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Monday, October 12, 2020

Overload with no hope

 Since really the end of 2017 Marlene and Paul have been making promises with no intent to keep them. Problem is Aug 2018 police action and in action put them in control of at the time my two live rabbits and all of my property.

MN theft law explicitly lists personal property as included (so the question of imaginary vs real isn't supposed to be a gotca but tell that to police lol)

Bleeding started little into 2017 so it's really been hell one way or the other for 3 years now.

Cosmos cat was probably my favorite creature on Earth. I realized taking on the work that I did it was going to limit my final time with him. So it's not like anything was easy in 2017.

I ended up losing all of my animals and not only that but my dad says what what time did I take from you I didn't take anything 


But the thing is August 2018 is the last time I've had any power to decide what I had at any given moment and/or where I am.

Which wouldn't be half as bad if they weren't allowed to steal felony level amounts. But on top of that there's the lies. The promises the agreements with no intent but if I don't they just steal more anyway.

The other aspect is the threats to force labor. Under threat to all of the things held and leaving me on the street. For the first 6 months at hotels that was to at least one of my rabbits as well Bonnie neither should be dead. Bonnie might have died by now. I just neither you should have gone in the way that they did is God I can't do this anymore.

The agreements with my dad ensured my credit was maxed. Then what the police did in enforcing the zero notice lock change and subsequently to this day not concerned at all that all of my personal property ever worked for given by anyone is not just being held but being destroyed. If that weren't bad enough that includes Bonnie's ashes and Clydes corpse.

the 9 months of work at the apartment 6 months of 2018 in the 2019 the year of the lease that they forced they were holding or had stolen one of two required forms of ID.

I'm trying to get out and struggle because it's not just threats it's not just that it's not just fraud it's constant invalidation. They will lie just to gaslight on serious issues just to try to make me feel that I have no point to being alive I've never right I've never worked I'm not even I'm I'm not not not just not I'm not okay is what they try to communicate but I'm everything if it's what's wrong they're not doing anything no one there has ever hurt me no one there would ever say anything bad about me

But what they do or what this has done is during the 9 months with the mold car I had to make a budget at the beginning for about what it would take and if it could even be done what the criteria would be even when I earned two grand from website work they made sure I did not have But all I needed to do it efficiently was three days with another car so I didn't have to get in the car I was trying to take apart.

Now their mold is growing up stairs as predicted. But what I'm trying to do they never offered what was predicted they literally would stop giving anything to make sure I didn't meet it and what they do is make it so the priorities demands and budget is constantly shifting while keeping me from having so much as a place to sit and plan a budget at. They do so well threatening commitment and legal consequences and so far the police have rolled over helping them even when not legal.

Then they go to court making sure I can't attend it OFPS as covid  starts

Everything on the list of behaviors that an OFP is supposed to protect like stocking poisoning work even stuff that isn't like attempted murder they have done two times physical assault and one time trying to push me over a railing

But what I think it really hinges on August 2018 is I could have bought Even the most expensive of not my car but they say it is until it isn't. If I had even a month of notice as I should have because my mom declared herself my landlord when I was moving back in in January 2018. I estimated market value of services I performed of skilled labor I've done for pay in the past 6.3 thousand dollars. In 2005 at least one of my home clients was one of Marlene's students and another one one of her coworkers that might have been six or seven year wise. In 2006 one of them Paul's co-workers ran for district rep of Minnesota 50B. I did his campaign website and his campaign office computer. St cloud State business law taught that if you accept a service from someone known to provide it let alone demand it as Marlene and Paul did you are entitled to market rate. Minnesota also accepts or recognizes services for rent and oral leases. In other words what the police continue to enforce is a zero notice locked out eviction not only letting the landlord hold on to all of my property but even after filing the OFPs steal a felony amount

How is there any hope? Everything I earned has been taken The police don't care they signed my name on a check from mail address to me that they signed my name on lidl documents on mail addressed to me after opening it that they hold mail address to me 6 months at hotels and then pretty soon into this lease it was obvious well the landlords were trying to evict the garage for cleaning them mold problem in the car it was pretty clear I was going to be out of here at the end of the lease and I tried to negotiate and successful mind you out of the lease immediately no penalty guaranteed neutral reference in writing. But at this point I had almost none of things I could have sold to afford a move anywhere let alone a down payment my credit was shot because well you tell me how that works. Your time is commanded around by threats to 20 grand or more of your things that the police are helping them hold..

This is slavery

The theft in April is unforgivable.

I have glasses held together by welding wire where the screw should be. If not for the heat gun that I have the bowl would be broke.

Clyde is in the freezer every time there's been a thunderstorm and soon if there's ice storms...

meanwhile along the lines of absolutely f****** depraved sickness that Paul and Marlene are Paul especially does things like yeah I'll pay for the cremation but then he can come here and be with Bonnie. Bonnie was addressed to me and a United States post  parcel making it a federal crime that they still have her remains

Put on top of that they tell people they gave me this car they tell people to give me any of the tires it shouldn't have been cars they likely sabotaged the last one The engine seizes without the change oil indicator or even the oil light coming on meanwhile I'm only with rope over my head because the least ended the least they Worth that is the lease in St cloud 6 months of hotels three cities in hotels bouncing me around place to place so I could not establish any social connections where I was then 9 months there at this current place with the moldy car knowing they were throwing away money keeping me actively from being able to fix it but commanding they would get rid of all of my things if I did not. I would be homeless if not for the eviction band Minnesota enacted the lease ended March 31st 2020 I had been given notice to vacate as predicted and four reasons described above. then Minnesota enacted the cove at eviction band so even though the lease was up and they had told me to vacate there was no legal way to have me leave by force now the only thing helping me is the federal eviction band. Yet they get the OFPs the one-sided hearsay domestic violence which has never happened restraining order then they come 45 minutes to my apartment 7 days in the following 2 weeks after a past maybe 8:00 because at one point I walked out and did a text message saying are you going to get food. Then another time to steal a felony amount from my f****** garage

They likely sabotage the car I was given but again not title to to make sure I couldn't make the court date. They could have filed that court date in the Town and county that they forced the lease in but they instead decide to file it at a court an hour and a half away by car and the papers show they filed it on the 11th of March The car the engine seized without any invitation of why on March 6th. The car had an oil life counter on the computer it wasn't past mileage even as the engine sees the oil light was not on. In that year before only having one key to the mold car is probably why Clyde got so sick then it became the reason I went hungry for 2 days the first time

Because I'm trying to run ozone in Minnesota winter so I can't run the car in the garage so I'm turning that on to run it on battery which means to lock my apartment door and get back and forth I have to separate the key and anything that you have in the apartment is on the floor This is not conducive to tracking things in the narcissistic f****** pervert f****** abomination f****** murderous fashion of f****** ball and f****** Marlene kill him steal from him f****** rape his mind and try to get more and more and more unless and less and less

The next time welder fried chip/RFID transponder and my dad insisted and even threatened a emergency medical hold if I didn't tell him where the car was so he could have it towed and have the battery and alternator replaced

Again like 2 days without a car just waiting for a spare key when they live 45 minutes away.

So then in March when the engine seizes I have the report from the garage he spent $900 or like $890 something like that having them replace the oil filter change the oil even though metal particles were found in the engine the report says needs an engine. He then had them replace the battery the alternator and make a spare key.

In other words I will make sure you starve while forcing labor and then I'll show you I will literally f****** burn money

It's one thing to expect someone to pivot in a career it is a bit different to 

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