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knowingly acting to endanger a life

 Stearns County Sheriff had little to go on unless there's access to Maple Grove police reports and even if that's the case likely anyone with a brain knows reading the description of events is that the same as having witness them and not the same ability to draw conclusions from even if you don't consider potential incentive negative consequence or being truthful or otherwise

In the case of police it seems there's little incentive to be truthful especially when it prevents liability. I can't say what factored into Stearns County Sheriff decision not to serve the past ofps

But I can say with less first-hand information the Maple Grove Police said they made the decision that they would not

By that point Maple Grove Police had long since heard that I possess evidence that they are acting on lies and the people telling them use false police report says weapons and it seems the treatment and excusable of the illegal behavior that also endangers life became much worse after that meeting.

 the moment covid-19 what's slightly after the ofp court date.

it passed on my manufactured and court alerted abzense despite when I called before the court date the court phoneline  auto attendant was already notifying people with an automated message that it would be closing and to stay home

At that point I had been forced relocated under threat to myself my animals and all of my property after his zero notice locked range eviction for one and a half years or nearly so forced labor for nine months of the year once Elise was forced but in that. If you include where the lease was signed under duress and threat four cities. The six months prior three cities 5 hotels 14 hotel rooms and a mental ward this absolutely obliviate anybody's ability to live up to any commitment

But then there's the fact that occurred after even the Ofps but all Maple Grove cared to do was activate them

While officer Hanson is asking why don't I have any friends I can go stay with? For that will help me out why can't I earn how I used to earn if I claim I earned that way? Which boils down to pay I'm going to help people steal your tools if you are a Carpenter. Well from behind this badge and gun I asked why you can't support yourself building the fucking Taj Mahal trying to nail in nails with your fists after you milk every board and cut it to length with only officer Hanson's feigned ignorance as a cutting and measuring instrument

I've gone to links to show Medical Science has known for a long time the conditions in Forest create brain damage create much harder ability to adapt on a physiological neurological level neuroplasticity is affected. But on top of that how the fuck do I stay home if I'm sick when I'm in an empty apartment without anything required to live? Well also dealing with mold paul and Marlene use like a bioweapon and paid to be rid of

Medical Science also knows you make the immune system less to non-effective through malnutrition and starvation. It's not really rocket science the body at least while you're alive is very much a machine if you put garbage fuel in it it doesn't have what it needs to repair or to defend itself that engine knock might be your immune system


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