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The City Of Maple Grove MN and Maple Grove Police

the city of Maple Grove Minnesota. A quiet suburb where police help force labor, steal fellony level amounts of personal properth repeatedly and once in Services. 

thinking of moving to Maple Grove MN? I'd advise anyone to take a look at this blog and my oppinion expressed on it. especially if section 8 is your intent. mine wasn't. the police don't seem to play by stated rules though. it's a bit bait and switch only its more like they masturbate to participating in your murder while standing over you with a switch 

MN's Maple Grove is also a city where a mother can get police backing for assaulting an adult son. it just won't make the report. 

Minnesota's police take play ground bully to a new level. Maple Groves Police help a parent steal and hold onto their adult sons bike. 

Along with everything earned over 16 years of working and anything ever given by anyone. 

gota keep that mother employed covering newborns in aspergilis at children's st paul even if it means the sons Saftey, security and privacy along with heart beat are terminated. 

Maple Grove MN a city police continue to enforce fellony level thefts and poisoning 

torture conditions with presistant poisoning and pstd companion thearapy animal in freezer. 

even when Oct or Nov 2019 I got to maple Grove to tell the police I have evidence of police reports being used as weapons/false reports being made. i had moved to maple Grove Jan 2018 lock change eviction Aug 2018. since that time police have forced me to drive away from all of my assets and personal property under lock and key in a car I don't have title to that in itself poses a threat to life. 

but have no fear hennepin county 4th district is here. March 2020 Paul and Marlene having forced a lease in st cloud for me.. aka I signed at an apt they picked under threat and duress Feb 2019... March knowing I have been given notice to vaycate at lease end from still empty apt in sterns.. Paul and Marlene file ofps in Hennepin. 

between that period I'm hearing police tell me repeatedly things like "you can't file theft you gave them your things moving out" 

I find this case particularly interesting in this regard. 

Safstrom v. Morin, No. A15-1879 (Minn. Ct. App. September 19, 2016) (UNPUBLISHED) (Repeated 

yelling taking place on another’s property and in front of minor children were sufficient to prove harassment)

also I find it ingesting that when I drove to as the bar association hotline suggested "communicate to police your parents are unreliable witnesses"... even if police didn't want to end up liable for potential missconduct.. or anything along those lines.. 

that would have been a great moment to at least comunicate there are options like hro and ofp. 

instead two parents who have met every bit of what ofp defines as stalking harrasment threats... now have them over me and continue to make me jump hoops endangering my life and destroying my personal property. 

while police enable Marlene and Paul to hold onto mail open mail sign my name on contracts and even a check from mail. another parcel of held mail is my other therapy companion animal Bonnie rabbit. 

Minnesota attorney General Keith Ellison says in MN we prosecute folks who steal from people

in my experiance the ag's words could not be more hollow. 

the aclu also rates mn a D- on its civil asset forfiture laws. ie in MN we steal from folks with out a charge or conviction. 

you detain and violate victims. the police do everything they can save for a few officers... everything they can to ensure someone is a head case for life in a place like riverside or job security for the coroner mortician or person hitting the button on the furnace

jobsecurty for all because many men would turn this life experiance into a reason to abuse women or people around them in general. 

many women are abusive as it gets.. point is its a cycle and substitute teach mis andere is a false attribution even if she wants to rub your sore knees. 

it's a bit of a joke that ends with Heil Hitler or the son of the Hennepin County Sheriff arrested for DUI parked outside of his Maple Grove home. 

The joke is ignoring everything that creates suicide, dependency, dibilitating depression, personality disorders and claiming the laws to enable 3 to 5 day detainment in a medical facility are about anything other than enticing large Healthcare corps to stay in MN by police and court tossed funding/bones. above and beyond what other states offer by tax cuts. 

(along the lines of reason in this quote.. what made me sick was mold due to decisions they made when I was in elementary school and Jr high. they played general contractor hiring people to finish their basement. also decisions in not dealing with it even after a professional confirmed the issue was real. more generalized and absent from the larger discussion though : it seems the states and police are going to further and further lengths to take power and avoid liability at the same time. that's never been a good combo in the past. it is likely causal in a lot of what blm is upset over. mn policy states that parents are not responsible for the wellbeing of their Ault children but in practice it seems to be executed as parents can get away with murder of their adult children while the relation will also continue to hold power in accusations but only from parent to offspring and not the other way around. I try to make critisim constructive.. this is the basis of someone of why I say move to maple Grove if you want to heed the culling) 

when the police won't allow reports of fedral, to local fellony level laws violated but will take you from a hotel where you worked all day to 3 days of detainment in a mental ward. but show 0 concern their actions killed your therapy animals. Heil Hitler might be an understatement. 

that's not just my reasoning either. The American Psychiatric association knows that there are causal links between what I discussed and what I stated the outcome is

abuse is a cycle or if maple Grove pd gets a hard on for you abuse is life 

on the plus side its going to be short 

here's something I was working on in the basement room I first cleaned out as to mold pros instructions. the device my hand goes to is a capacitive discharge resistive spot welder. it's not just any cd welder, I designed the circuit board, built the hardware to do UV lithography and board etching, then made a working prototype with tools I made to make it. I also programed the microprocessor that runs it. aka everything on laptop screen(the black and white text) is output from lines of code I wrote to make the device run and accept adjustments. 

here's me testing a nickel tab welded to the like. usualy you weld tab to lithium ion cell to construct packs. I went tab to tab because I was dialing in the machine I made.. and it's quite capable of blowing a hole instead of welding.. in the intrest of not turning notoriously volitile cell Chem wrapped in metal into a mini grenade or pipe bomb and also releasing poision gas I thought it was wi to test strip to strip at first. 

this type of welding is the industry standard for making lithium ion battery packs. a machine usualy costs 3k.

I'm not trying to brag or toot my own horn, on the ofps they claimed that during the 8mo at their house I was acting irrational. in reality I identified the mold problem 2013 and forgot about it. moving back In they hired an expert to prove me wrong.. woops. 

during the period of the next 8 mo every time I turn around my keys are missing and something mine or someone else paid for expecting a product returned is basicly like it has its own legs. aka Paul and Marlene with the car keys Marlene with everything else. this stuff with its own legs either matched into the moldy basement onto the carpet. or into the trash, outside the garage in rain and snow. 

or I turn around because my mom is behind me yelling I'm delusional, she will get me medicated for my delusions. the mold is in my head. which attention to detail she later wanted me medicated for my anger. 

some people do very much have anger problems. I'm not one of them. I experiance anger but don't take it out on living beings. she threatened to push me down the stairs one day for pointing out she was throwing out my things

about 2 weeks later she's trying to push me over the railing to the same staircase while I'm barefoot on wet tile floor. then when I get us away from the railing she's screaming you bastard I brought you into this world I can take you out. (intent much? ) Paul call the police! then they both scream leave. 

if anyone bothered to check I don't have a criminal record. why do we pay 3 letter agencies to develop behavioral analysis and train agents when local courts and some police seem to go hand in hand washing each other's hands in the apparent intrest of jobsecurity and or profit. 

how reasonable is it to say every time someone steals a felony amount you have to have the money to drive to a court an hr and a. half away... why so far? they stole all your things and forced you to sign a lease under threat. then stole again after 9mo of forcing labor on their things... 

the other reason the videos are here is Paul trys to tell me things like I don't know how to change a tire for 2 weeks after I changed it the day it went flat. 

when I moved back to their house I had been making circuit boards for contract and doing board level repairs as well as it stuff. 

he takes apart their vaccum to try to fix it. breaks it then blames me for having to buy a new one. 

this is the level of sickness to expect from law enforcement or rather what they support in maple Grove MN.
if maple Grove police haven't considered the possibility of monetizing the neutralization of competition for large Industries... 

you can still help steal people's bikes and profit even more.. have at er. or for all I know this is part of it. I find that less likely than alternatives. the reality for many reasons is akin to a black box.. aka the why behind the actions. best one can do is asses probabilities. I'd love to not have to but April 2020 Paul and Marlene stole again and police won't allow it on a report despite felony amount. aka get over it.. well I'm still dealing with their mold and I can't get over them coming and taking from me when it is periodic but continues. usually when others actions violate the law and esp when they endanger life.. people called police are entrusted with power to stop others actions. 

I have to wonder if maple Grove and or some portion of mn police have figured out that dependent on wealth of indivigual the course of action best for state and department might be allow the party with more time and financial means to endanger to kill the victim but in most cases the victim or potential "it puts the lotion on its skin" reciprent acts as humans do when life is threatened.. but mn civil law or criminal law applied selectively... Ie mfg the harm that creates the violation

less liability for police, some ability to court order revenu for even corps.. sometimes fedral grants. 

no worries it's not an officer robbed blind and starved or subjected to incestuous life threatening abuse assult degradation poverty and homelessness...right? 🤮

Maple Grove police : "it's not illegal to say you own someone" which came shortly after "if we put that on record we might be liable" shortly is same meeting and a time scale of min 

good think that when the police break law to put you under a 3 to 5 day abduction the Dr at least has oversight and objective criteria.. not like we've also legalized drugging abducties for gain of said Dr right? I don't know that's what happened but that ie entirely legal and as per the objective part even people who created the DSM have critivised it to walked away to been booted for wanting to adress that issue both procedurarely and ethicly. 

my apt before rapel Grove pd assisted in what will likely be a murder 

after rape full Grove police. I emailed the chancler of the Reich back before I was frustrated to the level of semi sarcastic titles and before covid hit. the mayor of Maple Grove MN has to this day not responded. 

a vps(server for a companies website) I set up for pay during my period renting in Mae Grove MN. period before the 0 notice lock change eviction. 

the car Marlene Wuethrich was driving to children's on st paul. the image at the top of the site is from the same car while I was forced to labor on it for 9mo

Maple Grove MN (rape full Grove) a great place to cul home. if mere residence isn't enough fulfillment for your life culling then pick up the phone and dial +1 763-494-6100 (maple Grove non emergency police) 
for folks that will enhance your culling desires. but remember for emergency culling assistance dial 911

Daniel Defoe and later Ben Franklin might have been right but I don't think they were talking about how murderesota seems to have taken it. 

Behind the downpost/seat belt trim in marlenes ride to childrens then forced labor 
And poisioning mobile 

At their maple grove residence 2018

Bonnie doesn't get as much posting as Clyde. In large part because the computer stolen from my garage april 2020 is needed to recover all my photos dating back to 2003.

Also stole was my mig welder and compounf miter saw making it at min a 1000 dollar theft 

If I understand correctly Keith Ellison, MN's Attorney General was dfl and union backed 

I can't help but wonder if the police federation and seiu being part of ctw and my dad having a 25 year position at seiu local 284 as their VP has anything to do with what I'm experiencing or if I read correctly ...

No charges stuck for the Mpls officers? After the ag personaly took the case?

I consider myself dead already anyway. 

here's what I need for any stability or recovery/ moving past the current life endangering situation they force


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