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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Mail fraud and lies to disrupt

 Been said maybe 10 times that I should have my credit card back the one of lower balance Marlene paid a little bit on then told the police she paid everything period and for retrospect or for perspective I had a credit card in 2006 never missed a payment until this started in 2017 usually paid more than the minimum and did not carry a balance the entire time or very large until the end because Paul and I had made an agreement.

But if he's are filed when they make sure it's in a court I cannot get to after police ignore felony felony felony misdemeanor malicious at malicious act anything they do got ignored especially after the police admitted they might be liable if they put some things on record

Why would I spend credit even if I pulled the bank to send a new one to my current address why would I spend credit? They've already proven they can physically relocate me under threat to all of my things that the police will help them hold on to and after the ofp in April 2020 they came and stole another felony amount period why would I spend anything why am I still breathing why am I still trying

oh you're so protected you can file bankruptcy repeatedly while we ignore felony theft repeatedly. Yeahgood luck getting anything that needs a credit check for a job or a house or even signing for your own lease. We just let people physically relocate you for 2 years I mean dude how come you can't get over that even though they're still poisoning you why aren't you moving on dude they just had your ID it's not like you need two forms of them

it's not like my mom's recorded and posted on this very site saying I deserve all of it because I'm a man. Not like this is f****** slavery I mean maybe you can say it isn't but pretty damn hard to get away when people who have your driver's license number and your social are doing things like this I can't s*** money can you?

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