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Intent to poison (body and mind)

 Not that it matters whatever experience so far police will allow people to do things that ensure people will never see civil court. Even if this is a criminal violation or repeatedly and threatens life my theory would be this is related to federal grants for things like violence against women funds and laws

Back to my case or specifically me, as I moved back into the place that made me sick it was confirmed that my parents had a massive mold problem. The first two weeks living there I was told by my mother despite it being confirmed that I have to sleep downstairs cuz if they let me sleep upstairs then soon nowhere in the world nowhere in the house would be good enough

The pictures above were taken while I was living there. Off to the right hand side navbar the link called Wood lamp explains why I have a UV flashlight and details the construction a little better period it was hardware I had for doing UV lithography to make circuit boards

Of course that quickly went missing because my mom has zero respect for anything me or mine

But then when I start blowing up black s*** and smelling mold that I can't get rid of until the black crap was out of my nose she's standing over me in the sink having pushed open the bathroom door insisting there's absolutely nothing on my hand.

My dad agrees to take me to urgent care and on the way out the door I'm scared for more reasons than one at that point and she hands me a bag of probably every supplement that had since 2003 tells me make sure to show the doctor this he needs the whole scene or image picture something along those lines. I didn't realize at the time she was trying to paint me as a hypochondriac. We put people in jail for insider trading yet there seems to be no protection for using knowledge esoteric to the medical professions to harm

Either medical knowledge or knowledge of the system. She's a nurse practitioner.

The actual picture I took of the black stuff I had blown out got me to the front of a very busy urgent cares triage line. My dad sat in the lobby with me loudly and publicly demanding to know what drugs I was on . Looking at it in retrospect this was likely a coordinated attempt to make me appear batshit crazy out of my mind by keeping the pressure on the entire time . The practice mold had been proven as a problem at their house while all of this is happening

Then 8 months after moving in I didn't leave the house because I was now 16 months covered in pinprick wounds bleeding from the corners of my eyes I left because she had a pending surgery and a few days before was following me around if I even left the 10 ft by 10 ft bedroom screaming that I'm not normal I'm delusional she'll have me medicated etc

That was August 2018. That's the last time I had access to my valuables realistically I had two times with the mold hazard to Life car I was forced to labor on and about 15 minutes each to grab some of my things which by that point that was halfway through 2019 they had moved around every day while I was in there if I didn't touch them I had no idea where the things I needed were.

But end of the first week the bleeding had cleared up so my dad starts saying he never saw me bleed

They stole in April 2020 they come and steal the compound miter saw that I bought in 2009 in Fargo North Dakota the midwelder I bought with savings bond my grandmother had left and my workstation computer

I told them during the 9 months forced to work on that car that it would spread mold to the apartment. had I known that they were going to do this or be allowed to do what happened is completely legal and in Malice and going to kill me if it doesn't stop there's plenty of places I could have saved money I shouldn't have to be dealing with this toxic threat to life problem they paid to be rid of it in Novembrt 2018

But once again stealing the saw I was halfway through modifying the cheapest air filter solution I have to make it last longer and be even more cost effective I can't put it back together in a working order without that so I have no budget for air filters and they're mold spread to this apartment . They picked it and that's the only time that has ever happened. They also picked one that is absolutely the worst case for trying to deal with the problem like that humidity regularly goes to 60% when one to dehumidifiers fills even on days I don't run water like take a shower I don't have a kitchen so there's no dishes to do.

Which is really messed up because since 2007 I've been buying mostly organizational furniture and kitchen stuff but with money I earned working.

which is really messed up because multiple promises have been made multiple plans have been made to make it even when I have sufficient funds to start replacing some of that I do not attempt to do so because why would you go buy everything over again question mark on top of that for 9 months I was made to verify where and how the money being given was spent and it was on the car that I said from the start I'm not qualified to fix is not safe etc if you give me the title I will sell it scrap it take whatever I can get not to have to do this period instead when I tried to do the thing I was threatened to force to do I end up going up to 4 days hungry two times with smaller periods plentiful to the extent that about 30 days in 2019 I went hungry

Things like Stockholm syndrome or just The general concept of conditioning... Either the biological sense or the psychology sense period in other words the body rewards you for doing things like eating with neurochemicals that associate it with feeling okay or removing pain creating the response where you do that beneficial behavior again.or associate pain from not eating with the need to eat. Psychology has a few different versions of conditioning that I don't remember enough of the specifics of but if you don't get it at this point


if you threaten bad consequences like all of my things destroyed or given away donated recycled to extract work and make sure I even go hungry your conditioning absolute terror period you do the thing demanded and you still end up where you started in pain that also happens to violate laws to create it.

 Which further s the obscenity of spending and the health problems because I know how to cook I can't do that without kitchen stuff. Then they go out of their way to miscommunicate how much they're giving me every time insist they've given me another amount anything but talk about the problem

But January or February 2019 right before the lease started my dad understood the place they hold my bulk lower value or unneeded when I moved back into their house was so packed to the ceiling that it would require two people to move. He had offered to pay someone but used it as a means of sabotage of that relation period in other words he picked a price then he wanted to renegotiate his own price but made it take two weeks in between then just wouldn't talk about it after that. what that does however show if he was aware of the fact that it's a two person move way back then period he wouldn't even give me the address until knowing I had to move out of the lease they force due to having to clean their mold car...

One month to vacate and he gives me the address while giving me only enough to eat fast food not to rent a truck not to hire help period in the list of needs that I have here on the right hand link column I have trailer hitch for this car because that's the much more cost effective way than renting a U-Haul


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