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Maple Grove Police perspective

 Aug 2019 Maple Grove police 

12100 block of Main St. — There was a report of theft. Officer responded and found adult female had taken a bottle of wine from restaurant and attempted to leave the scene. The suspect was arrested for theft and trespassed from the business.

Yet Paul and Marlene Wuethrich In Maple Grove  can steal 6.3k in services file dozens of false police reports, police assistance with 0 notice lock change eviction 8 mo after I moved in and still enforce parents destroying almost every bit of property I have ever worked for or been given by anyone...since aug 2018. Also 2 assults and an attempted murder .

Mail ,fraud ,check faud, violation of FCC part 97. And then other things that I don't understand as well but even when the obvious ones are ignored what's the Hope or what's the chances that even if I understood it it would matter but there appear to be lies about using the legal system for conspiring with another party to harm another with the system. As far as I've seen police won't give them a slap on the wrist

They have even stolen or held on to my ID. 6 months of the year in the lease they force in St cloud they had either all secondary forms of ID or as they filed theofps they had taken my driver's license by driving up to St cloud and taking it from the car.

9 months of that year were spent on a task they made impossible and they created the need for remediate our moldy car for all your stuff goes away including threatening Bonnie rabbit's ashes and Clyde rabbit would still be alive if police didn't help decide that I was in an empty apartment with a sick rabbit period both rabbits happen to be my friends I've had them since 2007 they're also technically pstd companion therapy animals.

You want to talk f****** rackets what's the point of allowing that or having an override for that if someone can harm them the same someone who is responsible for your pstd which hasn't been a problem for a long time there was a lot of anxiety when I first Left 4 North Dakota. It took about 10 years to figure anything optimal out even though I worked in between even though I was going to school in between there was a lot I had to learn about myself that I could not have possibly done in there house most of that requires well more than three folding tables and empty kitchen with Clyde in the freezer.

I shouldn't have to explain that once to anyone. But instead all of the police involved act like it wouldn't phase them at all or subsequent thefts or forced labor while police prevent me from even getting a full face respirator that I already owned from etching circuit boards. the type of personal protection equipment that would be ideal for having to remediate mold.

Officer Hanson is probably the worst offender I'm telling him a single ham radio that you guys have been allowing them to hold on to with all of my stuff which is something they're not supposed to have without a license I am the only licensed member of the family but that's probably civil even though the value is $1,000 one single item being destroyed as I type this rather transcribe.

Worse yet as predicted and because budget was made to be estimated but not actually delivered even though I said there's prerequisites to being able to even hope to do this job it's not a good use of my time it's dangerous it'll contaminate the apartment especially if I don't have a place to change clothes between working on it and entering the living space. I said transfer the title I will sell it scrap it whatever and literally got laughed at by my dad who then said you think you could figure out buying or selling a car period so anything I did get back when on the floor in there which further complicated cuz the only defense at that point is vacuum your ass off and run filters for the air but I have taken apart my filter when they stole the miter saw period when I say my filter I had adapted a $200 air mover that I had bought with part of the money I made from doing a web server for a company. I adapted it to take in each bed filter I was in the process of adapting it to take a bigger age fat filter which was a somewhat destructive process because I had part of a frame that I made and I needed to make it bigger I needed my compound miter saw to cut that period so not only do they make sure my space is contaminated they take the tools that I bought in 2009 that saw the welder that I bought with money my grandma on my dad's side or his mom left me and the computer I built actually I had built 34 clients for paying companies and homes by age 22 period which is insult to injury because they got $6,300 of IT services in the 8 months I lived there in 2018

But the really offensive part is after filing the OFPs after the court date neither Maple Grove nor St cloud will allow a report that includes Paul and Marlene came to St cloud and stole a felony amount from my garage.

The solution that I should drive from a town they stuck me in an hour and a half without traffic to family Court every time they want to steal anything from me is insane

Anything given back has been covered in black mold and aspergillus.

They also knew I had to move out when they filed those ofps because the landlord 4 to 6 months into the forced lease was not happy about having to clean that in the garage to the point where they're busting in without notice and tried to evict the garage.

I would be homeless right now if not 4 covid.

They have taken everything that even they are now recorded admitting I have earned above minimum wage for a long time with period that they would ever lie is obscene because the first company I ever did a website for pay for was a company that my dad frequented period I was like 13 years old. Then I was working for a company that does software for labor unions at like age 15. I started regularly doing small business and home it support in 2004 at age 16. The first client I picked up I got by biting to the coffee shop and putting a card I had made in 9th grade screen printing and photography on the bulletin board where you could post either services or help wanted that sort of thing. Three person accounting office that those churches and nonprofits the owner gives me a call I maintain that plant for 10 years. so either Paul and Marlene paid no attention to anything or the fact that I had normal for my age jobs from AIDS from the end of age 15 up until I left for NDSU which was mainly my dad pressing the issue period I had realized at that point I have an $11 an hour telemarketing position. it also paid commission if you met quota and the home loans cleared because the commission was part of the profit the company made on the home loan refinance. Doesn't take much of a percentage for that to be a big check and the two I got were period even the base pay was a good pay this 2005 and 2006. I started doing it support for that three-person CPA office in 2004 the first time I showed up was $50 for the first hour 25 an hour after. I had four businesses and two dozen homes that were regular clients in 2006. I realized that a good thing going but I was told if I don't go to NDSU right away the money I've been told they had saved and I had heard about my entire life would go away and I better be able to pay for it myself. That said I still managed to maintain most of those clients as semi-regulars the first one I ever got the CPA office I had until age 26.

Paul and Marlene take zero accountability for their actions including if that's murder or leaves me on the street. I have the recording of Paul in 2018 telling me he needs control because he wants control two times he's told me he literally owns me Marlene tried to push me over a railing while I was living there at Max two weeks after threatening to push me down the same staircase. this is nasty this is destruction this is basically slavery because I have zero protections what's even the expectation that one can escape this situation if another can touch their money by forging their signature by forging it on documents they open from mail address to the other adult opening the mail I'm not listening it again it's up above but this is absolutely insane

Adding the mold which my primary care doctor told me to get away from in 2018 . And there's really no reason to see what would probably be the 12th doctor over the same issue because think of it this way have you ever gotten say athlete's foot and applied lamisol then thought that you can now walk around gym showers for the rest of your life? No because it doesn't work that way period but instead of even being able to maintain basic health to cook on the cookware that I bought having lived in apartments since 2007 with money I made I can't even eat the diet that I had to teach myself to cook and eat which also would save money.

but as I was getting that there also immune system factors. They are so insanely hellbent on being lethal they literally stole a bottle of vitamin D3 I haven't been outside for more than like a day or a few hours of a day in probably 5 years during the summer I worked my ass off for what I should have never worked in a day in my life if nothing matters

This is bioterrorism

Worse yet I had a baby tooth had probably 15 years ago guy but it had no adult tooth under it it was wedged between 2 December 2017 is when that came out I was told not to wait more than 6 months and to get a dental implant . Insurance doesn't cover that that's $5,000

There's no way to work myself out of this hole I am highly likely already disfigured for life with more in store if not death and disease or rather disease and death because if your dead disease doesn't matter so much. Yet last night when I realized maybe I haven't been explicitly clear there was a theft after the ofps I tried to call Hennepin county dispatch which ended up being the sheriff but I believe from previous attempts that's actually the same especially at night. And she seemed wonderfully helpful the lady who answered the officer who answered I'm not sure if the call center is officers or not but the person who answered period except instead of any reports being filed any actual progress I get a call from St cloud Police who act like they want to put me on another emergency medical hold

well you can let them commit up to felony level and with malice acts for the rest of your short slave life or you can end up in a mental ward

This is f****** disgusting

Problems I could have seen a hundred miles away like I cannot have one key to a car and be 45 minutes from any other key. One time my welder fried the transponder the other time while having to disconnect it from the keychain to run the car's ventilation system while doing the forced remediation the forced labor under threat to everything mine including bunny rabbits ashes her remains were sent addressed to me during the 6 months I was bounced between five hotels three cities in a mental ward 14 total hotel rooms due to short bookings addressed to me at Paul and Marlene's 8043 lanewood Lane Maple Grove Minnesota address made on the top line I'm not sure if the younger officers. F*** it I don't want to be offensive what I do want to say is I know NDSU after I took sometime off to try to figure myself out and yes you was teaching how to address letters. But the top line is where a name goes. At least August 2019 when I drove down there might have been October or November I'm sure the report would say if they even made one tell me they can open anything that goes to their address which is partially true when I look it up you can open it by mistake you can't hold it you can't keep it you can't take someone's documents outside their name on it

And it's beyond cruel to hold on to let alone threaten Bonnie's ashes

They do this while ensuring I starve and I'm exposed to something I'm both allergic to and has potential to be toxic and or invasive period which is usually opportunistic except the conditions they've created would deplete anybody's immune system

For a year and a half or somewhere around that length after August 2018 my parents changed the lock I've been made to even drive away from public property outside of their house in a car I don't have title to with all of my property in their house it doesn't matter it's being destroyed it doesn't matter if I try to make multiple reports officer Hansen has demonstrated he will humor me to the point where you will even ask clarifying questions or feign misunderstanding but then at the end he'll reiterate what he's putting on the report and it's almost nothing. On the last day that a hotel was booked before the forced lease started actually the day of checkout my dad wanted the tea back for the rental car without me having any cash that I had one savings bond I would have had to deposit but hey it wasn't negative 11 and I didn't have a car the moment I gave the rental key. I told him f*** off first politely I said no that you've shown me no reason to trust you eventually he's still pounding on the hotel room door so I told him to f*** off next knock I get there's like four Maple Grove police officers outside the hotel room door

if you go a few pages back on this blog I believe I have the audio posted where officer Hansen and explicitly denies that about a year later or it could have been the another officer that answered one day period it was within a day or two both calls were made

This was my apartment end of 2015 or beginning of 2016 until end of 2017. My parents have never helped me set up an apartment either. All of that is on the third floor by the way. The TV hanging there was something that was left by a former coworker at the office supply store. If you can fix it it's yours, the power company paid me for a new one . It had a blown bulk filter cap. It took longer to unscrew it as in the casing around the TV and the board than it did to fix it . Actually it had a fuse blown to both and the correct amperage I might add fuse and capacitor were sourced from HP laptop power supply that I had had sitting cracked open for probably 6 years. I skipped and saved everything I could every corner I could they'll accuse me of having all these toys but almost everything I bought at any point was for some learning or usable for income through services purpose.

Here's me during the period on the Ofps that they claim I was acting erratically I should pull that cat design that I made that's a circuit board cat file or design and a picture of... I forget because I haven't been able to touch it for like a year and a half but I think it was well over 500 components laid out on that board do you know the levels of concentration that takes? Do you know how bad that position on that bed in the 10x10 room I was told my mom was my landlord of. But how bad I mean ergonomically speaking how bad for your eyes when every time you leave that room you're attacked. Unless of course they want either help on their computer or something about their computer changed or upgraded and when I say their..
That's somewhat sarcastically because one of their computers the one in the basement is spare parts from when I upgraded and from having done it support and consulting including building custom computers since 2004. a lot of people don't want to be bothered to drive something to tech recycling so they just ask if you want it.. I never charged labor for them . They talked this huge number which they've made sure through illegal acts I have no or very little way to confirm I don't even have a printer at the moment. what I can say for sure is their claims about every month since are absolutely insane. There were times I would not have made rent had I not been working. There were years where nothing was given in the form of spending money I'm not going to say exactly anything because the ability to look that up and make an accurate statement and or exactly how much I earned is being destroyed or non-existent due to aforbmentioned above... Put on top of that if you did market rate for everything I've ever done for them tech wise including even converting Marlenescurriculum she used to teach nursing at the college of St Catharines to PowerPoint from overhead. I would bet that between just the service is rendered without that it's probably pretty break even for any number they have claimed to have given me. But then there's the fact that at the time I did that for her she couldn't be bothered to turn a computer on or learn how. How much income she made from the teaching position I'm not claiming I'm in any way entitled to any of it but without being able to keep that job through the digital transition what would they have lost income wise I can't tell you for sure what she made because I don't know. What I can say is if I was valued as external organizations have been as business law teaches me I would be entitled to bill for it I would say I owe them nothing they have taken everything I ever rightfully earned and even things other people gave me including everything they have ever given me. What they keep giving me is early death and inability to escape this situation

None of this should need explaining if you can't figure out that well it usually takes the court order for custodialship or guardianship to sign another adult's name legally or to make decisions requiring a signature contract decisions for another adult
That mail is protected for a reason
That check fraud is protected fromany reasons.

Or maybe have the thought that these laws actually protect an adult's ability to maintain autonomy...

Let alone theft of physical ID and I don't have the resources to check if my credits been screwed but I know from just their actions in preventing me from having work in the past 3 years except for what I was able to squeeze in by insane effort which all got spent on their mold problem but my credit's hosed either way what I'm trying to say is I don't know if my ID has been stolen in the traditional sense I would like to. I don't even have a desk despite the fact that I built three of them and owned another one I don't have a printer despite the fact that that CPA office when they decided to work from their homes probably 5 years into that relation the owner asked me if I wanted the ricco 3 tray work group capacity laser printer. In other words not a cheap machine. I owned three other printers as well

Instead I get literal forcrd starvation attempted murder in the physical assault way attempted murder continuing through poisoning for a problem they caused with their house when I was in elementary school period for a problem I first theorized was making me sick in 2014 where I intended to stay one month at their house end up having them take keys and a mini version of this saying I'm too crazy to leave period in January 2018 the mold inspector they hired to prove me wrong did exactly the opposite period it wouldn't be until November 2018 that they paid to have the problem removed period yet at that point all of my valuables went into the third garage stall. They'd be damaged by the moisture alone but having collected all that mold spores from a lot of it being in their basement it's basically saying we're going to let it all be destroyed and anything you get back will be used to further make you sick

I showed officer Hansen a picture of the car I was forced to labor on January 2020 and he tells me I didn't see that put the phone away

if I were to scrape black mold in aspergillus that was still alive into an envelope and send it to the elected officials maybe with an SD card of that recording...

I'm old enough to remember anthrax in the mail I don't think that go well for me

why is it someone can threaten everything I have ever made commit multiple felony level acts maliciously but trying to even get a report on file last night or the night before instead the police give me the runaround and make it appear as if I'm going to end up in a mental hospital again

Dead from malicious Acts from incest abduction destruction and abuse or a mental ward some justice

I'm starting to see why or potentially why the male suicide rate is 3 to 4 times that of females. I've also uncovered that their federal grants for certain arrests and courts or charges related to violence against women. Usually where there's a financial incentive without third party oversight especially ethics goes by the wayside.

As the potential of police misconduct and liability and I suppose it's far better if I end up dead as far as the city and state are concerned period if I end up mental ward then insurance pays private organization and even if it's State insurance it's still moving money around from cost buckets for funding allocations in possibly favorable way

But August 2019 they arrest a woman for stealing a bottle of wine? Come on


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