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Murder Vs Death and What is harm? Where is Waldo? er Justice

Its rumored that late summer waldo hides in southern France and northern Spain the reason being a bit esoteric in nature and not for me to discuss here :D 

now that the tough one is out of the way, I've been dancing around the issue of the realization nothing in the US and especially Minnesota law obligates the police to do much of anything and there seems to be this disconnect between human basics such as:

  • food 
  • shelter 
  • fluids

and modern acquisition of them via currency. With police ive encountered it goes even deeper to the point that much in a narcissistic gaslight feign ignorance and make the person explain it like rocket science fashion... the likely gaslight is that things bought with money made in the past might be liquidated back to cash, Its readily apparent when you are separated from them and officers that run the entire range of the human experience may be standing between you and that zero notice separated personal property. 

Though I realize its not a good idea to assume you know another motivation. It could be some officers really do not see this connection. I bet if their stuff was stolen they would... cluster b is creeping in again with empathy sympathy and empathy malfunctions or feigned ignorance as gaslighting. Therse also the possiblity that because police here actually function more like a business... they may be waiting for a bigger crime and using the ignored ones to case build and evidence gather.  

but by ignoring certain crimes... like theft of id, it starts to get hard to make a legal income at all. ignore poisoning and well, you would hope the police ...oh wait most cases directly shooting a us citizen is paid leave dont hold your breath for accessory to murder through poisoning. 

which brings me to what is in a name? MN seems to be going towards intent matters little and crimes are explicitly defined. police can ignore even those that would impede you from being alive; let alone making civil court. civil court is often touted as an alternative route to justice... tell that to the dead person though. 

yo dead bro your family won your settlement... much like when i emailed the mayor of maple grove in jan 2020 id expect silence is the response.  

what im trying to say is maybe its moot and especially if no one cares (until its worse and then no ones there for them either). on the off chance anyone is awake:

take the case of mold. most mold is not toxic but the substances it produces are. if someone is intentionally exposing you to it, you would hope there would be a case for attempted murder. only time ive heard of poisoning recently though is with diplomats. apparently, the land of the free has 3 classes. elite, political and serfer... serfs down bro. it would appear the only hope my group has is making it to "family" court first and claiming we feel threatened. which i think is akin to calling the other person a witch because it would seem to then be a case where the burden is on the accused to prove they aren't a witch aka dint make the other person have feels. even then im not sure how effective this is. 

sterns county refused to serve the ofps that passed in my absence. i cant say why. When i showed up to my captors residence where my valuables are still being held and destroyed. it took 2 to 5 min longer than the longest maple grove pd response they had provided to that point. Through officer to officer conversation it was obvious they showed up ready to arrest thinking the one sided restraining order was active. 

"sterns didnt serve it its not active"

"thanks thats really helpful"

im sure if i had intended to harm this "eminent domestic violence" restraining order would have done a lot considering thinking it was active the response of the guys and gals with guns was slower than maybe 20 times in the previous year and a half or more to that point. 

furthermore the ofp law is so specific about what rights it strips and what is a threat. (but requires almost 0 other than accusation and carries the image of court decided for abuser...but court has none of the criminal court standards(of evidence))...

its so specific I realized, take a drone or more likely rc car. crush up the little pellet in smoke detectors. put it in an atomizer like this ULV cold fogger i have for mold. power it with an inverter and say spray it into the downstairs gas fireplace vent at my captor's house via 4g or 5g cellular remote control... 

well, they likely die quickly but not immediately but uh did i violate the ofp? im not a lawer but it doesnt appear I have, it focuses on physical closeness, phone calls and text messages. its also a bit rediculous as the accuser can continue to ... as my parents did sit in my parking lot starting 2 days after court and over the next 2 weeks at least 7 days i saw them visible and one day walking out of the building to get lunch I get a SMS from my dad 

"are you going to get food?" 

one-sided ban... one way to qualify is a claim of stalking... but seriously what the fuck could go wrong with allowing the accuser to continue coming near, calling and texting the accused? 

or in this cases first deletin the accused save their $430,000 paid off home (I did some of the initial labor and detected the mold issue even in 2014) extracting 6.3k of services on IT issues, questions and upgrades, using false police reports to gain police support in changing the lock code/keeping me out with 0 notice and keeping all my things... then running to this court a year and a half into moving me around under threat to myself my rabbits then rabbit and all of my assets/valuables/personal property... running to the court still holding most of it and destroying it but claim im violent... booom im now an abuser. oh yeah my mom tired to kill me during the 8mo at their house as well and police refuse to put that on a report. 

poisioning spread to apt(Cosmos cat got sick) ---> Apt(flat for European readers) doesn't want to resign lease after 8 mo bleeding -> Parents acting like saviors invite me back, my mom says shes my landlord ---> mold confirmed --- 7 mo gaslighting and false police reports while threatening to have me put in mental ward drop me under bridge in Minneapolis, hiding keys ignoring my rabbits medical needs --> 6mo in 14 hotel rooms 3 cities and a mental ward ---> forced lease ---> snow blows through car after i sign ---> forced under threat to even my rabbits remains to clean moldy car for 9 mo ---> still empty apt at one month till move out (apt didnt like cleaning mold car in garage ) ---> boom we file ofp in a court an hr and a half from where we picked for him to live.... and while the car is broken. 

MN JUSTICE...wheres my tm sign, ugh probably an alt + combo. im on the laptop without battery at the moment. 

but yeah what could go wrong if people with this history are allowed to keep coming around the person they got labeled abuser by crying witch? oh yeah... lets then a month after it passes steal another felony amount from his garage. 

what im trying to say is its like a legally protected right to rob someone to death and terrorize them but it masquerades as something to help victims of domestic violence

in the meantime its existence is eroding concepts of what harm murder and or natural death are. its putting alleged words and feelings above actions in the potential to cause harm. in the animal world close to a verbal threat is probably the colorful bug... it says eat me you die with its bright colors. in mn that could technically get it an ofp. 

for the record, i have no record. a few speeding tickets (well...quite a few but not for a while). What I learned by asking an officer i wont identify... the court involved with granting these doesnt go by police records or look at them. Id bet the people accusing them could pull the records and use them as evidence but what im getting at is you could be 99 years old and gandi , all the sudden someone says your violent. if you made them feel threatened, you just lost 2nd amendment rights, the need for a warrant to arrest you and the accuseer might get away with murder while you are labeled the abuser. 

I also lost the ability to get any job requiring security clearance and together with the check mail fraud and trafficking like relocation over past 3 years my credit score... so id bet also having that on a background check for renting another apt... id bet i cant rent anymore. 

whos killing who?

what im trying to flush out (and dont think i have yet) is we are being misled. playing with images and concepts to maintain the image of protection when in fact with police are probably out to maintain the highest call to earnings ratio possible. it might also be in partnership with large corps to create jobs and offer incentives other than tax cuts to keep corps in this state. 

but in fact its highly likely with the current system you can murder someone with police assistance. 

limiting someones diet is likely to shorten their life. the individual's past diet and lifestyle plus genetics will dictate to how much is taken longevity-wise. Exposures to chemicals and emotions/life events(possibly just chemicals if you realize the body creates the feeling with chemical release) are also going to factor into how severely a diet lacking variety or actual nutrients would cut into life span. some how in 2020 we have not only forgotten that people poison others from time to time but still have yet to realize en mass that the body is a machine. fuel and repair materials are found in food. furthermore, it takes other creatures (gut flora) for us to extract some of the needed chemicals from food. 

I've got to try to find some myself. This needs refinement furthering and editing but im hitting post for now. 


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