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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Perverse gaslight

 Paul for over a year has been trying to convince me he doesn't know what a text message is . Sometimes as he sends them 

He won't reply or if he does it's a command. He keeps responses usually ambiguous enough where it's not entirely clear he has read any of mine though sometimes like with my bike

Aka my bike that 2 times mgpd has heard is mine and heard I will get back..but don't appear to give a fuck

I told Paul march as it started to get warm last year I can barely make it up the stairs anymore and you still have my bike

and the sick highly probable child molesting former school bus driver responded

Why would you need your bike if you can't make it up the stairs

And if we do discuss the topic either on the phone or in person or via occasional day he's not being thinks he's mind rapist freak abuser felony level theft assault nothing is out of the question Paul oui dick...

10 minutes later the conversation never existed. Wait a week and he might come and steal something again

Why oui? In my humble opinion if Paul wants you to take it yes you will.

He was also accused of sexual misconduct with a coworker at a former job 

This is the most basic reason I can tell Paul actually reads most texts, note the 4? That's views other than by me. 3 of them are automated web crawlers and I sent him the link right after I hit publish.

He has taken tools I need to even fix my washing machine. He knows there's holes in the wall so he threatens that if I don't stop trying to hold him to returning the felony f****** level theft he'll tell the landlord to come in and fix it for me. And this is the only part that they have ever picked for me. From the start the landlord started busting in the f****** door.

I feel no sense of safety at any moment for the last 3 years 

I identified a problem that happened to make me sick. 
It also threatened the value of Paul and Marlene's paid off house
It likely threatened the lives of the sick newborns marlene cares for at a large hospital in St Paul

Marlene and Paul also demanded to accepted $6,300 at minimum in skilled labor I've performed professional in the past while I live there for 8 months. Marlene at the start said she is my landlord.

Maple Grove Police help them make off with everything ever mine they are still destroying it

The police will ask why I don't get a job ignoring that since then some of the thefts have included things like ID what you need to forms of

I f****** hate you that you touch me as a kid and now you're trying to f****** as an adult

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