junior high. It had transferred when a cat we got in 2001 got sick for the last time. I had been driving to their house to spend time with my friend often sleeping on basement carpet.

November 2018 50 ft of wall 1500 ft² carpeting pad come out of that basement by paid mold professional doing a paid remediation. At this point the lock had been changed 3 months before despite zero notice and police to this day continue to help them hold on to and destroy everything evermine earned even given by anybody paid for by anybody for contracted work

The threat to my live animals at the time well one because maybe a month after November Bonnie died in their chare...

They then threatened to put Clyde in the washing machine

What I'm trying to get to is they force the lease in town they picked out. But not before using jumping between hotels to prevent me from establishing any social connections safety net and to drain me of even savings bonds my grandmother had left in my name. holding my mail opening my mail signing my name and police telling me things like you don't live here anymore and you gave them all of your things moving out so he can't file theft..

I want to say I was given $500 from all the car that they would not transfer the title to and an empty apartment without even the ability to get Clyde's cage. The apartment had a bed when I arrived here.

2006 to 2017 I had credit and never missed a minimum payment usually paid more did not carry a balance the entire time when I did it wasn't usually a high balance

Everything I need to be able to get away from them is held out of reach or destroyed

Mail fraud check fraud attempted murder, seizure of all personal property via the zero notice eviction and police continuing to help them hold on to and destroy. Had I had any notice I could have even pond enough stuff to buy the car they made sure  was moldy.

They pick town  they pick an apartment, they're leading me on the whole time about how they will hire help to have me get my things out of a storage garage they picked moving out of the last place and how I need to just look for acommercial space because I'm going to be allowed to finish the contracted work while they're not even giving the budget for the moldy car and threatening even Bonnie rabbit's ashes let alone all of my stuff

It's been like three years malnourished. Marlene knows what's crucial when trying to overcome a great loss. She makes sure I have nothing even for basic health. They will adamantly deny I've ever been hungry or she'll tell me why don't you go to the food shelf? Knowing that there's nothing utensils pots and pans any of my kitchen stuff that I assembled since 2007 largely with money I made. Which shouldn't matter because if all of a sudden accepting plates from your mom who would throw away anything that you used to make ship like for a while to save money at one place I'd used canning jars for glasses one of the few times she was up there she's throwing them away but what I'm trying to say is you show me someone who hasn't got a piece of silverware from their parents and show me someone who can prove that more so. The reason this is relevant is officer Hanson January 2020 is telling me if you accept anything from your parents they're always going to have some control. This is insane

Bonnie Clyde Cosmos and they threatened her remains. They gasped any and everything the gas light that I've ever done anything well destroying everything I've done

6,300 dollars in skilled labor was performed during the eight months I was there. As I moved in my mom said she's my landlord. Minnesota recognizes oral leases and services for rent. when police can basically enforce that with zero notice you have what's on your back Good luck. And that's without even the mail fraud check fraud etc

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