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October 2019 or November 2019 Maple Grove Police Minnesota city of Maple Grove poison

 If I had a printer let alone a desk not covered in mold I would request the police reports. There's October or November 2019 where I went to Maple Grove Police because months earlier I've been told I could file check fraud and mail fraud. What I really wanted was an end to the false police reports as weapons. What I really wanted was a stern warning at least for them to stop abusing the police. I went there having called the Minnesota State bar association hotline. I was told to communicate that my parents were unreliable witnesses. I figured police tried to go for evidence. I figured wrong. Maybe that's normal I've since found quite a bit indicating some crimes might pay them or the state. I really don't like this world. I haven't laid hands on either of them my parents that is they've both laid hands on me and anger my mom tried to push me over a railing and I told the police the day that I drove down there in the moldy car to the head recordings admitting that and that In general they use false reports as weapons. I set the part about what I'm looking for I said the DV report was her trying to kill me.

If we put that on record we might be liable

That's all well and good but why wouldn't you tell me about an OFP then?

The thing about abuse especially parent to child especially only child but in any situation like that you have to understand or you can't do the job your task with

You have to understand normal for that person is what they grew up with!

I guess you don't have to understand anything if you want evidence in the form of history shows unless you directly kill the wrong person in a riot ensues you can probably shoot me if you want. I certainly wouldn't put it past anybody in that position to act unlawfully when it's their ass and their job over somebody they've already f***** although I kind of wonder how often that even happens not the somebody that got screwed that I doubt we'd know. From what I've seen watching the news and pain not really an attentive I but for a while wondering it seems that usually you can shoot a person as a police officer and get paid leave of absence.

But back on track what I'm saying about normal. It's hard to hold on to the idea that they are abusive. it is extremely hard to hold on to the idea that they are abusive. They will tell me otherwise as they tell you otherwise.

It would seem to me that unless we're going to deny that money and credit are key to moving anywhere in this world be it away from an abuser or just to a new job getting a new job even maintaining life and how long you live are decided by them.

It would seem to me that there are laws that potentially at the time they were created had the purpose of protecting autonomy of adults. I can't really see a reason why it would be legal to sign another adult's name without adult custodial ship granted by court if that hadn't been part of the reason. if we don't protect those if it's not a violation to walk on someone like that and decide where money already in their name goes then how do we in good conscience put people in psych wards or grant other custodial ship if these aren't enforced?

Everything on the list of what constitutes an OFP or an arrest after one is something they have done to me.

They made me sick with decisions they made about how to finish their house when I was in junior high in elementary school it spread to my apartment when Cosmos cat got sick and I was visiting him at their house. For the sin of caring about an animal I love police have given a blind eye to attempted murder physical assault felony level theft check fraud mail fraud they're still holding mail they forced labor by threat to all the property that they hold on to for a year and a half after a zero notice lockout. When moving back in my mom claims she was my landlord $6,300 of services I performed professionally in the past were rendered just on their computers. Their s an exaggeration as one of them is mostly parts from one of my old ones The other is one I built for them and never charged them labor they did pay parts for I had built four clients 30 computers by the age 22. My first client I've said this a million times elsewhere.

Minnesota recognizes oral leases Minnesota recognizes service for rent

if you put someone on the street or let someone else decide what exactly they have of things they have worked for 16 years to afford if you ignore that that's deciding that the person you've put in charge is also literally poisoning them as officer Hanson has you should be guilty there should be OFPs me against them

instead I get this strong arm attitude even trying to call the report anything officer Hanson will go in a circle saying oh it's all on the report in the past but let me make a new report and then just put the two things that he allowed out of all the others and this is recorded if you go back in this very blog.

I didn't even decide to live here I did it under threat to all of my property the cops were helping them hold on to after what was probably an illegal lock change eviction how do I start a court case without a printer with a desk that's growing mold in a court they picked an hour and a half away on a good day without traffic

when they hold the hard copies of the records I'm not sure if I'll be here next month because the lease ended 20 days before they filed the OFPs

But again even if this was to go down again and the same liability bind happened if you wanted to be honorable or ethical you could have told me what an OFP was

Maple Grove Police have basically enabled a couple to poison their adult child who was the one who alerted them to the problem the professional then confirmed in their house. They waited 11 months having it fixed in November they had changed the lock in August 2018

Here's a call log from immediately after the OFP hearing actually I'll add that later I'm going to go drive around with gas I don't have in circles because I can't get on my bike I can't touch my computer I have a laptop when the water spilled on the bed which is my only place to eat work drink live because they were allowed to take my chill out to take everything mine allowed to take everything mine and hold it and threaten it to extract labor they even threatened Bonnie's remains and after she died in their care my dad threatened to put Clyde in the f****** clothes washing machine

But I think I posted the picture I intended to post in the last post or the one before and I don't even f****** know anymore This is absolute sickness and not mine

Police overlooking felony in malice after felony and malice over threats to all of my things and my rabbits and me if I don't side the lease in 2019 that they parents picked out this is insane then they pick a court an hour and a half away without traffic and I get 4 days notice then police overlooked another felony theft after. And my dad coming up here literally stalking me there was one day I did not see him in the parking lot but within like 2 minutes of me having walked out the door to the car I get a text message are you going to eat? He lives in Maple Grove they picked f****** St cloud

I would hope the system is predicated on the assumption this can't happen. That police wouldn't do this. But we know better we know there needs to be external oversight with this much power and there is none. it's like the system is predicated on nothing could happen that would block someone from making it to family court especially not the police for a year and a half enforcing an illegal lockout eviction and even if it's not classified as that a zero notice loss of everything eight months after you move in somewhere police enforcing and refusing to acknowledge the fact it's being destroyed to this day

For 3 months into that lock change they come to the third hotel and officer tells me I decided before I met you you're going in tonight and when I stepped out of the vehicle it was after hearing you can step out of the vehicle or I can remove you with force maybe he said will I probably have it recorded The first part I make no mistake of in between you told me I'm going in because he already has the ambulance here

This was on my parents' request I had to work all day for a paid job online building a web server for a company. I wasn't even listening to music on my computer was how quiet I was

The other awkward thing about being forced to a doctor who decides you are quote-unquote paranoid but doesn't care about why is the pat down with grabbing the pockets and rubbing that occurred after I stepped out of the vehicle and was told to turn and face the vehicle hands on the vehicle

what hasn't taken my time with forced labor under threat and the death of my pets. This apartment hasn't been happy about the type of labor I've had to do in the garage.

Do I look very happy about it?

Inside the wall of their home in 2018 and below is right before the least they forced in St cloud started Surprise snow blows through the car. The car that had been there for 9 years they refused to transfer the title to even laughing at the thought hot you think you could buy or sell a car and this is while police continued to show up on nothing more than me showing up and even sitting in the cul-de-sac off public property. I had a claim to residents at that house the entire time. In fact for the market rate of the services I performed and the amount and the market rate of residential I found Plymouth listed I bet they're about the same per square foot per month. I probably did enough where I still pay rent right now. It's hard to argue that the rent they paid at the place they pick at the place they forced labor deciding what tools I have decided I don't have the personal protective equipment that I already owned from projects I was contracted to do by people external to the family third parties whatever you want to call them This is insane


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