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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Paranoid vs Adaptive Behavior


I was at QuikTrip and the police had been called

Two officers walk in while I'm waiting to pay female officer about 5'9 platinum blonde hair in a ponytail  looks at me says my name was looking like she was about to step towards me before the guy behind the counter said it was about someone else

This state is slavery
The police will assist in robbing you blind leaving you helpless and at best want to offer detainment in a corp medical facility as a solution

The alternative would appear to be death

If I had the fresh spare cash if I hadn't just had to get PayPal 10 bucks to have something to eat I would pull my own background check but if you have the cash go ahead and do so but I'm telling you right now there's nothing on it

The guy behind the counter after they left wasn't sure what she said but did agree she said something when she walked in.

It's possible the other officers first name was John

It's deplorable that there's an alternative route to still put you in the medical facility by just claiming youre paranoid

You probably should be paranoid around anyone who can shoot you and get paid leave
Or more generalized.. anyone with comparatively vast amounts of power and little to no accountability/cupability/liability

Or in MN with civil asset forfiture laws as they stand... They can take anything yours sans charge let alone conviction.

Now you better have the time ,eams and knowledge to jump the hoops to get it back

A testimate to the fact most humans arnt out to hurt other people is even with out psych eval and with a position statistically known to attracted those that are damaged in a way they do like to hurt and control others..

The testimate to the human condition is as of yet they only insist on starving me to death while over looking the crimes that create the position 🤔🤮

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