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Monday, October 5, 2020

Maple Grove Minnesota , abductors paradise

 Make somebody sick

Contaminates their apartment

Act their savior really you've just gained control of everything that was theirs

Tell them your landlord now

Your house test positive for what was making them sick

Gaslighting and false police report

Demand and/or accept 6.3K in labor over 8 months just on skilled labor the person is performed in the past for pay professionally

Running to push them down the stairs

Try to push them over the railing

meanwhile they're doing unskilled labor or rather that that they haven't done before on your house to fix the problem you won't acknowledge. Continue false police reports

Threaten their animal ignore their animals are actually sick.

They leave for a hotel change the lock

Let Maple Grove Police do the rest

Force at least 45 minutes away it's that are homeless now that you've even drained them of savings bonds left by their grandmother

Snow blows through the car one of their animals has died at this point.

9 months pretending you don't know why they won't just go to the one store that you said the name of wants to pick out furniture well you won't give the address of the storage garage holding the rest of their stuff

Anytime they come to your house for the valuables that you hold call the police. No seriously. Most of the police encounters all that happened was I would show up whether invited or told we're not holding your stuff. No one would answer 10 minutes later the police are there 15 maybe.

This doesn't even include the part about the mental ward 3 months into hotels for the opening of male signing of my name etc.

Bonnie rabbit I love you Bonnie. Bonnie died in their care. Her remains were addressed to me at their house sent by a USPS. She's still technically held mail

The picture on the top of this blog that's the car I was driving for 9 months why don't I just get in it f*** you you f****** poison forcing shitbag

The entire time why don't you find a commercial space to rent why don't you go get furniture we told you where to go no they wanted to tell me the name again. They've for ced this empty living space to void of everything that I've acquired since leaving their house in 2006.

It's like I'm going to take your lunch money. Here's officer pretending to be friendly he's going to back me up

Minutes You're going to work on my car opposite friendly still helping me hold your things

Now it's Minneapolis family Court you said things that made them feel threatened?

Evolutionary biologist theorize that the verbal threat evolved as a way for two parties to avoid conflict that might lead one of them actually dead. The only system in which outline that works is one where the police can't ignore crime or crime after crime after crime one party against the other.

For probably 6 months since August 2018 or actually it makes more sense to say since March 2019 the start of the forest lease in St cloud 6 months of that I've only had one form of ID.

Even if I wanted to get in the moldy car for the first nine...

But on top of that there were questions of why his progress going so slow on the car

And veilld threats maybe that storage garage goes away we don't want to pay for that anymore. But no rendering of the address I didn't pick it out. I was there like once and objected to how small it was. It's stacked to the ceiling. Their mold had spread to my apartment there's no telling what condition anything in there is in. But what there is telling is February 2019 my dad was acknowledging it's back to the garage and requires another person he was offering to pay an associate's $16 an hour but only if I would ask him first. I have to make sure it's okay at first. so then we make sure two weeks go by before it's discussed again then my dad wants to argue his own price down to 14 an hour. This is a form of playing one person against another or playing with one's reputation making them look flaky it's a more advanced form of triangulation.

Every association between what I need to do what I'm capable of doing and that earning even the freedom from pain and fear is being destroyed

I made $2,000 working for a business in St cloud doing their web server doing search optimization on their site. Officer Hansen insists my parents give me enough but that month they cut it to make sure I didn't have the estimate they made me make for fixing their car.

After the Yorkies were filed they came up god dammit Google. My laptop even the power jack is loose it needs replacement something in more than capable of doing I don't have the tools I don't have the workspace all of this you can see his stuff I have assembled and built in the past I can't even have my mind on anything because they steal up to felony level amounts to make sure that I don't have any safety any feeling that I turn around and something's not done meanwhile Clyde rabbit is in my f****** freezer and they threaten the remains of Bonnie I scream my health is going to s*** I hate every part of this

It's worse when you know what the social worker what psychological services would try to teach you. What I didn't learn from my mom paying attention growing up because she's a nurse practitioner what I didn't learn from health class k through 12 or hot or college I researched extensively on my own I know how exercise like if I could have even my bike affects blood glucose affects food cravings affects mood I know things like taking a break from a task you're hyper focused on can help be more proficient or efficient I know balance but I'll never f****** reach it if someone could steal felony amounts at a time this is f****** horseshit

The worst is the lies though that 9 months every time they ask why I'm not just getting in the car and doing things scroll up to the top look at that picture That's the moon roof over my head

Officer Hanson I didn't see that put the phone away January 2020

This is behind the plastic trim where the seat belt was

As predicted it eventually spread to the apartment I currently don't even go in the living room I can't keep doing this. I know what it takes to solve it they've made sure I cannot obtain that they paid to get rid of this problem they cause this problem decisions they made finishing their house when I was in elementary school this is f****** insanity

In other pictures the room that cosmos is sitting in is totally bear with the walls ripped open and no carpet god dammit Google transcribe it's not a animal it's stripped

And the thing is the OSP trial March 18th 2020 in Minneapolis. They knew I had to be out of this forced lease at the end of the month. The reason for that was having to clean the mold car here. The landlord did not agree with that. I have several text messages that demonstrate they were aware of that months before they also were aware of the car had been broken down six days by the time they filed or maybe five but that's not the point. Minnesota cops will help you take anything from anybody and then you can go to civil court and f*** them over more or family court which gives it a rather incest feel. But after that they came installed $1,000 of stuff I had bought since like I made welder with the last savings bond my grandma left my computer I built God I'm not saying it again read it f****** elsewhere one of the games they play is we haven't done anything to you what have we done to you what have we done to you and it's always list how you're f****** killing me and maybe we'll wait 30 seconds silent and hang up maybe we'll pretend like we don't even know what we're saying and start a new topic I hate this so much.

Between the last apartment and their host the 8 months there before they change the lock 16 months of bleeding and the first week at a hotel is stopped.

Have you ever heard if you did athlete's foot you buy lamisol you treat once and you're good for the rest of your life walk barefoot in the gym shower? my primary doctor told me get away from the mold that was like January or February 2018. I found the medical evidence to support that malnutrition is neither good for the immune system or the mind in every way failure to enforce these laws has endangered and continues to threaten my life

I see no reasonable expectation that anyone who can endure multiple felony level thefts will necessarily be able to make family or civil court why do we have criminal laws at all? Why does the family court talk about do you need money after the OFP is filed if we don't acknowledge that assets have value that things are required to have income or maintain it that stealing all of someone's everything might put them in a position of ris

I've tried to make do with near slave  conditions extreme lo ss suffered alone. But it's not just that it's total invalidation. Things like the vacuum breaking. I opened it right the heck up and fixed it. Then my mom made sure to ask why I'm wasting my time while I have an accomplished anything. Well demanding will threaten me

Currently race might be a bigger factor but throughout history the biggest factor of how you get treated by the police and courts or how fair justice is has been income or net worth those with the least means tend to end up victimized by the system we seem toto have just made it official
I heard so much everyday now I can barely leave the apartments half the time I get to the car and go back because my gut is so f***** up

They are almost straight up demonic. I know vitamin D3 is required for the immune system something you best get from time out in the sun I bought a bottle of it they f****** took it with the last car they will sabotage or blow $100,000 to destroy me and everything I earned over 16 years of income not given

something like 21 days Make a break a habit. Adaptive or otherwise. This is something I remember from high school

Another thing is you're supposed to get to a point where you can be actively managing problems instead of reactive.

This is not possible if anything you possess maybe ripped away from you against the law at any moment

Here's some of my previous living spaces worth noting they have never helped me set up an apartment

Most of what I had at the last apartment I either bought with money I earned or like the couch was left behind at the last place by the last tenant a lot of my furniture I built. They even took my saw

A few times they have been to my apartment in the past my mom would literally throw out if I was using a mason jar or a canning jar for glass. She wants to every way no way her way I wish she hadn't had me I wish they hadn't had me. They get their house saved I just totaled destruction and I'm on the brink of losing my mind

My health may already be lost

I can find even the state revisers definition of theft several times over if they've reached felony levels. This state recognizes the oral leases, the state recognizes services for le ase

Maple Grove officer Hanson insist that they give me enough while he's standing in between me and everything I earned. Everything I need to be stable. It's been like the first week after a move since March 2019 except of beloved pet is in the freezer.
and I cannot control their actions but when their actions are against the law I was under the impression one of the reasons we give police officers the power to control people in limited regards is to moderate things like that to protect people. They're no better than the SS if they let people be destroyed for the benefit of the state or to avoid liability

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