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Minnesota Police Allow Destruction of Evidence

 You could argue it isn't a crime because they were free to not investigate it;

there for it hasn't been declared evidence.

So evidence can't be destroyed.

You should also familiarize yourself with the program the UK called prism. It's none of my business what the US is doing other than I'm a citizen so. Still without details it's highly likely something of that extent it exists here

Why would you record everything if you're not looking for something you might be able to use as evidence at some point?

And even absent that information:

It logicly leads one to the conclusion there are likely more

 murders than the numbers indicate 

More rape

More molestation

More humans in bondage, indentured servitude and or slavery ...

Because we outlawed that it doesn't happen right ? 

Or because we don't allow it investigated ?

If a tyrant shits in the woods and makes 20 slaves clean it up it's not slavery because police won't respond right?

I should know.

type my last name in on one of those sites that tells you about the meaning of names. 


Rather I'm not that person that's my father

Funny how he was also for 25 years the VP of his SEIU local and claims to own me

But hey Maple Grove police have reassured me "it's not illegal to say you own someone"

After excusing opening and holding my mail and having endorsed my name on a check in mail to me. About a year into the year and a half pre oFP police enforced 0 notice lock change eviction.

A month after OFP trial neither St cloud nor Maple Grove gave a damn that $1k + was stolen from my garage by same parents still holding on to previous 16 years of earned assets and all keepsakes 

New suggested Moto for Maple Grove police :

Protect a father's right to steal his adult soons bike. No that's not like a playground bully.


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