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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Order of operations

 Edit I should be of the mistake and belief that there is a word for fellony acts similar to fallacy or fellatio. That was kind of the basis of a few jokes and now I'm having trouble finding it and then let it stand for now see if I can get a half decent meal and then look again. actually first I'm going to take a shower and then drop dry because I can't do laundry. Then I'm going to contemplate climbing the pole and finding out what 700 volts feels like and then maybe I might get back to this.. if u can make the correct leap and observe the poll has 3 wires..by might find significantly more volts 😂🌠

A way to usurp the hard learned lessons of justice that this nation was founded on would appear to me to be to incrementaly elevate the severity and power of a once lower court. Like civil or it's bastard child incest family court.

Meanwhile you can even have police ignore any and all continuous fallacious actions by one party against another

Because in the obfuscation provided by large terms and emotional appeals

It's easy to miss that we've now excused actions that directly threaten someone's life livelihood prosperity and lifespan one party against another but the state has rather just decided that it wasn't in their interest to prosecute and now family court has decided that words

Word said over the life endangering actions are of grave importance.

Meanwhile police can continue to ignore any and everything one party against another

Speaking of fallacious actions that blow I'm starting to have flashbacks to Clinton in the oval office except it's my life

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