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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Police For Ease and Job Security


from what I can gather police when multiple parties (citizens) are involved in a domestic between family members and or roommates (sometimes strangers or claim there of) police officers split up and interview each side

police then reconvene on their own to discuss what each side said and here is where I think the issue is when it involves families, personal or fedral financial incentive for gender bias, monetary/lawyer affordability differential. perhaps there is policy esoteric at play as well. 

I can't see that as ethical given age 6 to usualy 18 the police have pushed hard to indoctrinate that they are there to help you, protect you, be fair be non bias etc etc

in trying to figure out how the police actualy work I came across the history of Minneapolis pd. if not for the treatment of Maple Grove I would of had an aha moment with what white privilege is suposed to be. aka I've never had anything but positive experiences with police in Minneapolis. I found it a little odd once that I was mugged at gun point and after being told to "git" ran into a squad car other end of 1 alleyway but despite back up showing up at max 2min later... we did paper work. but hey theres probably liability involved if I were to go with and having lost my keys wallet and cellphone to "turn around its real".. even logistics would be awkward for me not just standing alone on the street. plus who wants to chase crazy with a revolver at 2am?

I'll come back to this.. bloggers drafts suck it'seasier to hit publish than save draft. by no means is it ready to read. 

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