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Paul wuethrich I commit felonies against you in Malice but watch your mouth


Also known as Paul we trick I commit felonies to starve you threaten even your therapy animals and all of your property to force labor

It's okay cuz I gave you bibs Paul rape trick

Also known as if you don't let me insist this falsehood I will get you another emergency medical hold. Never mind I'm stranding you for several days

Paul waitric oh family Court I can file an OfP now that I've poisoned him oh and then I'll steal another felony amount knowing that as soon as the eviction been and he is unable to sign for an apartment because of mine and my wife's crimes against him continui
Paul once told me he couldn't talk be drives 45 minutes to sit in my parking lot 7 days of the next 14 to welfare checks and one time I can't confirm he was here but I walk out in 2 minutes later if that even I did a text asking if I'm going to get foodcause he had to think about taking s**

The dad who while admitting he hasn't been giving my rabbits the vet prescribed antibiotic after changing the lock then goes on to say do you know why I'm better than you John

Paul the dad who make sure his son's overextended working himself to death and takes it all away

Paul after making sure the ofps pass in my absence it's here for 7 days of the 14 after the court date . Two welfare checks and plenty more time sitting in the parking lot one time I can't confirm but I walk out the door and two minutes later get a text message asking if I'm going to get food.

He decided I live here I got zero notice moving out Maple Grove Police helped them keep me from accessing any of my things Paul and Marlene admit the place they picked is too small for my things they deny them all they paid to have removed period when they paid to have it removed my stuff went into the third garage stall to continue getting destroyed and growing it.

Paul in April a month after the Ofps
Comes and steals my computer my MIG welder my compound miter saw a felony amount once again the police are not concerned

Paul knows that December 2017 I was told I need a dental implant. I had a baby tooth that died probably when I was 10 years old the roots and never had an adult under it. It stayed in place wedge between two teeth on the bottom until 2017. I was told not to wait more than 6 months the best option is a dental implant that cost 5 grand insurance probably doesn't cover any option it's cosmetic until it's not.

Paul story has changed between you idiot I told you to get it taken care of I'd pay for it 3 months into that 6 months while doing things like disconnecting the battery while I lived at their house hiding the keys every time I turned around if I put a key finder on the steering I got it bad without it it was like burning $20 period meanwhile they're demanding labor I perform professionally in the past for pay since 2004 with the market rate of $150 an hour in 2018 and on top of that I was doing the work on the professional confirmed mold problem period for this police have allowed them to hold and destroy all of my things threaten my animals threaten me

but in between his story change to you idiot I told you to get it done when you had insurance before

to you idiot you have insurance why don't you get it done not mentioning that they held my insurance back it signed my name and now indicator might have different insurance despite the fact that I was being forced around and I still requested it forwarded 2 months before it should have came 2 months after instead at some point in a mix of other mail but not a complete list I filmed I recorded opening I didn't even get the renewal I got the cards but I don't even have a place to put them if you check the needs list here I've been well on top of what I need but someone can steal felony amounts control money already in my name has my social has my driver's license number has tried to kill me and at least won't do anything this is f****** insane

I have calls recorded where they admit the things they took held gave back and took are things I have earned above minimum wage within the past I have called recorded where my mom admits she's doing all this because I'm a man so I deserve it. They could take the car even if I set up a court date period if the police in Maple Grove had respected not borrowing me access from a place where I paid rent forcing relocation under threat to all of my things for a year allowing a lease for other threat sorry for 6 months and then at least for a year then the osps were filed often
If I was given even standard notice I had 20 grand of things probably at pond value. They are still being destroyed. the amount of rent that I calculate or the amount of services rather than a calculated rendered often demanded and calculated that market average $6,300 I just typed that into the calculator that is 42 months at $1.32 a square foot which is what Plymouth has their residential rate listed as I believe they are of similar socioeconomic status so rent would probably be similar

The reason I quote that is I had a very good business law professor I am not sure about landlord tenant law if I had a place to organize a case or to even organize trying to find lawyers I would be doing that. I do not. So I'm going on what I know and what I can acquire in a little bit of messed up forced around time I have between 100. I have between more theft. But it appears that landlord tenant is a superset of contract law period in which if no value is listed market average is assumed.

I did not get physical with anyone any threats I did say were extremely conditional like if I were to lose a limb and this is well I've covered in stars and my mom's friend brick wounds bleeding from the corners of the eyes the mold is confirmed they're gaslighting it hiding the keys throwing my clothes out of the garage floor demanding labor drop everything you're doing and do this service with the market value of $150 an hour if I have to lose a limb and if it was externally confirmed related to your mold then I might take one of yours. If you're going to hang me for that without consideration of anything on there part it is exactly it puts the lotion on its skin until we kill it or the court shuts it up again period both parents have got physical with me two times with my mom when was attempted murder
I doubt the Maple Grove Police have allowed assault on a report . The second time she slammed the car door on my leg I had it even exited the vehicle she kept getting closer while we talked I'd asked her to back off so she slams the door . Then she calls the police and the officer taking the lead tells me that's in no way assault no way battery

whether or not the Minnesota court is gender by us I don't know I probably won't get to see it's more likely I'm dead than make a court date. I do have the records of trying to contact the national DV support hotline or rather the chat service . I was pretty much told good luck and don't tell us any names because we might try to press charges for them this is all saying false police reports are being had I haven't hit anyone my mom literally tried to push me over a railing period but in this search I've also uncovered there are federal grants for States and or police departments for certain charges and arrests none of the support is there for men period allowing the laws violated that heen hey have trained even funds by grandmother left in my name 

It's to the point I do often scream profanities. That developed over now 2 years of police enforcing illegal things standing between me and my things ignoring laws that would allow me to have any Independence. Before the profanity started I often found myself yelling stop trying to force any lies you want to tell as my reality period even when I would point out I had recorded a conversation the response was usually f*** your recording and then they would repeat the LIE if I made found a way to logically make the LIE in feasible the line would change

What I cannot control their behavior the court cannot control the reality of stealing $1,000 at a time after finally know what p well I'm still dealing with their mold problem o f p this is transcribed period I know what coping mechanisms are I lost all three of the animals I care about. I had a picture on a picture of painting clyde rabbit that I made on a Wacom tablet that I bought with money from websites in like 2009. I know exercise I know diet I know how it affects all of the above painting is also another coping mechanism or artwork. I don't even have my kitchen stuff.

For two summers now I've tried to get my bike back period exercise is another great coping mechanism it also helps with vitamin d which is essential to the immune system because the best form of it is generated by exposing your body to Sunshine. Food cravings are also reduced by moderate to light exercise. Index is improved or blood glucose whatever top of my head is most things are written here this is being transcribed.

I did not need court ordered anything I had a 5-year plan I executed everything the police allow them to force labor take everything try to kill me take more things
But the other thing is I've got calls recorded where I managed to not raise my voice not swear and all that happens is the conversation is guided in circles they do things like focus on incredibly my new my new stuff or overly generalized to not understand it's all a form of gaslighting period and then even if I go through 30 to an hour of that remaining completely calm explaining how the things are harming me the things that also often happen to be felony malicious Acts then the best I can hope for is silence followed by hanging up period but that doesn't stop their behavior that doesn't change the position it has put me in that doesn't change the position the police assisting their behavior has created it is a threat to my life and it persists to this moment and will continue to

Well I was at a hotel in Rogers going through the McDonald's drive-thru Paul finally admitted closer to the truth. He says I need control because I want control and the topic of conversation was my life

Actually a bit earlier than that was the first time I was told I own you another time I was told I own you that happened twice then a third time you played the let's pretend word tenses don't exist and not or gas like the fact that you said it past tense so then he responds I don't think I own you but I think I bought you now they do this alternating between no one here would ever hurt you knowing no one does anything against you you ungrateful brat you bring it on yourself you're only hurting yourself no one here ever hurts you I own you


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