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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Paul is trying to murder

 I have him recorded saying he knows the time value of money. I have him recorded admitting the place he picked is not big enough for all of my stuff. I have 11 months of him insisting I find a rental spot the first a commercial rental space that is the first 9 months of which ignoring that the car is toxic except for when he's asking why it's not done yet and telling me that maybe the storage garage goes away maybe all of my stuff at their home is recycled sold donated otherwise gone pretending to lose Bonnie's ashes.

Note even in how he phrases it here I can't tell you if that number is correct everything I would need to do that is being allowed to be destroyed is records dating back 15 years but either way what amount does Minnesota say once you accept from someone they're allowed to steal everything of yours everything you have made on the side why is this allowable based on hearsay to a police officer why would they allow chance of me proving otherwise destroyed?

Or is it in percentage like how much do I have to give a homeless person assuming that that would be the lowest income individual I could find how much and for how long until I'm allowed to sign their name steal from them make false promises try to kill them physically assault them twice like what percentage of their yearly income do I have to donate to them before I can try to kill them and continue through poisoning? how many times do police expect them to buy a new ID while being moved around physically under threat to anything they did own? Sort this out the mayor of Maple Grove won't respond

how much do I have to give someone before I can decide any work they do for me no matter what the market value no matter the fact they perform it professionally none of that counts?

I think I gave officer Rory Hanson $2 million do I own him because he's insisting that Paul might not have the right because he won't put it in those words. But he has been the main Force in allowing the terrorization to theft and the destruction period and the point I'm making is no police officer would let this happen to them anybody couldn't end up dependent especially if law enforcement with discriminatory bias and repeatedly so allows everything to be taken from them.

All it takes is a smart messed up individual. It doesn't even take one that smart once they figure out law enforcement won't do anything oh you bought three new cars? Cuz I stole one then the other? well I better start waiting till 10 minutes before your shift so you know it's gone then how about I take your ID after you get fired? I'm trying to make an example here not saying anything I intend or ever intended the point is it is f****** Insanity to gaslight how you cannot see taking someone's ID opening their mail signing their name Will police help you to everything they have ever worked for with zero notice so they cannot sell it and then ignore attempted murder ignore evidence that police reports are falsified as weapons


As far as the text below goes. I only ever wanted one car from them I could have bought it myself I could have bought it myself in 2005 I could have bought it myself in 2006 I could have bought it myself in 2009 this is off the top of my head incomes I remember.2010 the car I didn't have title to my dad decides he's replacing with another car I in fact told him I was quite happy with the first car they had ever given me period none of these have I ever had title to.

Children implicitly trust their parents. It doesn't help that society will tell you they wouldn't do that it doesn't help to be an only witness.

He is making sure even the 2014 Taurus that I'm driving at the moment is one my only means of transport to again I only have one key. Cleaning out the mold car I was killing the battery leaving the vents running without the engine because I was being forced to do the impossible task of remediate it in the garage in the middle of winter without being able to run a heater let alone the car engine in there or have the stay above freezing with the door open to run the car engine but I have to lock the doors because it's a building I didn't pick out I don't know and I don't know who my neighbors are at that point so I'm separating the one key that I have period I lose it he turns that into two days hungry period well tanty why don't you go out to eat or order out.when I say it because you made me make a budget you haven't even met it to be able to do the job you Force under threat let alone go out to eat you have my ID. Click the sound of hanging up. 30 plus hours later and several phone calls another key is brought. I didn't even have the respirator I bought with money I made working to edge circuit boards which was also a full face respirator ideal for having to do hazardous remediation jobs. I told them from the start transfer the title I will sell it I will scrap it this is dangerous it is not a good use of my time I am not qualified to do this it will contaminate the living space it is a waste to do it piecemeal because even the EPA says building materials need to be dried out within 2 days a car is no different. And many cleaning products certified from old even our water-based meaning same thing if they kill it but then a bunch of water sits there will evaporates you haven't done anything . Yet they make sure even at the expense of keeping my bicycle with the police having been there twice discussing it's my bike which my parents agreed to I should have it back. Two summers now have gone by I do not have my bike the only means of transport so I'm spraying caustic solution above my head sometimes then I have to get in this car driving get fast food because kitchen stuff I bought with money I made since 2007 along with everything else mine is being held from me still is the only thing in my kitchen is Clyde in the freezer.

. With a massive concussion while working and going to school I seized one engine that is the only car I have destroyed period when it was given to me as in we're not going to tell you how we're going to yank this the way if we ever want to or need to or find a pleasurable which if anybody was concerned about the whole story I am being murdered because it gets them off in the conflict. I'm being poisoned my mom tried to shove me over a railing slammed the car door on my leg my dad shoved me across the room yet I'm the one with the DV report on what was a clean record. August November somewhere in there 2019 maybe October I haven't had a desk let alone I still have three folding tables 6 months moving around starting August 2018 when they decided to change the lock after 8 months after I moved in having received $6,300 in computer services at market average Maple Grove Police helps them to this day keep destroy and contaminate threaten everything I ever worked for well they literally hold my mail and again 6 months hotels before they force this lease not one hotel five hotels three cities 14 rooms and a mental ward. If you want to screw someone out of everything and kill them just tell the police to lie in Maple Grove make sure to lie first and lie often.

That was the 2001 Ford Taurus. I had worked my ass off and out of the blue friend from Europe that I've stayed with her family twice in the past or with her wants to come to the United States for her first time so I double down on how much I'm working to be able to afford and plan this trip and had a massive concussion occur like 2 weeks before she got you to the point I was not myself at all it hurts to even think about what it felt like working that much what my head felt like. So down to the minute I've got to drive down to Minneapolis to pick her up from St cloud come back up and I remembered to buy oil but then my parents insisted I'm having a dinner but insisted in Maple Grove or rather we went even further Benny I don't f****** know my head some more upscale and all my mum did was poison but that's not the point I got the oil when we got back that night I didn't put it in and on the way to the airport because we were going to a friends in California I seized the engine on it f****** right. That's the only car I have destroyed including the car I don't have title to now they are making sure it is destroyed

The other thing about that car that I didn't ask for is it had an oil leak when I got it. for all I know it may have worsened I never got the chance to find out period no I mean like the moment I came back from that trip was right back to work work work and I'm saying I need to rest I have a serious concussion even if I could have rested which I did have credit at the time whether or not that would have been wise well a love seat was dropped on my left temple I believe it could have been left temple I think . The solid wood leg struck my temple as it was being lowered from pickup truck rest is what is imperative but it didn't matter that I was in St cloud I was actually getting calls from my parents who knew how hard I was working. it doesn't matter they aren't about the money they are about letting me be on my own as demonstrated they will break any laws to make sure I don't achieve that or if I achieved it I don't even have to say it cuz nothing I've said so far has mattered nothing I've said so far has mattered they are f****** killing me through illegal Acts I have made more money between 2004 and 2009 than most many do in their first 7 years outside their parents and I graduated in 2006

or how about we stop starving someone we stop causing brain damage for them we realize hey our actions have potentially allowed people who might be harming him to kill him to destroy all evidence period is the state about gang raping after they make a mistake to hide the body

Everybody everybody fans ignorance but what I found is the people with the guns and badges do not will not allow evidence to be presented otherwise 

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