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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Modernization of law

What I find kind of disgusting is when we learned everything we have in the past 100 years about the lack of differences in male and female brains at least in the higher functions the advanced part and blanking on it but not the primitive part there's no difference or it's very hard to find easier to find across personality types regardless of gender.

So it would seem to me that what psychology knows about abuse being cyclical. This focus on females and now expanding it so anyone can cry witch on anyone

Parent s in some states like Minnesota can basically screw their trial over screw their child over and kill them in aulthood

things like open systems theory should have taught us that position of power is not something just quid pro quo in the workplace. The UN recognizes that anybody can have it over anyone and that the police might end up creating it.

We know that especially past the age 25 the body's repair system breaks down what they're doing is literally condemning me for mistakes they made when I was in elementary school

They still all ability to do anything but refactor drive around aimlessly consider pointing at something solid.

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