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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Perspective and why

 We're just going to force labor, steal everything he had ruin his record, try to ensure through repetitive theft and perjury he has no comfort and cannot meet basic needs. Tell him he never has. Ensure no use of his time may be his own and blame him for the results of our force. Ensure no benefit to this world no purpose in life.

Pathologically force frame the argument. Cull the scope and refuse to acknowledge anything inconvenient. Insist our lies must be reality even when discussing events we weren't present for

It's hard to know with certainty would anyone's motive or reason ever is. Those who think they know are probably the biggest idiots you'll meet. That said it's hard to always communicate with 100% precision. General rule is don't snap judgment. or if you're up to Christian faith you probably should put the robe away anyway.

That said if we look at systems as I've been doing on this site. The police probably have incentive in the form of job security and department financing to overlook a lot of atrocious actions that might threaten life. Often on a per-party or demographic basis.

where I think it gets really devious is when psychology is turned on the population. In the form of perverting that adults word would mean anything or that an adult has any responsibility to their children or adult to adult with their adult child after the age of majority.

There's this nastiness that I think applies to a lot of people to burn out sympathy compassion empathy and even where they begin and other people end. Resulting in a common response of I had it rough you should have to as well. Even when the situations might be entirely different or share only minor similarities. One might be entirely life-threatening.

And in the haze of the abandonment of emotional maturity the perversion of the social contract or outright deletion

what we miss is the primary benefit is to those already empower and with the money.

What we miss is Neil feudalism and a new form of slavery by another name or no name whatsoever.

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