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Needs once again Oct 5th

Almost everything here is driven by their micromanagement by their theft by their threats if I did not spend my time how they decided. There are real threats to me now like the moment the eviction ban years without being able to go outside and have a day or two in the sun or you know regular intermittent you know any kind of balance. Maybe you don't know because you would assume the parents want to do this but you aren't in this position if you're going off assumption it's your own delusion or your own suggestions of something you weren't there for. I have dental work to get done I am in the worst shape of my life. I told Paul in 2018 I have been run out trying to catch up in life they made sure I have to run faster but continuously pull the rug out

I have verbatim asked hey how do you think keeping me from having any income or extending this out how do you think that's ever going to be cheaper for you if I'm dependent?

  • To be done having to deal limited budget with this problem they paid to be rid of and used as a bio weapon
  • printer
  • Desk
  • Shelving unit
  • My kitchen stuff
  • My bike, bike shoes, bike rack
  • My workstation computer
  • My compound miter saw
  • My MIG welder
  • My Ryobi stick vac 
  • The four amp hour battery 18 volt labeled Ryobi
  • The 56 v power tool battery and associated propane tank of 30 lb
  • A trailer hitch tow bar assembly  
  • 16 years of my life back
  • Be able to get clydes remains dealt with
  • Dental work required since 2018
  • Filter for HEPA vac
  • Spare key to the car he said he would transfer the title. 
I can't even have clean clothes or bedding or towels right now I have several messages that demonstrate Paul knows this. He found it cute to threaten to call the landlord rather than return tools some of which stolen April 2020 

it's kind of hard not to express some anger  they steal to make sure I have to reprioritizethey make me make a budget for the dangerous labor they force under threat to all my things and at first my remaining living animal and the remains of my other..

pretty messed up when you can have a kid make decisions about how you finish your house when he's in elementary school or the start of junior high. spreads to his apartment after he identifies at 4 years before and you call him crazy so you get him to start fixing on it after it's confirmed you get $6,300 of IT services performed you then use false police reports to take everything he has ever worked for let alone been given by anyone

pay for the remediation of your moldy basement 11 months after it's first confirmed while you're getting him a psych diagnosis for delusions of mold and bugs by a doctor who refused to see professional testimony refused to attack for the fact that there was not a scratch on me after three hotels three months

 forced location and too small of a place without ideal to be able to do what you force next force a lease after Bonnie dies threatened to put Clyde in the washing machine.for snow blows through the car right before the lease starts

During the 9 months of clean our car or the storage  pick but won't tell you the address too might go away, oops where did Bonnie's ashes go I swear I gave them to you followed by like 30 minutes later oh my bad, my mom writing letters saying she thinks my DVDs from 2003 to 2006 are worth a lot and I should let her sell them for me of course this is why I can't touch them. A few threats that my stuff is recycled and more I've covered elsewhere. DVDs I'd be lucky to get a dollar a disc. She also sent an article talking about the mass Exodus from San Francisco. Well she claims she hasn't taken anything from me actually she admits otherwise or implies otherwise she also was aware I had parlayed the projects into two good shots at a job at $100,000 a year 60 minimum one of them probably would have included taxes paid 40 grand to relocate. At one point my dad said well you might not have liked it. My mom sending that article is basically her way of saying I know what I took from you you wanted to like it anyway.

As soon as the eviction ban pops off I am likely out of here

I'm scared for my life and angry beyond belief. I don't want to be angry I don't want to think about them being forced by theft and threat.

Police backing the above despite the fact I have zero criminal record zero indication of violence other than Marlene's false report which was actually attempted murder. At least that I know of because the other terrifying thing is I don't even know. for all I know every day they call in and report that I'm there doing something

When they filed for the OFPs they knew I had to be out of the lease they forced in St cloud 45 minutes from their house by the end of that month. I have several text messages and phone calls that indicate they knew that. They likely sabotaged the car I have evidence for at least to make a compelling argument that is the case. They had my driver's license while they filed. But the other thing is I have a recording of Marlene saying oh it's been too long we don't need to give you your stuff back or the stuff that other people paid for it's been too long to my knowledge she has no contact nor would I want her to with my friends made us adults my acquaintances I do however know Paul takes upon himself to find everyone he can and let them know I am sick in the head. I have overheard him tell that to Maple Grove police as well problem is no one has ever said it in a medical context. More worrisome though she has access to medical records via her position at children's hospital. An emergency medical holdwhere a maple drove officer forced me from a hotel parking lot where I was about to go upstairs and go to sleep after getting snacks after working all day. Forced me to the hospital on my dad's word having said I decided before I met you you're going in tonight. I was calm but what struck me as hot is I have sought psychiatric services on my own accord when I felt the need. Almost every optional medication if not every was all the sudden marked as active on my EHR that night. I know I had went through the last time I was at the doctor if not the time before that but all of a sudden they're all active again. That to me and this is speculation but it fits something she did earlier: that to me would seem like the sort of thing that an audit trail might not catch. If you don't modify the record as an ad or subtract it might have something like a boolean value in the database for active or inactive. I am pretty good with information systems logically arranging data and coding . 

I had a professor at NDSU with the PhD and CS and a master's in IS and what are the coding projects I did bail the whole group whose parts didn't work and got me an internship but also the best compliment I've ever received in my life given his credentials. It was if you really made this you're one of the best I've ever seen.

Marlene and Paul is a mind-f*** and a taunt will tell me I've never worked for anybody before then I've never worked enough then maybe I worked a phone shop once.

I work for a company that does software for the SEIU in 2003. I work for one of Paul's coworkers in 2006 when he ran for district rep of Minnesota 50B I made his computer I made his campaign site. They will purger themselves all over me my life and the court I don't doubt Marlene would tamper with medical records either. As I said speculation.

But perhaps the worst part is they fed me story after story about when I can have my stuff between threatening it between threatening me between threatening my animals both physical actions and words. But the perhaps most damaging thing is the stories about the timelines. Police keep me from things other people purchase tools I purchase tools I've owned for a long time and I have commitments to people I don't dare talk to them anymore because I've fed them the same b******* that my parents feed me while the police keep me from mine and their things this destroys any hope of a social circle.

 Triangulation and isolation.

March 2020 Paul asked why I would need my bike if I can hardly make it up the stairs

What I really don't get is how police can ignore theft at fellony levels while issuing the oFPs mid covid. 

Yeah you have court we're not going to admit that gas cost money or that by allowing your parents to hold your property for a year and a half counting now far more, we're not going to admit that them setting everything you have and stealing anything you gain might get in the way of you making it to court or having f****** representation

It's like a racket but it's not for tennis

April 20/20 God damn it Google I've said this all before look elsewhere. The medical system is so f****** nasty that they will take bits and pieces of your conversation or whatever they can use not even tell you that's what they're using which creates even further paranoia because hey now I have to like doubly watch everything I say but hey paranoia is a reason to put me in here f*** you all you f****** ethicless degenerates

That's just my opinion though and if you ask me twice it's parody which is protected speech you f****** nasty assholes
It's almost like a parody of a healthcare system as well
I think the Minnesota senator might shed some light on that. Scott something. Matches with everything I've ever heard. And I grew up listening to my mother. And then when St Kate's demanded she switched her curriculum to PowerPoint from overhead Guess who did that? Yeah me. I won't claim this makes me any more than a layman but at the same time I'm pretty well versed in the lingo and some of the practices. I could also intubate the dummy from probably elementary school. never tried myself but there's a joke in there somewhere

The above likely gives me enough stability to get the dental work I need. And or not f****** die. It would significantly reduce the amount of money wasted on nothing while police allow everything I ever worked for destroyed including my life my health my credibility my credit doesn't matter if you get to go home to your f***** up nasty SS financed suburban piece of s***. Let's not think about the kid we killed the young adult we helped his parents hold hostage and extract labor from then poison. And yeah that's my opinion f*** you if you want to say otherwise

Hey Dad why don't you kill yourself for your mistakes I didn't ask to be born I did work my ass off you f****** cuck old piece of s***

What isn't my opinion is that my doctor told me January 2018 get away from the mold. What isn't my opinion what's medical fact is unable to obtain proper nutrition or proper hygiene is not good regardless of being poisoned

Dental health is linked to heart health is also medical fact 

If Marlene wants to feign ignorance on  basic hygiene I would suggest that and neonatal nurse practitioner that doesn't know how many lives hand washing before delivery saved I mean she's not a midwife but..

Strong medical evidence indicates vitamin D3 is essential for the immune system. The most bioavailable form we can get is generated by our bodies when we are out in the sun. Give me my f****** bike the shoes the rack. how about stop trying to force control because you literally said I need control because I want control while your wife is telling me I'm going to make you suffer for taking my time with my husband and you both f****** helicopter me to death while you don't take care of your house I save it you f****** for life you f****** incest weirdos

I haven't really used this room since the air conditioning picked up the shit from the car
Although I didn't have the folding table at the time after Clyde died that's on the floor to the right of the one next to the chair for a month or two on a yoga mat
well being told to clean out their moldy car and clean it faster and why why are you going slow this week so we can immediately following loss of Clyde
Maple Grove Police support incest traumatization.

I don't even I don't even have a place to sit down. They paid to have their home fixed of this problem they caused.

Hennepin county sweeps in with an OFP after the playground bully emboldened by Maple Grove police's carte blanche decides he needs more power and she needs more power
Salem 1600 He's a f****** witch I say
Or Texas bordertown on payday Maple Grove would be the INS except then the employer follows them back over the border and poisons them and threatens their family

My mom's idea of a sick joke. Well denying she took anything from me sends me this knowing that both of the jobs that paid projects opened up were in California.
In other words the sociopath or narcissist way of I'm not trying to admit it but here's me admitting what I know I did to you but you wouldn't have liked it anyway.

The absolute lack of boundaries is incest and disgusting and reason to want to kill oneself as it is

Pale wuethrich and Marburg hemoragic I'm starting to wonder if I gave Bonnie and Clyde the names I did hoping for an example at college of the love I didn't get at home. I would have never taken cosmos from that house. He loved the yard too much

I frequently requests that just once they bring him to see me while he was still alive. He didn't mind the car. I used to drive around with him in high school and he sit in the back window. In eighth grade he even went to summer camp when they picked me up and that was in Wisconsin.

These last two were his last day alive. I hadnt been present in his life much since 2006. These pics were 2017. 

Like first two maybe three summers of college at NDSU I came home. 6or so months 2014

Maple Grove Police are as bad a rapist as Paul and Marlene if not worse. It's probably not thought of in this context but that doesn't make it incorrect. What I mean is their actions of allowing Paul and Marlene to essentially terrorize me use their mistake with their house as a bio weapon repeatedly steal felony level amounts

The actions and inactions of Maple Grove police are basically wiping out a family line

I believe it's already on YouTube The call where my mom says I deserve all of it because I'm a man. State of Minnesota is officially going to either make a man a criminal because of it or starve him to death

Volunteering trip in 2012 or 13 I think 13 because that would have been after the hurricane and one of the things we did was clean a house hit by that.

If you swap the order of the picture this text is below and the one above it it's one continuous wall pretty much the back side of their house
In the room where the vacuum hose is visible that was all carpet and pad pre-remediation

The only thing more f****** sick is through malicious to felony acts Paul and Marlene keep me poisoned and spun around fighting just to have basic needs met in the least monetarily efficient way possible to the point I can't even grieve

I don't need a sentence to any sort of therapy. I need the people abusing to stop. I need compensation for my labor and now my time. I need what was destroyed of mine what can be restored restored

I have never been opposed to therapy either. In 2006 or 07 I saught it myself over anxiety caused by almost losing my dad in 04. That entire time anytime I went to see them I would come back to Paul and Marlene's house and hear why do you think we messed you up so much why do you think you need that. this is absolute f****** perverse incest nastiness that I would speculate the state only puts up with because being able to court order a revenue stream to a lucrative industry is in the interest of the state. How about we stop the bait and switch at least. The false advertising of protection?

I really don't want to have to even think about my parents anymore and I don't want to have to say that I don't want to think that. 

The thing is I can't control them nor am I supposed to be able to

We entrust certain people in society to control people or moderate them when they violate things called laws

When those people fail to do so or refuse to do so possibly with intent to generate revenue for the department and our state via various means possibly just on their own possibly because one of the parties put them in a bind either way it's pretty f****** sick what we've done in this state

I find it funny family court is likely to sentence mandatory psychology or psychological services except everything leading to this point appears to be modeled basically on the concept of splitting which is a part of the pathological psych.

It also ignores concepts of justice that have been throughout history written in blood


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