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Maple Grove police help party a poision party b

 Mold itself is usually capable of being allergenic which usually isn't great to be forced long term exposed to. Some evidence I may link later relater has corolated frequent exposure to autoimmune issues iirc and when it's later in life. Early in life and also iirc (my mom) kids playing in the dirt helps build compent immune systems but then again early piercing causes increase risk of metal alaergy but I could see the hope full difference being , 247 exposure vs outside time.

That mouthful said. Molds while not poisionus are o

ften little poision factories 

See: mycotoxins

Also related, I'd bet most farmers know grain gets ammonia washed. Witch trials may have been fungal in origin. The culprit was likely ergot poisoning.

What I find really unexcusable is it's highly likely Paul made sure snow blew through that carafter threats to all my property that Maple Grove allowed them to hold on to when they decided to change the lock with no noticehad already enabled them to pick where I live and force a lease under threat of you and your remaining alive animal who's also a therapy companion animaland was with me at the hotel because he threatened to put him in the washing machine and Bonnie had died in their care..

This is so traumatic I can barely talk straight because there's so many interrelated little but terrifically traumatizing aspects which is a calling card of narcissistic abuse

something that the communities have noted but I've yet to see in literature is a tactic called dog whistling. In other words someone who isn't privy to or like the police don't really care about more than building a case and or the least time per case so eventually if they can arrest somebody to stop it...

At least that's my theory because even when I went to them with evidence police reports were being used as a weapon they kept acting the same way in ways that endanger my life and one such way was allowing them to first pick where I move under threat to all my things held and then force nine months of doing a job I said from the start I'm not qualified to do is not safe for me is a poor use of my time is dangerous will contaminate the apartment. I even asked almost begged please transfer the title I will sell it strap it whatever I can and take whatever I can get this is not healthy

It was made even worse by the fact I had been acting circuit boards which to stay safe I had bought myself a full face respirator 3M 6800 The first three months I couldn't even touch that because it was locked and my parents house I was being forced to drive away in a car I don't have title to to do labor that is hazardous on a mold problem that basically ensures poisoning

I think it would be great if the city of Maple Grove or the police or maybe Hennepin county would clarify specifically what poisons it's given the green light to allow one citizen to use on another if they want to harm them

Even without the poison aspect oh sorry you're just on the street now my mom said when I moved back in she was my landlord $6300 in services were performed over nothose 8 months just instilled services I've done for pay professionally in the past. I was renting a 10x10 room. I'm not sure about housing law but I know it's a subset or possibly superset of contract law and I did have an excellent business law teacher at St cloud State one of the most passionate professors I've ever met so going off what I know about contract law or what I think I remember because I'm not even in a position to hire anybody I don't not in a position to organize a search they even have my printer while they're starting court cases I have four f****** printers but going off what I think I remember if a contract doesn't explicitly stay the price market average can be assumed. Plymouth lists their monthly square foot for residential dollar a month. 1.32 a square foot a month

So if performing that service then it's starting the remediation on their professionally mold confirmed basement which is not something I've performed for pay in the past but it's still labor. It's still pathetic when my dad was VP of his labor union local for probably 25 years not only does he say he owns me but thinks that he gets all of my stuff and can destroy it until my animals and that it's somehow fair I'm supposed to take the loss of everything that's stolen two times in the past four times things have gone missing out of cars when they taking them back I have no opportunity to reclaim it

But have they not have me living there hey come show me how to do this as a command to drop whatever you're doing or get out here and show me how to do this That's an on-site IT support call doing that once a week pays rent on a 10-ft by 10-ft room except if Maple Grove police are involved it apparently doesn't even give you right to the things you worked for for 16 years in the past

or personal protective equipment to make the labor that's being forced by threat to those things less than poisonous

But then the ultimate insult to irony is August 2019 I had finally managed recordings of my parents saying that the huge police reports as weapons they falsify them as weapons the DV report which as far as I know is the only report of violence on my record in 30 years at the time. I come to the scary realization during this pretty much abduction that anybody can file a police report at any time especially if the police let themand it's probably in their best interest to be as dirty as possible or as dirty as the data standards for who has access after a report is filed and how well audits are kept will allow

Which is terrifying cuz they put me in this position someone else poisoning me someone else destroying all my things well even showing up on public property for a year and a half without the restraining order equal police they're telling me after drive away in a car I don't have title to 10 minutes later. The lock change happened eight months after I moved in putting them in control of all of my valuables and at the time my two still living rabbits

worse yet when the mold pro was hired it was confirmed to be at least in 19 year old problem in other words decisions they made finishing their house when I was in elementary school created the reason I got sick living in St cloud because cosmos cat who we had had since 2001 got sick in 2016 and I was busy as hell but every moment I could I managed to drive down there which was usually at night and I usually end up sleeping on the basement floor next to him November2018 a full 11 months after the mold guy confirmed there was a problem 1500 sq ft of carpet and pad come out of the basement 50x8 ft of moldy wall and the deck from the other side at grade

So in other words Maple Grove if you can poison someone and leave them no options then tell them you're their landlord despite the state recognizing oral leases and services for rent Maple Grove Police b

i actually was pretty sure mold first made me sick at their house in 2014 between work and a major concussion then working longer hrs than i ever have only to bite off more work. ... blanked it out.

i shouldnt have worked a day in my life. 

maple grove police have allowed them to take everything ive ever earned. things other people entrusted and owned or paid for to have paid projects completed. so with it they take my credibility. then the refusal to address the mail fraud... i hadent missed a credit payment 2006 to 2017. paul and marlene plus maple grove pd is a deadly combo, luckily hennepin county is here to carry out the threat marlene started in 2014 to get me medicated for my delusions of their real mistakes that made a really moldy house

asically make them your slave or they can walk away from everything while the other party is opening mail signing their name doing crime after crime overlooked crimes that affect one's ability to ever get out of a dependent situation

if Maple Grove would like to clarify I'd be all yours at what level do you have to pay to have the right to violate laws commit felonies against someone poison them I'm sure the turpent parents if they're ever paroled would love to know too


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