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Monday, October 5, 2020

Life taken

 My parents try to paint me as incompetent. I've covered a lot of past work though not completely, here's a better look at where I've been.

First, actual lives 

I think this is my favorite photo that I have of her . I might have better I don't know someone stole my computer Marlene and Paul have all but admitted it outright. I love you Bonnie. I miss the way you remind me to stop and pet you I miss your chin bumps. I miss you

She died while my parents were making me hop hotels my dad had stopped giving them both their antibiotics I don't know how much it would have mattered but I do know she didn't die she didn't need to die if I was allowed to care for my friend she wanted to have that day I was allowed to manage my own time or own property instead of be property because somebody called me property and lies his police. There's no reason slide should be dead either Bonnie might have by now Clyde was entirely due to having to clean that car and exhaustion and an empty empty apartment. Probably due to $3 my dad took after checkout at the last hotel as well he started to lose the ability to walk. Two or three weeks after moving or rather arrival.

Clyde always had an ear to me

I've been to California three times the first of which 2003. If you Google SEIU Golden gate bridge we used to make the international convention our family vacation. The other two times were on my own.

At 16 they paid for the school French trip over the summer. At 18 I paid for 45 days in Europe backpacking alone. Not all of it was alone though because I met up with the family from the family stay (school trip)and due to some miscommunication ended up staying with a friend of that family as well. By 22

I had been to Europe three times. The last time was to see my cousin and Sicily she was stationed at the Navy base there after the family visited her I went off again for I think a week and a half on my own.

2013 I did a cross country volunteering bus trip ended up out in DC. Flew back to Fargo because of some disagreements with politics but made sure to stay till the last volunteer project was complete.

At age 19 I took a 5-hour ground course never having done a tandem skydive. I stepped out of a plane with no one strapped to my back only a parachute

I've never been as scared for my life as the last three years and largely due to the misconduct of Maple Grove Police. Obviously that wouldn't be happening if two other parties were more honest. Except I went in August 2019 Maple Grove didn't want to hear anything except the easy story they still pursue

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