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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Lethal numbers game

 With the time article about I'll police and some states are using computer algorithms there's a text the likelihood someone is involved in violent crime and generate a list of subject to put the heat on but not necessarily to do anything more than the rest of them and not necessarily the ones that are  likely to get shot. What even I missed in my initial reaction was if you can predict that you can predict the number of people who will lose it when their life is challenged when their life is threatened by the actions of police officers or buy the interactions with the action of standing in between you and what's necessary for life you and what's yours I've picked a certain amount of people will lose it just at losing their possessions I've been put through losing all of the animals I care about all of my possessions had them threatened to force me around keep me from having any social connection while officers are acting oblivious to how even false police report might harm me or create a situation where I am unable to care for myself. It seems to me that Minnesota defining failure to feed or clothe oneself would also defined that anyting required to do that not protected by police especially when explicitly against criminal law what I'm getting at is it to Parker C and likely police plane bullying games because the reality is there are arrests that generate income from federal sources

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