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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Objectively incest

 As I touched on in the last post no one in positions to make a difference seems to realize that objective criteria exists whatsoever unless it's for possibly what crime is profitable or what actions risk liability then they demonstrate at least on the last part awareness.

But objectively separating someone from everything they have ever worked for making them endure the loss of their loved ones alone ignoring theft to keep them recalculating after years bleeding under forced labor conditions that the police help create

But subjectively and implicit only by certain opinion if one's parents want to do this to someone then they must deserve it or the only option is to get away.

Which in itself is projection of a delusion if the criteria you are ignoring or the situation you are ignoring even might include fraud forgery and theft.

Because unless you pissed gasoline and s*** $100 bills plus already know all the answers to how to change your social if that's even possible, how to get a new driver's license number, how to prevent them from filing an OFP on you anyways, how to get anywhere when after doing so they can come and steal a felony amount from you again. Two days after the court date they insured you couldn't make they are up calling in a welfare check to have yet another set of police or rather to attempt to make another set of police their tools

Some 7 days later on the second welfare check I highly respect the officer who gave the benefit of the doubt to this seems weird whether he believed anything I said I believed anything he said or anybody believed anything anybody said that was a stand up behavior by someone entrusted with  great amounts of power

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