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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Logical Fallacies More Complete

 Appeal to Authority

this one is probably least mentioned by the media. I'd wager why is it has something to do with findings or the rockafeller media studies done about a century ago giver take a decade. one finding was most people attribute the voice on the radio and or face on TV to authority by default. something like the technical wow gives the person behind the mic or camera apparent authority. even though the TV or radio personality probably couldn't build or design what puts their voice or image and voice in your living room lol

as with the other one I'm addressing its not always a falicy. 

is authority able to explain it or just a title claiming I'm right look at this name badge of degree 

is authority versed on the specifics of the situation with a full picture of it. 

if authority is told its a duck explain why it quacks like one.. it hasn't gone any distance to proving it is a duck. 

also the issue with the dsm and psych diagnosis lacking objective criteria. esp when drug companies can pay for rxing. 

Slippery Slope

easiest way to explain  this can exist is to point out that bank erosion on lakes and rivers is a noted to exist phenomenon.

psych studies have also shown that if one in 3 or 1 in 4(i forget...) 

if that fraction belives or apears to belive anything strongly the entire populations actions are influenced.

life and thinking arnt generally static, feed back loops exist. 

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