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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Marlene Wuethrich Goes into childrens shifts drunk

 at least once ive seen it. but heres today's call


note: she wants to pry into interment details of my banking situation. on top of that  if you check the video of the partially forwarded nmail she has opened any envelope that looks like it might contain a card. 

also what i mean by nasty incest shit is even in recorded calls shes noted saying "why do you want to talk to him cause you have him warped around your little finger?", at their house "im going to make you suffer for taking my time with my husband", meanwhile Paul " I need control because i want control" both "I Get what i want when i want"

police and courts set up like salem in the 1600s.... what could go wrong?


More so Minnesota did the Minnesota starvation experiment in 1944 results concluded that it might take up to 2 years to recover from the sort of starvation that Marlene and Paul forced during the year before filing the ofp period during the year and a half that it was 6 months 5 hotels a mental ward and then Force Lisa St cloud that is still mostly an empty apartment with nothing in the cupboards But Clyde rabbit in the freezer they pretended to lose body rabbits ashes they threatened to get rid of all of my things if I didn't do their car for 9 months do as in they made snow blow through it right before the lease started

meanwhile Maple Grove Police are forcing me to drive away from public property outside of their house. Everybody acts like gas doesn't cost money on unlimited budget anyway a budget they set which they first made me make a budget for having to clean their car then they made sure I did not meey it even when I earned two grand externally.

this is right after I realized the hotel might have surveillance footage of him stuffing snow in the vents out of their basement 11 months after it was detected came 50 ft of wall 1500 square feet of carpet and pad and then the deck came off the other side of that wall it was no small problem. It was also determined to date back to at least 2001

I told them that would spread them all to the apartment eventually and sure as hell it did. they picked a place that sits at 50 to 60 or higher percent humidity I've seen it 70 on days I haven't ran water . Marlene has a masters in nursing I'm sure she doesn't need me to tell her that relative humidity that high is no good for fungal infections let alone growth of any kind even in the environment. That was also the car she was driving to children's in St Paul.the washing machine broke about a month after they got rid of it 9 months in . She says on the phone call that they gave me the address they gave me the address knowing already that I had 30 days to vacate the lease they forced because of having to clean that damn mold car here. I have them recorded back to February 2019 saying they know it's packed to the ceiling and my dad offers to pay someone and I've explained this a billion times elsewhere and one of the sick games they play is repeat how we're going to tell you we're not hurting you even know we're hurting you then we might sit silent for 30 seconds maybe we might hang up or we'll make false promises with no intent to keep up using the police and lies there too to keep you from all of your things

I wouldnt doubt she gets compliance from my dad by threatening false police reports on him. 

the system seems in every way set for abuse. 

especially when police doge allowing reports amended or created by suggesting emergency medical holds 


note it wasnt the seemingly kind dispacher it was the return call linked on that page. 


Minnesota manufactures the reason it will lock you up either in jail or a medical facility and or the reason you are found dead when police refuse even taking reports of repeated torture and terror one side with forced labor and theft of 16 years earned property and everything ever given by anyone. 

here's the list I refer to in the beginning of the recording or some point before she actually answers


Immediately I need to eat though nothing gets better repeatedly starving me nothing gets more efficient repeatedly starving me especially not in a location where I don't have any of the things I have bought with money I have earned since 2004 or for apartment since 2007

I have evidence they were the ones who stole everything from my garage April 2020. It's not like they filed restraining orders and wanted to be done they came and stole a felony amount four times they have emptied out cars in between August 2018 and now . They distract people with big numbers. I have only ever wanted one car from them they have destroyed three of them the first car they gave me back when I was 16 they also took away and replaced while I literally said no I'm happy with this car

it's worth noting I haven't had and still don't have the title to any of them I get fancy things to look at will they destroy everything I actually earned

I started making $50 the first hour 20 an hour after in 2004 at age 16 doing small business IT consulting by the time I graduated high school I had four regular small businesses two dozen homes I also had a telemarketing job making $11 an hour with commission on top of that

In 2019 in this hellhole torture cell they picked out I went 30 days hungry

I don't even have a coat and of the cars they empty they took the ice scraper this is Minnesota this is a risk to my life in every way there is

better part of 8 years I lived alone in North Dakota they tried to paint it as if I am a child who has never left the home and nothing could be further from the truth . I saved their home. I detected that problem in 2014 I meant to stay there a month they kept me there saying I'm too crazy to leave and it turned into six or more it was so traumatic I blanked it out

They have and probably by now have destroyed the records I've kept since 2004 period but top of my head one client hardware not counting the hourly not counting me on-site support but between 2005 and start of 2010 would have equal about 5300 just in profit on custom built PCs. I believe it was summer of 2009 three small business websites netted around $7,000 and I was doing support that summer as well but that's just the websites. there's been a lot more work than that I'm just giving this as an example of how much I earned through skills they had no ability to teach me. I had a girlfriend that summer working 40-hour weeks if not more I ended up making more than she did for that summer well they told me I didn't have a real job and needed to find a real job. when you're going to school for computer science anything that involves coding and pays is a real job. I wrote the server side PHP backend that powered those sites it ended up getting me an internship with NDSU a paid internship which was also necessary to graduate

actually with that in mind and as I discussed on an earlier post when I gave an estimate of how much they're holding on to of my things or how much they're destroying to this day that police help them steal and destroy between credit and stuff paid for in cash it's probably more like $40,000. You make that again at minimum wage. They've taken things to destroy my reputation they've taken things to destroy my credit they've moved me around physically for 2 years under threats and then just file ofps they get their house fixed they get $6,300 labor on their computers their Network and I say that somewhat sarcastically because who do you think built those computers? Yeah me. Maple Grove Police basically will help put you six feet under if you lie to them with malice in your heart and want to harm someone

St cloud Police will cover their back

The other thing you might not readily think about is with how little I've had a safe car to drive no matter what's true or false about the number that I can show is a lie that they claim to give me they also said the cost of everything by limiting transportation limiting what I have on hand versus what I need. It does not get easier if you starve someone repeatedly and if you lie to them on top of it about when they're going to get certain things of theirs back period when you're also threatening their things intermittently you are causing terror for that person

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