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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Minnesota and 5-year plans

 Do you live in Minnesota? How about the greater twin cities area?

Do you have a 5-year plan? Does it include contingencies for the police repeatedly protecting someone who tried to kill you who is signing over checks and your name deciding money already in your name where it goes opening your mail sign in your name is another adult without legal custodial ship?

Does your 5-year plan include absolutely no assistance from law enforcement and contingencies to replace anything stolen at any moment? Can you ship money? Is learning how on your 5-year plan?

You might need to work on it or move to another state if not. But plan on 5 years of mandatory reeducation for not I guess having moved? 🤮😂

Sometimes in conditions may apply. Owning a person has no terms in this state. See your local witch accuser for details or don't doesn't matter if they own you.on both sides of Minnesota and great Nation of the United States have outlawed the contract for indentured seritude.

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