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My Needs 10/12

Nothing on this list is new. Most of it most of directly because the last 3 years of my life have been consumed by problems they created. With no bindings even to law and police refusing to allow me my property or care even when my ID is stolen..

9mo of clean this car we made snow blow through made the landlord here unhappy it was clear I would be asked to leave end of lease from maybe 5 or 6mo in. They tried to evict the garage. Clean this car or your stuff gets donated recycled..etc

I can't even wash clothes which is my fault. They steal to make fixing the dryer hard while I still don't have a glass in the cupboard but I have Clyde in the freezer and they play the let's rotate out what lie we're going to tell today game 20 days to be out of this apt (March 31 2020) still empty car broke for 6 days Marlene and Paul file domestic violence restraining orders in a family court an HR and a half from the apt they forced the lease in. 45min by freeway from their house no car and some how I'm still an eminent threat? At 32 with no criminal record.

They filed the 11th of March 2020 and I was served Friday the 13th. Court Tuesday the 18th. Empty apt Clyde in the freezer 12 days to move no car.

They had stole my driver's license a week or 2 before as well.

Covid created an eviction ban or I would be homeless on the street

2 days after it passed in my absence they drive 45 miles up here sit I n parking lot and in next 2 weeks 7 more days I would see them driving around or in lot. One more I walk out to get lunch and max of 2 min after outer door of apt was cleared I get an SMS from my dad "are you going to get food?"

One of the claims to get one of these single sided restraining orders Is stalking. They curtosy of police have been able to keep my mail open it sign my name keep 16 years of my earned (through employment ) property and everything ever given by anybody . Set a razer tight work him to death on our mold problem car we made wet ..what I'm getting at is driving down there was rare starving was frequent .

Any risk here is created of me losing it is highly inspired by police helping they extract 6.3k of skilled labor services and pay the selves with keeping everything ever mine them able to threaten it and my rabbits to command where I live and my schedule

Kicker is April 2020 they thenml steal 1k plus from the apt garage and again police give 0 shits. If I read correctly that's a criminal amount 

or I'll bring up all of your stuff or I'll bring that one thing and then they don't or hey we've made sure he goes without a spare key while we made him clean mold which is neither qualified nor was safe for him nor had the budget to do so when he lost the key we took that as an excuse to starve him a few days then when a key was fried we did it again every time and denying that he had said he needs to spare from the start and none of these cars are actually his but Paul is a f****** rapist good thing he was also a former school bus driver

stop this nastiness I don't want to yell profanities at you I don't want to ever have to think of you again. You have made sure I likely die or spend life in poverty and you try to rewrite the past every day. Or you go weeks having left me an absolute s*** for years because you couldn't figure out your house or how to act like an adult about your mistakes.

this text bellow is more messed up because while i had the worst concussion of my life i 2016, paul is telling me to work harder. then they sat on my tax return

he goes through almost lists of lies and changes them in and out. i cant actually confirm or deny any of this as i dont have the tools and soon not the sanity or heart beat . i dont even have a chair..

  • To be done having to deal limited budget with this problem they paid to be rid of and used as a bio weapon
  • STOP REINVENTING ANY AND EVERYTHING and playing silent games in circles even if perfectly calm
  • stop trying to micromanage. I did everything that was agreed on and correctly identified a major risk to your house. for this you destroy every bit of 16 years of my life if not 32. while committing check fraud mail fraud stalking, attempted murder assault false police reports, holding bonnies remains, triangulating and slandering me for 2.5 years. forcing labor on mold car you made snow blow through after you paid to have house fixed. forcing stranding by what ever you did to "metal in engine needs engine" then dumped 900 into to have alternator replaced, oil changed, key made, battery replaced and gave it back insisting it was fixed.
  • stop threatening mental holds . i will post "I NEED CONTROL BECAUSE I WANT CONTROL" stop u violate me on every level there is. 
  • communicate in a timely manner or transfer 55k and all of my things then expect and ofp in return. you do sick things to me. you have destroyed my ability to even sign for a lease. every time you come up with some perversion of the past while holding me in dangerous conditions AND COMMITING FELLONY LEVEL THEFT and theft of services during that time at your house jan 2018 to aug 2018. 
  • you demonstrate you know what boundaries are but you try to crush mine. get yourself help get me my things listed bellow and start communicating to lesson the time and total financial cost. i have the calls where you agree to xyz or demand i do xyz then it doesnt exist but you still come and stalk and or terrorize. 

STOP PLAYING SICKO gives command to look concerned. paul and marlene rape with interment detail and mask with ambiguarity and probable deniability 
hes known that it was end of lease and i had to move for 4 months at the time of this text end of lease was march 31st on the torture cell im still sitting in with clyde in freezer and their mold from their act of getting the 09 ford wet with snow feb 2019.

aka the text above he looks concerned... thats it hes barking pointless commands. 

meanwhile stealing and with holding my things while they are destroyed and become more and more work to clean. 

I have no doubt paul could be actually raping you while marlene beat you with an axe and they would both say stop hitting yourself. she triecd to push me over the railing in their house around july 2018. they fake police reports like she drinks (daily) you think im kidding? most of the calls she is on if you listen closely, there is a clank of ice cubes. its brandy and diet.

neither is qualified nor has ttiedf to objectively evaluate if i lived up to any agreement made. meanwhile, they communicate every which way to ham my confidence with people who paid for working projects they should have received. 

considering they have directly taken 4 years and counting over 2 episodes for mold they caused at their house when i was elementary and jr high... i cant confirm how much they have given me due to 1.5 years of mgpd false police report based side with illegal lock change eviction...

i can tell you its not entirely what they say nor a sound way to judge it. kinda like judging the Turpin kids as oweing the parents. 

one of paul and marlenes violation games is pick a new way to lie and repeat. silent, hang up steal more. main is what i call "repeat how i hurt you" 

also "i cant give you back the power inverter if i dont know what color it is"
dad i just said it and you've owned 2.
"I cant give you back the red inverter if im not sure what color it is" (im not even kidding) 
"what size is it about?"

"what color is the welder" stole april 2020
"whats the computer look like" stole april 2020

this is a short list. dad i hate you i wish you had died in 04

I can't even wash clothes and he has known this for months.

Tangible Assets Needs
  • printer
  • Desk
  • Shelving unit ($150 Menards) 
  • My bike, bike shoes, bike rack (agreed was mine summer of 2019 in front of police and now as another one comes to an end still cant even touch it but you stole more from the garage)
  • My workstation computer (stolen from garage april 2020)
  • My compound miter saw (stolen from garage april 2020)
  • My MIG welder (stolen from garage april 2020)
  • My Ryobi stick vac (stolen from car march 2020) 
  • My four amp hour battery 18 volt labeled Ryobi (car march 2020)
  • The 56 v power tool battery (car 2020)
  •  associated propane tank of 30 lb (car 2020)
  • A trailer hitch tow bar assembly ($160 amazon)(you know i have to move)  

  • 16 years of my life back
  • Be able to get clydes remains dealt with
  • Dental work required since 2018
  • Filter for HEPA vac ($100)
  • Spare key to the car 
  • 6.3k for the services done on computers i built for you at your home over 8 mo. or get talking you have run me into the worst health in my life made promises to screw over everything i worked hard for even on a social level you purposely try to get me to communicate to not paul or marlene 3rtd parties false timelines you have no intent of letting me keep for projects paid for by them and already shown working b4 moving back in. i have marlene recorded saying even i deserve it cause im a man but more specific "its been to long to give you your stuff back" and she cant name the projects but knows anything about them how?
  • transfer the title. dont command or be unreasonable but talk you are killing me and i have you recorded saying you own me 2x wanting me to repeat the words slave then asking why i dotn buy food 3 days hungry with the credit card marlene holds from mail. i had excellent credit 2006 to 2017 stop fucking reinventing the past to as you say give me bibbs you are fuckinhg making me want to slit my throat. i am not sick you violate me on every level

I probably have math dislexia which makes the tight and constant flux budget even crazier. It would be bad for anyone if anything can be stolen and your make shift desk looks like this 

I'm old enough to remember anthrax after 9/11 ...officer Hanson showing a picture of the headliner of the car they made me clean for 9 months responded I didn't see that put the phone away. I have to wonder what would happen if I scraped a bunch of black mold and or aspergillus into an envelope and send it to the state officials. Maybe with an SD card and recording of officer Hansen.

Minnesota theft law includes personal property or imaginary property. the amount stolen is well into the felony range the amount the police help my parents destroy and hold on to to this day will they use their mold like a bio weapon

Some random pics of how productive I can be on my own accord. Ie while doing repairs for pay build the work space around me, reach myself circuit board cad, build the tools to do UV lithography design my own boards, make them on hardware I made etch them in acid I mixed from pool acid(HCl) hair bleach and scrap copper.

St cloud has been much more reserved and professional. Maple Grove has some up standing officers but overall the response has been dehumanizing and/or still presents a risk to my life

Those clothes were clean on my bed in 2018 until Marlene entered remove them threw them on the garage floor


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