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Let's terrorize with a dead companion animal who's remains are also held opened and still held usps

The lack of any objective standards and applying these restraining orders or even self-awareness of the system. Yes family court is different than criminal justice court but it would seem to me the police are very aware of the court actions and or couldn't get the need or in this case the amount of criminal offenses overlooked for the party that was holding and threatening everything of mine to force labor or rather entice labor after having said they were my landlord changing the locks keeping all of my valuables my personal property some of which assets that they even admit I have earned with before and above minimum wage except..2 minutes later they'll turn and tell you I've never worked a day in my life.

But if I understand modern criminal law correctly the state only prosecutes what is in its interest and it decides that. At least in Minnesota. except the 14th amendment would seem to suggest in section 1 if laws aren't offer any protection everyone is entitled to that protection. It seems what we've done is decided we can reduce the cost of actual policing use the image of criminal justice and standards that it implies but actually recreate the Salem witch trials where. I mean you don't have to have much of a standard of evidence to make the claim it's free to file there's no statue of limits on it and as I've experienced police are even less likely to look into anything even after ignoring crimes prevented you from even getting to court if you wanted to defend it on the 4 days notice I received. I did call but the other thing is they hit me with a stack of paperwork at the same time after having starved me 30 days the last year two times four days at a time two times three days at a time wanting me to repeat the word slave threatening the remains of my animal while the other one is in the freezer here and it's an empty apartment you can look around here on the right hand side previous apartments or living spaces I can't see the link as I transcribe this from 2007 on I was in apartments I figured out what I need to function I shouldn't have to explain any of this when the laws decently clear and the Constitution would seem more so . I'd have to look up case historto see how that's been interpreted in the past But other than Jim Crow era I was under the impression not a lot of law is drafted what gender race or other demographics. Wouldn't that be separate but equal or run a fall with other things? Are we denying that in illegal system or police can with no oversight repeatedly refuse to enforce anything there might exist a time where someone might say something that sounds or someone might claim somebody said something are we pretending it's okay that context doesn't matter or that previou

s record or lack thereof doesn't matter? What happened to objective and standard sbased ustice? if I'm going to try or even be able to attend how is it okay that felony amounts can be stolen from me even after filing and getting these past in my absence? Is gas free?

this is transferd via re recording from a pocket recorder. my comments are at a date removed from the immediate emotions and processing. aka why my tone seems completely different "probably not clear he hung up" ive also mentioned several times throughout past. one of his games is silence. either followed by "hello"/convo restarted or delayed hang up. he demonstrates it here. 

I found Bonnie. this is paul after having hung up after claiming they dont have bonnies ashes nope not here. drawer sound over phone. aka their entertainment center upstairs living room where cosmos's ashes are stored.

 only cosmos... i gave them to you what do you mean? bye,

note, Bonnie died as a result of their decisions in care after locking me out with out notice aug 2018. her remains were addressed to me at their address, she is technically held mail to this day. paul opened said package shortly after it/she arrived. 

note in the call. "i thought i had taken him up to you" .

note the lack of concern or apology. Bonnie was a pet a friend and a therapy companion animal I acquired in 2007 or start of 2008. this convo is taking place like may 2019. she had died end of 2018. 

note the eagerness to defend any suggestion he had an issue while also allowing the topic change

calls me crazy, silence delayed hang up. so he starts with (not on this audio) a call telling em hes sure he gave her remains to me he doesnt have her there... would be about an hr iirc, seemed like a day.. before the call above

he caused this whole thing for something illegal for him to be holding on to. he hangs up with out so much as sorry or discussing when i can have her let alone things nesicary to life and mine... anything except causing terror. 

this is pre ofps. during the 1year after 6mo at the hotel. during the show-up and stay off even their driveway, 10 to 15min later mgpd arrives. period. 

this convo is occurring while clyde (above) is in my freezer and still is

Bonnie Rabbit

Bonnie at their house 2018

Bonnie at my st cloud apt 2015

Bonnie at a rented house in west fargo maybe 2010?

Cosmos Cat

Bonnie St Cloud Apt 2017. her mane tickled (odd look on my face)

Bonnie 2017 heading my way to remind me she likes petting and eye strain plus ergonomics dictates taking a break. ok maybe just the first part. 


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