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Mind control

 I've never seen a well-controlled study that has proven let alone suggested any given demographic of humans other than possibly cluster b is any more or less inclined to be moral or immoral and especially not allowing lines of sex or race

I used to be left wing to the point for a while I considered myself a male feminist

I'm still all for equality it took me a while to learn that group is called egalitarian

Most people don't want to hurt each other

There's FBI reports and family court lawyers that will admit most of domestic violence like 99% is a loud argument

Yep we traded a crazy amount of protection from when the government can enter for 1% of the population that is arguing potentially getting violent

We did it under the guise of equality for women even though those same numbers at least the FBI's report showed that men made up only 10% fewer of the victims that required medical treatment. That report also had an asterisk indicated are in general less likely to seek it even when it would be highly beneficial. M en are less likely to report accurately if a woman injured them

It would seem to me that this is in line with our failure to show significant higher brain differentiation between the sexes. If I recall correctly the term is dimorphism.

 keep in mind the primitive brain is not what I speak of I'm talking about the part of the brain where you think or fail to do so I'm talking about the part that needs attention and nutrients and is responsible for the reason humans are pretty much worthless for 7 years of life. Helpless would be a better word although I think our society is trending towards the first.

People my parents age and a little younger are way more likely to understand that emotional advertising was a trend because emotions lie to people. it's not wrong to feel something but just because you feel it does not mean it is correct or valid. Emotions tend to be well let's go with GLBT and feminist talk here triggerable. If you cannot trace them back to why you are feeling the way you are feeling if you do not put the effort in you end up biting people's heads off for things they could not know

Or things they don't know are currently on your mind we created abusive mode especially when society still encourages women to be any and every aspect or set of traits we associate with the human condition but much of society still limits men..

My back to emotional for a moment we also know that anytime you use a pathway in your brain it is strengthened sometimes at the expense of others of phenomenon known as neuroplasticity or rather a concept is related here. By not conditioning people with what was once referred to as things to mature person does, we have enough scientific observation now to suggest that we are literally destroying our population's ability to think critically. Now apply it to the pretty well-known fact that news media knows that drama and polarization plus all the other emotional aspects used in advertising create viewership

Well not outright mind control and with no suggestion or intent to imply that I believe it's top down organized or conspiracy because it doesn't have to be. Even if by our own ignorance or inability to connect enough dots

What we know about how people learn how the brain changes and what we do to our children the workplace of adults the services meant to inform them and the tactics used we have literally created what I would consider a worst-case scenario

Compulsory education probably touched on social Darwinism for a moment for most people in the United States. Maybe that has nothing to do with this there is evidence to say otherwise. The father of modern PR has quite a few interesting quotes and/or had the beliefs that we are basically meant to be ruled. 

And I think what happens is we burn people out in such a way where by the time they even hit 18 a significant fraction have lost empathy sympathy conscience and compassion the ability to accurately conceptualize where they end and where others begin or what another person actually is. Let alone how to interact with them. And I'm not saying I'm perfect that is far from what I wish to communicate. But if that's where your mind went why are you being so defensive?

Care to trace that feeling back? Here's a cold read. You heard it from your parents while they were being unfair to you as a team or a child maybe worse than unfair.

If we do not strive to create happiness sustainability of life and better the world for our children and in way s that if we have children are in line with what our children would desire we might as well not be alive. Or rather we have encoded enslavement of our children to avoid feeling the personal harms of our past s

There's nothing healthy with being in line with or normalized to the views of a deeply sick society

There's also been research into group dynamics. Even in matters such as what percent of people have to strongly believe something before you influence the actions of the entire group whether they believe it or not. I believe it was like one and four.

This can be applied and used against the population

Especially when it comes to the erosion of cultural values which most people that use that statement probably haven't even thought through what it is. But here's a question for you for all the parents you will hear say that they want what's best for their children and they would never harm their child. For all of those that then add on being a parent is hard you won't understand until you are.

Either from a parent or from the news when's the last time any message of respect your child was popular?

As for that one and four or one and three it was once somewhat well known that China is known to pay shills. Average citizens paid to enter public conversations either in person or online and express the government's viewpoints on certain topics without announcing that's what they are and who they are

Because if you can exploit well yaw has been my friend andY'all seems to be doing pretty well maybe I should listen to this viewpoint whether believe it or not that's the sort of thing that likely influences behaviors

I don't think it would take pay in America we have the news for one which so do they but it's also a pastime for a large percentage of people to join fraternal or sororal organizations. It's another layer of obscurity if it's happening

Because it's not really presented as we're going to condition you because the founders wanted the world to be like this

It's presented as as far as I know having a group to call your own.

I'm not really out to speculate on things that are not in my business within it like specifics or requesting let alone thinking I could demand answers to that. That's not my business what is my business is my own mind and the bait and switch of things like the 14th amendment section 1


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