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Obfuscated slavery in Minnesota

 We just allow all crimes parents against adult child. Tell the parents that incest family court has their back.

Now having ensured a court ordered revenue stream for private corporations in the healthcare field that call (or want to make) Minnesota their home.

 We pretend not to see the conflict of interest in doctors making bonuses from RX kickbacks on the court ordered supply

 put more money into the Minnesota economy

And most people will never see how it's pretty much slavery so win-win right?

After all any state can cut taxes.. we had to take it up a notch to incest in our states future 

Knowing but feigning  ignorance to fact that if ones signature and banking have no protection it's hard to get away is the final piece in the born into it puzzle 

Actually the final piece is probably making it so dependent on demographic some actually have some assistance getting away from it. If you divide the population like that it creates confusion because especially in today s world with everybody so busy it's hard to look outside yourself

And the sick part is it works either way because if no crime is allowed prosecuted or investigated we still create a job security for the coroner and or mortician or furnace operator plus that whole industry providing coffins and f****** urns

Population control human suffering incest is the best Minnesota will infest

F*** you

A few clarifications:

This doesn't take top-down conspiracy. The state needs money or at least if you believe there needs to be a government in the current system where corporations hold most of the capital... If the state wishes to stay financially solvent I think this is a predictable outcome. Any state or even nation can cut taxes. How do you stand out as a state government? And if you cut taxes where do you get your financing? it comes from the citizens not the corporations.

Of historical note or support those with the least financial means are most likely to face injustice in the justice system or at the hands of police. I'm not disputing the fact that racial demographics play a role or get it worse. I'm stating historical fact 

It not really indentured . The dsm doesn't really have objective criteria and if anything the shift is towards life long treatment looser criteria aka like it's known of the justice system's a snare

This is not to say that conditions aren't real. But rather that I think medical ethics is dead and some probably sociopath that thinks they're clever figured out the new way around the system's rules to hurt people while ensuring profit


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