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 The concept of optimization is kind of key to how this is hurting.

Although so is the concept of gas lighting so maybe The answer is f*** you do what I told you But if you can't honestly express it that way one how powerful are you? You seem like a f****** coward to me. Two go f*** yourself. Three come at me you f****** wuss. And especially if you're involved it's absolutely insane how pathetic you must be having ensured either via committing crime and malicious acts or turning blind eyes to repedative malicious apps that are also crime.. or to sum it up those charged to protect have ensured I'm malnourished robbed blind and then robbed again. And then begin to play well no that doesn't matter how could it I don't see that. In other words gaslighting games where you faine ignorance. Although I can't speak for any given external to myself individual so it could be actual ignorance as well but I want to give the benefit of the doubt there. That said how strong are you if you want to take a swing at someone you make sure is starved on and off or malnourished for 3 years but instead you make sure they just live in terror d or die that way?

Pardon the animosity just a little bit of malnutrition, toxic and allergenic mold as a bio weapon and terror clouding my judgment.

Being able to do any task necessary for life and being able to do them efficiently to enable other tasks are not necessarily one in the same. Nor is it okay to externally judge at any given moment especially when your previous momentary snapshot decisions from a position of power have parted someone with items that might be necessary to optimize.

But from a personal perspective it's fuckimg disgusting and terrifying

To face forced labor and suffering while those commiting malicious and criminal acts against you bark commands having stolen everything yours decided where you live and then alternate between telling you you're incompetent never have been competent and forcing by a threat additional tasks when they've taken everything you need to optimize basic or advanced tasks necessary to life and or achievement or even basic income.

And that's without the poison. Although it's pretty much its own form it's not in the literal sense.

What I'm finding is this detachment from even being able to identify why I feel some basic feeling oh yeah because I didn't eat why didn't I eat because well maybe I didn't have the money maybe it was spent on well I've even f****** listed about a year worth of Amazon purchases so judges for yourself..

Then sometimes I have the money but I I don't want to eat in the car and they make sure I don't have a f****** place to sit.

I've made center islands desks tables as well as bought them but the people telling me they own me have police turning blind eye after blind eye anytime they steal anything so the real problem here becomes where is a safe path? Healthy brains attemp t to record what caused pain or tramua so they can avoid it. A neurologically and biologically healthy child who touches a hot pan you won't see them do it again.

Within this example ensuring that laws can be violated that place a person in a condition of pain and/or risk with no apparent path to escape is a kin to well I touched the child's hand to the burner and I didn't like that it got mad at me for it. So then I set that filthy little brat in a room on fire and made sure there was no exit and if you're Paul or Marlene or even some members of the Maple Grove police force you then ask why are you hurting yourself?

I didn't ask to be alive This is f****** disgusting

I did by my estimate $6,300 instilled labor I had done professionally before. That doesn't cover the manual labor of following the hired mold pros advice. Like what you see here when I remove the trim from one of the rooms in the basement. St cloud State business law taught me that if you have performed a service professionally in the past and someone accepts it let alone in their case demands it and usually drop whatever you're doing it's also worth noting she's a nurse practitioner he was a union organizer and public school bus driver The work I did on their computers is not something they even taught me or knew how to do themselves. But not only that they had me labor on what was literally making me sick in their basement as well. 

Pretty f****** sweet scheme you got running when you have somebody do all that and then the police will help you take everything they have ever earned let alone been given by anyone and then excuse future felony level theft.

Don't get me wrong I'm not sure there's any level of collaboration. There are some things to suggest there might be. Like my dad's leadership position before he retired in the nation's largest labor union. The fact that as far as I know in Minnesota that flavor union split off from AFL CIO and along with the police union formed their own joint body

There's also the knowledge of psychology that suggests even with no collaboration between parties performing the malicious acts and the police... It could be that they understand especially when someone's parents traumatize them there's a high risk of things like addiction. Or in the eyes of the police potentially a lucrative crime to bust

That would still make it morally abhorrent.

Especially when the actions taken in hopes of finding that irreversibly damaged the life that you supposedly protect and serve. There are deep flaws in this system especially in Minnesota. This state has civil asset forfeiture that as far as I know doesn't even require a charge let alone a conviction. Directly ending a life by a police officer in absence of a resultant riot is unlikely to equal anything more than paid leave. Indirectly via starvation and overlooking multiple criminal acts one party against another to the point that the targeted party is unlikely to be able to make it to court let alone eat how much of an option is the civil option?

I don't have anything against all police I tried very hard to not fall into that trap that is a dysfunctional line of thought in general. It's pathological psychology in general the term is splitting all or nothing black and white good or bad thinking.

You have to fall into that what we know about how the brain learns about how it rewires as it learns about how more frequently used pathways become the stronger at the expense of less used. What were basically enforcing by this don't think or it's not for you to think for the people in power with the power to harm you or let you be harmed acting on all or nothing therefore enforcing it there's evidence to show it's actually brain damage to adapt that line of thought.

No child or citizen allowed ahead.

In a system where the states all are capable of cutting taxes and most of the wealth is held by large corporations and or families that can also go's a bit out of the scope of this post but the actions Minnesota has taken with its legal system I see as completely in line with providing an incentive to corporations like healthcare providers by a court-ordered revenue stream meanwhile the police and civil That's that forfeiture that shouldn't be hard to figure out.

And it's probably s***** from either side don't get me wrong. The public will somewhat demand some level of policing. It seems like we've stacked an increasing load of things that the police are supposed to do or duties they perform. that doesn't necessarily mean the funding is there to perform them. what's nasty is media probably drives that more than anything

But actually there's an exception and it's somewhat unique to Minnesota. Or at least it was in its infancy. I'll try to provide the link it's already elsewhere on this site but there's a history of Minneapolis police page. It talks about how that department pretty much created community outreach and school liaisons as an effort to condition the population to allow easier policing or to give the police more power within the community. I think in any other light and or with more knowledge of its origins if this is in fact correct it would be seen almost as a hostile takeover or invasion. I can't say for sure whether it's true I can see if it is I find it disgusting. I find it the worst of humanity probably pathological psych conditions attempting to micromanage and control via psychological conditioning that's not something I'll ever be okay with. If you're not okay with me having an opinion on it well I guess you'll have to shoot me or continue the current route and just allow me to be poisoned and starved via overlooked crime

I think Coldplay said something about that once, they were all yellow too?

One day after working in their basement I couldn't shake the smell of mold until I eventually blew this out

This was me in 2015

My parents made decisions finishing their basement 1998 through 2001 acting as the general contractor hiring third party labor and specialties carpet is one thing they chose on their own it was also a prime cause it went in in 2001. note the remaining gray paint on the floor in what was my high school bedroom in the last image? Vapor barrier slab paint they then laid vapor barrier carpet pad. I was such a bad kid I helped paint the slab in 1998 if not before. I remember we painted the walls before the drywall went up and the slab but not exactly what year it seemed to recall it had been painted for quite a while by the time the carpet went in and the carpet went in my first year of junior high if not second. Even my yearbooks are in their possession let alone everything I worked for. Let alone things I bought since and then have stolen even when they are felony amounts the police won't do anything 

I read in the Minnesota home line manual for Minnesota Police departments that this state recognizes both oral leases and service for rent. My mom flat out said she was my landlord I've had business law I understand landlord tenant law is a subset of contract law if not a superset. Going from what I know because some agency with extreme power has decided I own nothing and an entitled to no protection literally to the point where I can be starved well the other party holds my ID so going from what I know in absence of ability to hire anybody better or even print a f****** piece of paper in a contract if there is an explicit price market value fills in or is assumed. While I was living at my parents my mom explicitly said she was my landlord I was doing service with a market value of $150 an hour at least once a week. Well Maple Grove doesn't have an average listed Plymouth does as they're about the same socioeconomic status I'm going to assume it's pretty close between the two towns. As far as residential rental space Plymouth has there's posted at $1.32 per square foot per month. The room that was mine was a 10x10 room so you tell me if rent was paid. As you ignore that my stuff is being destroyed but act as a power keeping me from my stuff f*** you anyway

You allow someone to be separated from everything they worked for let alone wherever given. and by giving I don't just mean by my parents I mean by friends and/or business associates or clients or former employers of any type. In doing so you destroy the notion of separation of powers when officer Hanson told me he won't contact my parents to even ask if they could so much as order me a pizza while I was several days hungry and he was also ignoring the fact that they had stolen my physical ID after a year and a half plus of Maple Grove Police standing between me and all my stuff after what I consider a zero notice lock change illegally eviction where the landlord decides to hold and continues to this day to destroy the tenants' personal property

But even that isn't the end of the malice, they have stolen after even filing a one-sided restraining order. Two days after the court date that they made sure I could not attend and decided to file after deciding I live 45 minutes from their house under threat to all my personal property Maple Grove Police help them hang on to. 45 minutes from their house an hour and a half no traffic on a good day from the court they filed in. They did so knowing that I had 20 days to be out of the lease they forced under those threats or to vacate at the end rather. they did so knowing my only means of transportation had been broken down for 6 days while still sitting on all my personal property. stuff I earned since earned not was given or was given by money left by my grandmother in my name stuff I worked for that was given back intermittently without real ability to choose what or when and covered in their f****** toxic mold was also stolen after the OFP s

This is take all things necessary for life decide what someone has to create terror while the police assist

These were at their house (bugs) they kept me so on the defensive exhausted and under attack I never got to show these to the vet Bonnie and Clyde went to. That said, they were experiencing legions. Legions that all but disappeared when she treated with flea tick and mite meds. 

Nothing excuses the fact he is still in my freezer.

Meanwhile this is what I have to sit lay sleep eat This is the cell they picked for me to die.

In allowing Marlene and Paul legal or otherwise to take any and everything from me at any moment they have also separated me from needed medical records let alone a printer or any way to organize anything I need to care for myself document wise let alone things like my kitchen implements so I can cook how I normally would not having lived at their house since 2,000 f****** six. It's worth noting a doctor I don't recall the name of and my parents took the records of had diagnosed me with the scalp condition that about 50% of the time is fungal.I would like to go back and see her but I can't even f****** determine who she is. The people doing this literally claim to own me while opening my mail sign in my name on documents and at least one check I know of from my mail meanwhile Maple Grove Police tell me it's not illegal to say you own someone nasty nasty f****

This was right after saying if we put that on record we might be liable


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