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Minnesota police support torture crime and murder

 But they do so indirectly. By not allowing reports to even be made or by filtering the contents of reports they have created the ability to enslave people I often say unless I learn how to s*** currency and can do it faster than people can steal from me there Is no escape

More so, I've even made an effort to detail how constant forced shifting of priority is stress to anyone. How limiting nutrition and exercise impairs that on a physiological level like psychological and physical. How conditions I'm being subjected to through violations of several laws are poisionus and ...

Violations of several laws

That many of which on their own create risk of death. Exacerbate depression anything bad is being made inescapable to lethal. Meanwhile basic rights don't seem to exist. Minnesota considers theft of property to include more than real estate or what some law calls imaginary property. I understand now that an ironically named although apparently nothing to do with what it looks like case called slaughterhouse split and black and white judged that the federal government has no power to help or very limited. All I want is for this f****** hoodwink bamboozle swindle haw got em to end

I was being a productive member of society. I can also demonstrate that the demands forced labor forced via threats was completed. The labor demanded well at their house was labor that I had done in the past for pay a service I perform professionally for pay.

I also labored on their house to begin getting the mold problem under control when they were gas lighting that it even existed. after the mold pro had confirmed this

For this Maple Grove Police have granted them 16 years of things I earned everything anybody has ever given me.

Immunity from attempted murder and two other assaults mail fraud check fraud

Then they go to Hennepin 4th district say they feel threatened with 20 days left to vacate the apartment they forced because the landlord was unhappy with having to clean the f****** mold car here.

Meanwhile car has been broken down since March 6th when they filed for the ofps on March 11th . I was never given notice to vacate while living at their house period when I moved in my mom said I'm your landlord. 8 months later they changed the lock after I left for what was supposed to be at Max 2 weeks.

6 months in hotels but not one hotel. Three cities five hotels one mental ward probably 14 hotel rooms due to short bookings. The lock changed the end of the first week.

They say everything they can to make it sound like I've been given everything never worked for anything or then when I beat that down it becomes how much we've enabled or given or supported you period which is a lot closer to the truth for more than one reason nothing I accepted was taken. It was agreement it was a contract if you will. Paul has now even admitted he said he believes he owns me.

When I say it's closer to the truth it's because taking everything I've made from outside sources everything I made through hours work everything I made through my abilities through my self and somewhat paid for education although everything I was doing I demonstrated before I had any of that education so it's hard to argue that they enabled that either.

In fact Maple Grove Senior high had an A+ certification class. More so they wanted to. There was semester before me where it was taught but the same arrangement ended up happening period that arrangement was they only had a business educated teacher to do it. My grade in that class was was I prepared to teach the other students what I knew in line with what the book said was the unit of that day or what the teachers syllabus said. Every other class I was in front of it teaching. I even came up with assignments like can you get this pseudo virus off of the lab computers period it was a batch script that I made right itself into the boot every time it executed it rewrote itself into two places and if you failed to get both it would write itself back into two places the same two places but it was a mind game at the same time because you thought you deleted it from the first so when you find the second you might not remember to go back and check the first.

Paul and Marlene as far as I know have paid off that house last I checked and had a value of $430,000. 50 ft of moldy wall 1500 square feet of carpet and pad came out of the basement in November 2018. This was a problem I first tried to raise awareness of in 2014. The mold pro was first hired January 2018. He confirmed it was a problem as old as the carpet pad which was 2001.

On top of that I would never take credit or claim the ability to do what my mom does nursing professionally wise..

But as far as income generated from teaching at the college of St Catharines around that same year if not a little before they were hounding her to switch her curriculum to PowerPoint from overhead projector. She couldn't be bothered to learn how to turn on a computer at that point. I was the one who converted her college nursing slides to PowerPoints for her.

On top of 6,300 of IT services rendered in the 8 months between January 2018 and August 2018 I also began following the mold pros advice doing manual labor like ripping out the moldy basement trim.

I don't want to go dollar for dollar but to say that anything is justified by things they offered I did not steal.

And especially while ignoring they break the law to put me In harm's way they force labor by threats that are illegal they terrorize which I've made a case or found the medical evidence this all can cause brain damage death is worse and very probable when I had taught myself how to cook and live it took 10 years not living there to get over the s*** they do to me period not just that but to learn what I could not learn living there.

All of that is still being destroyed. I'm basically being held hostage because even after the ofps they came and stole $1,000 worth of equipment from my garage

they distract people with quantities and numbers that I have no way to verify I did I know how to verify these things I don't have a desk so much as a printer or the dual monitor setup I paid for. My laptop would be a dead laptop to most people. Water was spilled on it which took out the battery but with rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush the computer works again. I know what I'm doing I know there's better ways to do what I did as well they cost money period even the rubbing alcohol costs money I did not have the budget for. But with the battery dead and no desk I'm entering this on my phone because if I'm typing on the laptop and I move the power cord comes out and I'm looking at a black screen

But of things I can say they talk about five cars given to me. I never had title to any of them. I never wanted more than the first car period it was taken and replaced when I literally said no I like this car I'm happy with this car period that happened about my third year up at NDSU period that was part two . That one I did destroy. I had a massive concussion was working massive hours while going to school. A friend from France came. I knew it needed an oil change and I f***** up driving to MSP to pick her up and then back I actually bought oil to put in it because when I was given that car I was made aware it was leaking as well. exhausted and with the worst concussion in my life I forgot to put the oil in . I did f****** there. The next three well that actually includes the one I have right now but don't have title to they destroyed our or are ensuring are destroyed. by their mold problem. By their desire to watch me suffer trying to do a job I am not qualified for well they remove tools and starve me. I want to be dead right now this is sick

The police playing these games where they won't allow anything that looks bad for them on a report. Anything that might be threatening my life on a report. It turns it into a real-life horror movie. I can't snap my fingers and make money I can't snap my fingers and replace all of the kitchen stuff. I can't snap my fingers and live any amount longer that takes certain input like nutrition exercise balance. That's unlikely to be had at minimum wage. even if I got a minimum wage job right now that would require doing so in 3 week old clothing and the moment the eviction ban ends I'm likely out of this apartment on the street. That's not the only constraints though, my rabbit Clyde is in the freezer dead. I have need of a dental implant because I had a baby tooth that the long ago died but there was never an adult tooth under it it was stuck between two adult teeth and picked December 2017 to come out.

AKA right before I move back in to their house . That cost five grand I was told not to wait more than six months.

This is unreal this is it puts the lotion on its skin and it gets the hose again and then the court if not the corner

The only reason I'm not homeless right now is the eviction ban


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