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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Malnutrition and immune function


even without covid-19 multiple years of malnutrition does not bode well for health. Does not aid in avoiding opertunistic infections. The combo of 9 mo forced labor on mold car alone may prove lethal. 

this was the trim that normally hides the seatbelt on the driverside of the 2009 ford I was forced to labor on under threat to everything maple grove police still ensure is destroyed and held from me. 

fungle sinus infection highly likely

note the empty cupboards. the food shelf gives things I would happily cook, but theft laws being addressed first would provide the ability. 

maybe this is related to why I have lost the sense of smell. 

note the title in the search query. MN ww2/1944 gave men who objected to serving the opportunity to serve in other ways. one such way was an experiment on duplicating what rationed and concentration camp bound Europeans experienced to study the effects and how to best aid recovery. 

it also showed malnutrition has strong effects on the mind as well. to the point, it brought into question if psychiatric meds should ever be prescribed if diet isnt first addressed. 

for police to allow crime after crime that may interfere with ones ability to procure or prepare food to go unaddressed while not allowing even reports and instead subtly threatening emergency medical/mental health detainment... in the state of mn, should be close to treason. 
2015 apt. Center island I built back in 2009

2016 to 2018 apt living room vs after I was declared human property by Paul and Maple Grove Police trucking it off with it's not illegal to say you own someone

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