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Logic and Law.

 Strikes me as funny Hollywood gave Americans this impression that hostels are a place where if you go to them you will be murdered especially the ones in Eastern Europe.

Meanwhile at least in Minnesota police aren't required to investigate any crime 

There's no logical limit to when they have to step in.

There's no control on bias for when they enforce and when they don't.

In murdersoda at least in my experience with Minnesota Hennepin county and Maple Grove:

  •  someone can repeatedly commit felony level theft
  •  try to push you over a 12 ft drop (head height) 
  • Open your mail sign your name is an adult with no legal authority to do so on documents from your mail including at least one check I know of
  • Poison you
  • Threaten the remains of and your live animals threaten your life
  • Extract further poisonous labor by for the threat
  • Steal your ID well both them and the police ask why you don't have a job
  • Ignoring both law and basics for human survival in several ways including Minnesota recognizes oral leases and services for rent. Theft of service is illegal. Blocks change evictions are illegal especially when holding on to the tenants property.
And the legal system and police might fixate on words you say while this is happening

I think if we don't want to be that image of Eastern Europe and hostels we would quickly declare this an illegal system.

As it stands from my perspective the fear right now is death or arrest and death for what happened above.

 imagine the ending of hostile is the police arresting the victim. And then they stand trial for allegedly having verbally threatened the person harming them.

Well everyone tells them to get over it.

But what I find truly shocking is most of the crimes above make it hard to get or hold on to the resources to escape such a situation.

The concept of indentured servitude was similar to slavery. you were free once you had paid off your debt to whoever you entered that contract with. In the meantime they had to make sure you had food and the basics for life. That is always had a cost associated with it.

Giving someone something while taking away everything they earn is not an excuse to be able to do crimes to them especially not when it would take away their ability to not need it or to escape it have we outlawed slavery have we outlied indentured servitude or just the contract for it? This is a f****** sick society

And how f****** sick this is isn't just my opinion. Psychology notes that a pathological mode of thought is what they refer to as splitting

More simply put it's all or nothing black and white thinking.

Or as Maple Grove's officer Hanson put well ignoring all of the above while seeing a picture of the moldy car I was forced to labor on for 9 months

Put the phone away I didn't see anything.

if you accept anything from your parents they're always going to have some control

Which if you analyze it a little bit it's explicitly not splitting in the word said. but the mode of thought it describes is I don't care what crimes are committed against you because somebody told me that they paid you

At one time we were thinking officer would understand what he was told was alleged not fact not conclusive evidence

In fact the United States Constitution thought through this you can argue it wasn't to intended to be applied this way I'd argue because of the fact that most laws aren't written with razor gender there's only one way this one can apply. What I refer to is the 14th amendment section 1.

What I really fear is this false dichotomy between government owns you and no government. There are some valid functions for a small to medium sized federal government one of them is ensuring that corruption doesn't happen at a state level that we're not locking people up for not being slaves or for not rolling over and dying because someone else with more means wants them to

I called the FBI they literally laughed.

But the disturbing nature as I mentioned is the crimes above not only threaten life with physical action but unless your butt can s*** $100 bills it takes money to get away from two or at anything these days. It takes money to support life and this has been a fact for longer than any of us have been alive. When someone can control money already in your name and laws designed to protect adult signature and financial documents laws that protect individuality of adults aren't enforced whether we call it this or not we are defining legal slavery

my dad has literally said he owns me two times third time that he thinks she bought me

PCB cad for a litium ion battery pack welder. This version was intended to be a general purpose electronic cutting and welding process controller. The blue represents copper on the back side of a PCB. red is top but disabled in this view save for the two sets of two pins on the right side. 

The black line down the middle is electrical isolation as some processes use high frequency and high voltage it was designed to have the logic and human interface side highly unlikely to be capable of a shock let alone lethal shock. I had added Cosmos Cat to what's known as the silk screen or label layer. It was part of trying to mourn.

Silly me why would I think human property needs to do that?

Bellow was my workstation PC. Paul and or Marlene stole it, a MIG welder and compound miter saw from my garage April 2020. Happy bday to me. April 2018 I was at their moldy house and had been invited out for the first time in 2 years. Despite living mostly alone with Bonnie and Clyde rabbit for 8 years in nd. A lonely emotional incest Paul took my keys insisting he couldn't let me drive in the small snow storm that night. A little while later he wanted me to ride along with him cause he likes driving in the snow. Not even my birthday is mine.

The things stolen a month after the oFP court date constitute a felony level theft. Police don't care 

Paul wuethrich assure me the judge will be quite displeased with my language and attitude. If the judge is more concerned with that then the fact they commit all these crimes and likely destroyed a 6k car to prevent me from attending the trial. The judge will likely be seeing my corpse either by their actions and hand or my own rather than John live in person

If the state of Minnesota county of Hennepin or City of Maple Grove would like to clarify exactly how much it costs to buy immunity to violating laws or to buying a person I'd be all ears.

It could be much more fair if there was informed consent and published prices

Things with things as they are if we only prosecute trafficking aren't we kind of saying no one sells our people except our people?

I guess that's for Minnesota to decide.
About 6 months before officer Hansen told me he didn't see that put the phone away. Two officers were telling me it's not illegal to say you own someone. Maple Grove Police at their finest

Actually some individuals on that force are much more if not absolutely outstanding but the force as a whole has created this as the result with some very disturbing steps in between

It could be scheduling or chance but one thing I observed as time and contacts with police accumulated was the faces of those I saw standing for some degree of balance became totally absent in the police responses 

An alternative reason may be they are kept from the cases. Like I said I can't rule out scheduling for a causal factor, it's still odd. Esp now that I can be reasonably certian there are 55ish officers in that department. The usual response is 3 to 6 sometimes more officers per call.

This isn't 1900. it's not even questionable that medical science has shown what you eat and things like how much you exercise affect how long you live how healthy you are your quality of life what and when you die. More importantly Minnesota in the 1940s did the Minnesota starvation experiment in which even back then the question was raised should anybody be on psychological medication if diet isn't first addressed? Flash forward to 20/20 we have judges ignoring felony level theft to sentence people to psychiatric services where doctors might get a bonus from pharmaceutical companies for prescribing psychiatric medications.

I'm tired of these f****** word games this is slavery if you want to argue it otherwise I still have a heartbeat at the moment and I'm open to any logically constructed argument why it is not. Act now though or you might be arguing with a corpse

I'd say this is far more about politicians reporting fewer violent crimes states possibly cashing in on federal grants for certain arrests.states being able to do more than cut taxes to attract a lucrative industry such as health care. What is more profitable per patient with a lower marginal cost per patient than psychological services? oh yeah we can create a social worker job with fines as well. I'm guessing I pay those fines so I'll be working so a senator can look good and Minnesota can attract industry and create a job literally the slave driver

And hey it's more legitimate if we first label this paranoid instead of a suggestion of a possible cause with some probable backing by observed economic fact

In the general scope of sanity and in the hopes to return to it say it with me

Actions are greater than words

First come first serve does not create justice or equality

and now for the really fast talk fine print: this might not apply to all citizens. elected officials take note this may be career suicide
As John poplar said the hook brings you back. Some terms and traditions may apply.


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