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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Law versus psychology

 The two are completely different including law and medical science. What I can't seem to fathom is how a court can sentence psychology when they violate many tenants of it.

Family toward appears to work on a first come first serve justice basis

Or be highly playful with the concept of ex parte.

From what I can see in Minnesota you could cut off a former roommate's leg with a hatch saw while punch in them in the faceand if you already knew about family tort and OFPs and they didn't you can then strip their constitutional rights and make them arrestable without a warrant. Meanwhile even if you tried to report the crime the police have the right not to investigate it. 

This is Minnesota Justice

The idiot sans leg might end up sentenced to social workers in psychology while the person who cut it off can continue coming around and stealing felony level amounts

If you read the FBI's website they give impression that they might investigate. Even when I tried to report check fraud what they wanted to know is how many. Almost no system that I can see is set up to protect you if the police use their right not to

Maybe you'd be best trying to sue for false advertising bait and switch in the land of the freeI would bet you just end up on the street because your bank account has been hit and all of your assets have been stolen

And the thing is most people are likely decent people. You might end up safe just by nature of that. The real problem becomes there's no oversight to those who are supposed to keep you safe when someone wants to do wrong. There are some areas they face liability. if someone else can put them in that situation it's going to be the party with lace resources that gets the shaft

For the record and I'd have to go hungry to show you this I might do it anyway. I have no police record I have speeding tickets. The nastiest thing about how this works is that court doesn't consider your record. I'd have to ask what all the tax dollars went to for three letter agencies in this nation if criminal profiling isn't involved in these decisions nor is psychology but you get sentenced to it? I wouldn't doubt it reduces violent crime but only in the sense that you might have beaten the already beaten so badly mentally that the person who actually was coming at them gives up because they're no longer a target worthwhile. Or if you end up putting them in jail over a violation most people aren't Walter White or in other words you can't execute a hit from in jail or in prison

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