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Friday, October 2, 2020

Minnesota Human Rights

 This is probably making Gobbels proud. 

It's called the Human Rights act except a better title would be a discriminatory anti-discrimination act. As is it seems to imply that in Minnesota human rights include some demographics are protected from some forms of discrimination.

 But as far as I can see there's no protection against discrimination in prosecution criminal or civil level

there's also no guarantee in this state that any crime has to be investigated or discrimination in repetitive crimes being investigated

So logically we have a legal framework that if they don't want you to have justice you might starve to death with out the means to escape. 

(Cue the tool: who's they?)

Act now and if correctly insurance coded your mn hospital can recover vivid relief funding.

Oh you could just get a job but what good does that do you if someone can take everything you earn? Are there not things someone could take that would make maintaining any employment difficult ?

In this legal framework there is no guarantee of protection or justice from any one time or repetitive crime against you .

You can starve to death

With or without the police taunting you.

And that might be fine I can't tell the state what to do or what not to do. I can say morally speaking is repugnant and that's mainly because of the level they go to to make you feel as if you're entitled to protection and you have it.

In other news tomorrow John was found with 10 shots to center mass from behind The death was ruled a suicide. Or potentially 50 lb of every drug found in suicide victims apartment. Insert any other hard to actually prove easy to create social dislike crime here with or without suicide

The Kennedy word choice probably isn't helping 😂

Do u think the concept of political prisoners really went away?

Insert some paid or idiotic news commentator commentator here in general claiming that this is a persecution complex

No this is the suggestion of possible outcomes not even implying it will happen hell maybe I just starve to death

if you want a complex of persecution though boy have I got to state for you. No no it's not occupied Poland and 1944 summer camp. It's Minnesota 2020

Other other fake news: Shire Corp announced they will be funding a summer camp in Minnesota for children and adults with attention problems.  It's said to feature lavish spa facilities. IBM has confirmed they will fully furnish camp computer labs.

Wonder what they would call that? 

If you are wondering how this relates to cluster b disorders. I strongly believe the mindsets required to allow the above trace back to the traits of npd and aspd. I also deposit that people with BPD would be the perfect enablers

Even if not taken to the extreams mentioned above, as is the law is full of holes that create the ability to hold someone as a virtual slave 

Women and Blacks might actually have it better because popular opinion tends to limit what leaders can excusebor get away with. 

For women there are federal grants that create financial incentive to prosecute certain crimes against women.

But I find it really sad that we can't actually protect people in this state or in this nation. There seems to be this human concept that's a delusion of our own creation they're always has to be a loser. F****** Neanderthals.

Ironically I just saw an article yesterday that that might make you more susceptible to covid. Or rather if long ago your ancestors got freaky with them.

I know.. that was pretty insensitive to the Neanderthals probably justifies overlooking my murder and all crimes against me 😂

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