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Justice limits

 As I found out in some cases the state bar association hotline is probably less than clean hands from the state. For instance calling after not being able to find any real way that the medical hold matched legal medical holds on the revisor's website I was told no one touches these cases.

The biggest blockade to me personally seeing if there's justice to be had or even return of 16 years of things I worked for without having them destroyed or in a manner that doesn't again make me sick or sicker rather because this is messed up. 9 months of labor on a car that picture is above at the top of the site. This occurred there was 16 months of bleeding from the apartment that had become host after cosmos cat got sick to to their house it only cleared when I finally left for a hotel. So then of course they start telling me they've never seen me bleed. And then shortly after my mom's telling me don't call her come around here anymore I probably have that call recorded if I recall correctly it was around the end of the second week. That was when both my rabbits were still alive.

Everything that's being done we're almost every part of it I think is enough to make a lot of people lose it it's just one piece.

But on the subject of barriers to justice here's my makeshift desk

And the thing is February 2018 my primary told me to get away from the mold and you'll get better that was demonstrated at the hotels This car that they made me clean for the first 9 months here under threat to my things and at first replied still alive didn't even have to be what it was Surprise surprise right after I signed the forced lease while I'm still at a hotel in Maple Grove somehow snow gets into the 2009 Ford Taurus interior cabin vent system.

I found that odd enough where for a moment I didn't think and I called my dad because he likes driving. I'd lived in North Dakota for 8 years I've never seen this that's how odd it was to me. He immediately changed the subject would not acknowledge what I was saying did but did not. what he changed the subject to was oh hey I I came to the hotel and put stuff in the trunk today. Nothing I had asked for and unannounced. You judge the pose his decision to change it to that for the topic at hand to haywire snow blowing through a car that spent nine years every night parked in mold house garage...

I told them I was not qualified for the job of remediating their car I told them it was a poor use of my time. It's open it was dangerous I told them everything I could read up on the subject said if you're going to DIY a job like that or a big job don't do it if you can't wear the protective clothing and or mask but especially if you can't change your clothes in between your workspace and your living space.

I had an empty apartment I had my rabbit Clyde who needed my attention even if he hadn't gotten sick he needed my attention and I needed things to be able to care for him

It's disgustingly brutal to have to tell this to anyone let alone repeatedly for nothing. He is still in my freezer is on list of terror.

The other thing I told them was it will accumulate in the apartment if you force these conditions. This is also the only apartment they have ever picked for me I started away from their home in 2006 graduated Maple Grove Senior high and paid for 45 days backpacking Europe. If you count Iceland because I flew in Iceland air that's five countries mainly in hostels of hopping trains. I had made so much moneybetween the mortgage refinance telemarketing position I had senior year and having started regularly doing IT consulting and support for small business and two dozen homes by the time I graduated in Maple Grove Senior having started in 2004. I also bought a 32-in $1,000 flat screen before leaving for that trip. A $250 Yamaha surround sound system a $250 glass TV stand the year before I bought the first game system that wasn't given by a friend of the family it was an original Xbox than I was working for Target so I got a discount on it. 2 years or 3 later they bought me the original Wii. As a Christmas present. That might not mean anything to you but computers and electronics were something I was good at enjoyed and I was telling people calling me a ner d early 2000's how everything they're going to do in their future is going to be on a computer and they're looking at me and disbelief. The way Marlene and Paul have me tracked is anything I'm going to do is go away as a pile of ashes or sit in a wooden coffin for their mistakes. And some mistakes of Maple Grove Police.
MArlene and Paul come up with this number for how much they say they've given me. But every time they talk about it it includes everyday since you left and I know for a fact I can't say every moment since I left her every month what I got But I know for a fact the entire first year at NDSU I wasn't getting anything to live on. That was money I was making. What it seems is Maple Grove police have decided that I own nothing because I accepted them paying for college. Which would seem to me to be rather indentured. Or possibly slave because one they're not judges

Two I see no objective end date to this or ability to fulfill it three they allow a felony level theft after the OFPs I really don't see how this ends unless I kill myself they starve me to death it's not me doing this I do what's agreed on

But then the police play the same games as they do. As in why can't you just do what you used to do then well standing in between me and all of my property. Telling me well that's probably civil anyway when I can tell you there's about 20 f****** grand of mine being held and has been and in conditions it's being destroyed and I have communicated that to them several times as well.

Marlene indicated she was my landlord moving back in January 2018. Plymouth dollars per square foot for residential is posted online it's $1.32 per month per square foot. St cloud business law when addressing contract law which if I read correctly landlord tenant law or housing law is probably a superset of contract law. Which is no guarantee that the supplies there but I found that Minnesota recognizes oral leases and recognizes services for rent so I would hope that the fact that I'm putting it in these terms and demonstrating I might have kind of learned something and might have been capable of doing what I said because I have tons of evidence objectively that between the agreement Paul and I have made the contract or the promise cuz I see Minnesota law also acknowledges that as a form of theft if you make agreements with no intent to honor them

I have evidence that everything that was agreed on with him and with third parties which is why this is hurting me so much more than the cops don't even want to know the trivial bits the constitutional bits or the Minnesota lab it's telling me that all of this is probably civil anyway when what I can find of Minnesota law says otherwise.

what possible hope justice does anyone have if police can at any time first separate you from 16 years of things you earned

I really shouldn't need to go further than that if police can put you on the street at any moment...

The knee to the windpipe face.. possibly preferable

This was me trying to work after cleaning my dad's workshop in their basement. I don't know why I did any of it everything I've done ever is being destroyed. Anything I've ever earned anything anybody has ever gave me. Even external to family members. Every keepsake every and I don't even want to talk about it because I don't have buy-in clients remains safe together and respectful. I didn't get that time with them I spent it working full out. And when I worked in their basement obviously the symptoms got worse. So then if I come up even blowing out black s*** I'm getting screamed at to loudly told them delusional and need to be medicated for mold that have been confirmed since as I moved back in.

By Maple Grove Police supporting these actions or in some forms creating them where they otherwise wouldnt have existed. Especially after they realized they might be in error...

My parents or at least I know my mom understands what's necessary to grieve and what needs any chance of any positive or negative outcome. They keep me scared for my life actual threat to my life which she admits they do it through crime. But worse between them and the police they decide I don't get to grieve I don't get to have any purpose now they're trying to use family court to force me to see a psychologist while they're still making sure nothing that I would be taught is followable. And I don't think I know everything but I know how to care for myself I know enough I usually in this field know quite a bit because at one point psychology grabbed my interest. If you look around on this site I've even I could pull journal articles but I type either on my phone or the laptop scene above on that bed because I don't go in the other room where it's growing it got into the air conditioner. Now that it's fall that's a little bit better but I I cannot do this anymore I should not have had to at all. I'm usually trying to reprioritize where even if I succeed they just steal something or in some other way create like family court and then steal something well I don't even have a property desk to sit at and try to reprioritize or finish the work other people paid for.

The game adapter was actually for my dad. I found a racing wheel at a thrift store. He likes driving if you've been reading for detail. I've caught him playing racing games before on the Wii u. they have a decently powered desktop that I built in the basement and one upstairs both share that trait unique to my labor created them. I had built four clients 30 by the age 22. The reason all this stuff is listed and this isn't all of it by far I've done a little better I mean to break this into another section. 

Officer Hansen keeps insisting my parents give me enough

When in fact they make me make an estimate they don't meet it they ignore the work is dangerous and everything upset above make sure I starve by even stealing ID or holding on to it 

Also of note in 2006 I got a credit card I never missed a minimum payment and there were periods where I carried no balance to only small balance despite thousands of dollars of headroom but I never missed a minimum usually paid over minimum until 2017 then I get 8 months of bleeding down to Maple Grove 8 months more bleeding and then police don't give a s*** my mails being held my males being open my life is being threatened physicallyeverything I've ever worked for being destroyed along with any reputation credibility and my actual credit

I've said elsewhere I won't make the examples of upstanding officers in my opinion identifiable I don't know if that would cause any grief in their life or not I'd rather hear on the side of not because I honestly might not be here if all of them were like officer Hanson. So on the off chance any brief would come on them that would render them not in that position you won't see it here who they were

I did a cursory search. Rory Hanson is 27 
From a town of 2xxx 

I really hope LinkedIn isn't right You've had one job after leaving a small town?

I was making literal thousand and navigating intercontinental travel the moment I turned 18 graduation would have been month and a half after. international travel I paid for and did alone you have the audacity to help parties destroy my work my effort and stand that casting personal judgment behind a badge and a sidearm with rage in your eyes as you pretend to be officer friendly?

Your likely misconduct created 30 days hungry in 2019 is still allowing the destruction of everything I ever worked for or was given by anyone. When people other than family give you things it's generally because you've done something from them I don't know if you understand this concept. Normally I wouldn't talk down to someone in a position of power but if that age is right you are in fact 5 years of my junior. If you think it's somehow okay that you allow anything let alone everything I work for destroyed and subsequently at least one of my animals probably would still be alive if not for the actions taken and recognized first I realized their actions as in Marlene and Paul are the root here. But they don't have the gun and the badge they're also entitled to personal judgment

But you really think it's okay to stomp
everything of somebody's
Allow them to be poisoned
Reject hearing any details contrary to what I would assume is tripping whatever maladaptive home you came from and your personal coping mechanism which bill might even involve destroyed well humans deal with dissonance in a strange way.

But to the point you stomp everything behind almost unlimited power and still have to personally judge what the f*** is wrong with you?

Your actions could well wipe out a family line.

I don't think it's an exaggeration to allude to the SS

Especially considering August 2019 when I managed to get down there and mold car ever since the responses have been a lot harsher. That was if we put that on record we might be liable



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